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Jun 28, Download Lover Mine (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 8) Download at: http:// [PDF] Download Lover. J.R. Ward - Lover Enshrined (Book 6).epub. KB. J.R. Ward - Lover Avenged ( Book 7).epub. KB. J.R. Ward - Lover Mine (Book 8).epub. KB. Lover Mine: Number 8 in series (Black Dagger Brotherhood series) by J. R. Ward. Read online, or download in secure EPUB format.

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downloads Views KB Size Report. DOWNLOAD EPUB Lover Mine : A Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Read more. Mar 19, Book 10 - Lover Reborn Epub - Book 9 - Lover Unleashed Epub format - Book 8 - Lover Mine. Lover Mine. Black Dagger Brotherhood (Series). Book 8. J. R. Ward Author Jim Frangione Narrator (). cover image of Lover Mine.

Can somebody get me a bib? Seriously, you can have all of the Brothers except Z, of course; I got dibs on him a long time ago , just give me Lassiter! God, he just gets more interesting — and sexy — with each book. And when his own book is finally released, I'll be one of the first ones at the bookstore ready to trample over the other shoppers to get my copy. And something tells me his book is going to be very similar to Tohr's and maybe even equally sad. If you're observant and you've read Hello, Old Friend and Book Order in the Brothers on the Board section of the insider's guide, then you know that Lassiter had a woman he loved who is now either missing or dead. There is also some hinting of that in this book.

Without taking anything away from what Tohr had with Wellsie. Tohr's feelings of guilt and remorse, his contradictory thoughts and physical responses Lassiter and Qhuinn. The interesting: Ward dubbed him Tha Shit so my expectations were high. I can't say he met them, but his story line is certainly promising.

The Band of Bastards. After the sap out in last book, I was dreading more Xcor and BoB scenes, but turns out they're still interesting and edgy. Of course, it's clear that all them bad boys are just darlings inside, but for now I'm resolved to enjoy their moral ambiguity. Oh, and I'm really curious about those unnamed cousins! The missed opportunity: Xhex and No'One's relationship.

Epub download mine lover

There was one scene of importance between Xhex and No'One. And, beautiful as it was, it wasn't enough. Such a waste! The meh: The second half of the book. There were just too many obvious plot devices Tohr having to come to talk to No'One while in her needing , inconsistencies two needings being handled completely differently and huh-moments Qhuinn and Xcor fist fighting while fully armed, Payne's magic hand being completely overlooked in heavy medical situations.

I know it's little things but it adds up to being very annoying. I don't want to feel like my intelligence is insulted while I'm reading a book. But as their story line progressed, the way Xhex and JM handled their problems made no sense at all. It wasn't the case for JM and Xhex.

To me, this made that -at a certain point- their story line not only felt silly, but also completely redundant. The first half of the love plot was so beautifully done that I was rooting for them despite my initial reservations.

They had an undeniable connection which was based as much on their current dynamics as their shared history together.

See a Problem?

I was really curious how this connection would gradually grow into full blown love. I felt like their relationship made a huge leap, which wasn't founded in the way interacted. Everything which made their connection promising in the first half, was gone in the most part of the second.

Tohr and No'One's relationship was based on openness. They talked. They related. That's what brought them together: That companionship was absent in the last part. I understand the need for drama and angst, but it didn't make the falling in love-part believable.

The bad: The premise of the love plot: Wellsie being stuck in the In Between didn't make sense at all. Not only did it go against everything Ward has said and published about Wellsie on her old boards, there used to be a scene of Wellsie talking to Tohr about being in the Fade , but the fact that it was Tohr's task to let her go so she could be at peace goes against the basics of Ward's world. The world in where mated vampires devote their lives to their shellans. Tohr is mated to Wellsie for years and he is supposed to just get over it within 1,5 years?

Is he not supposed to mourn?

Black Dagger Brotherhood 08 Lover Mine

In that case: Tohr wasn't even allowed a mourning period of a millisecond. The ugly: It almost feels like revenge to combine the words 'Layla' and 'ugly, because if I hear one more time how unearthly beautiful and perfect she is, I'll break something.

This girl must be one of the most annoying characters in PNR history. And no: I'm not just saying that because of her Qhuinn-hang up. She is just poorly characterized. We are supposed to root for her happiness and feel sorry for her sorrow. I just want to knock some sense into her. No she isn't naive and she isn't strong. She is self serving, dumb and pig headed. Her actions in the book spoke volumes.

I'm already pissed that she's going to fuck up Xcor's book Apparently Layla's stupidity was contagious. The joint decision because sorry people: I'm pissed because I wanted Qhuinn and Blay to start out their relationship with just each other.

They had enough problems as it is. Alas, no such thing. But I'm happy to say that Ward has restored some of my faith in her. So she better not mess it up next book finally: Qhuinn and Blay, baby! You are so gaunt that I ache for you.

And she knew why. Let her take my place. I have loved Tohr since book one.

Epub download mine lover

I also loved his ma 3. I also loved his mate Wellsie. I thought they were so cute together and that they had a strong connection. So I was very heartbroken when Wellsie got shot and killed while pregnant with Tohr's son. I mean I cried my eyes out when she died. The pain Tohr felt was so realistic that I ached. So when I heard Tohr was getting his own book and a new love I was happy and worried. I was happy that he would get a HEA as he so deserved it, but worried that the new love wouldn't hold a candle to Wellsie or the love him and his dead mate had.

I have no problem with widow love stories as long as the new love doesn't feel like a consolation prize. I know you are still in love with your mate, and I do not blame you. What you had with her is a once-in-a-lifetime love. And I accept you just as you are, in any fashion you choose to come to me. Or not, if that is the way it must be. That's where I'm at.

Because you're just a victim. You're no one but a victim who likes to suffer. Even if I could fall in love with you, there's nothing about you to get truly attached to. You're just a ghost who's not really here And in our case, two wrongs do not make a right. While Tohr suffered and I felt bad for him I felt worst for Autumn. It was horrible that he was pushed into moving on.

I understand that if Torh didn't let go of Wellsie, she would be stuck in the "In between" but forcing Tohr into a relationship felt wrong. Most of the time I felt like Tohr was using Autumn.

For months he would sleep in bed with her but not under the covers and he wouldn't hold her. He would touch her and get her off and jack off but wouldn't let her touch him. He never wanted to see her naked, and he didn't ever really spend time with her or talk to her. Then when he moved on to full sex he still held himself back. Not as bad as before the sex and there were times when he would let his walls down letting Autumn in a little. It was still painful to read.

I felt that Autumn was second place to his dead mate. Hell at one point he told Autumn that he was using her to get Wellsie to the Fade and that he still loves his dead mate. Well, brace yourself, you're really not going to like my next conclusion.

I'm beginning to think you're with me to punish yourself. You've been making a martyr out of yourself for centuries. You've been a servant, a maid, a laundress - and you've been fucking me for the last few months - which brings us back to my point about clinical insanity - " "How dare you judge my inner convictions," she hissed.

You're in love with me. So let's build a case. You clearly like to punish yourself. And you know damn well the only reason I'm with you is to get Wellsie out of the In Between. I've been using you, and the only person it's working for is you - God knows it's gotten me nowhere. The good news is that this whole thing" - he gestured back and forth between them - "is going to give you a terrific excuse to torture yourself even longer - Oh, don't bother with the denials.

That symphath was your fault. I'm your fault. The weight of the world is all your fault, because you enjoy being the victim - tohr and Autumn As much as I loved Tohr I felt he did Autumn wrong for a lot of their relationship.

Maybe J. Ward should have waited until Tohr had mourned longer before he moved on with someone else. I tried to be understanding because Tohr and Wellsie had such a strong love, and were mated for years, but I felt like Autumn really got kicked around.

Then I felt so bad for Tohr being forced to move on when he loved his dead mate so much that I couldn't even be mad at him for being a dick. But here is the thing Tohr had moments with Autumn where I felt he may have really been falling for her.

Those moments were almost at the end of the book so I kinda wished we would have got to see more of that for me to know if Autumn is second place or truly loved. I guess I will just have to see how their relationship plays out in future books. I know this much as far as I could tell he never bonded with Autumn.

There was no talk of bonding scent, no super possessiveness. I just don't know I wanted more for Tohr who suffered so damn much. This is about waking up and reaching for you and wishing you were next to me. It's about ordering extra food for you, and then remembering that you're not around to feed it to. It's about the fact that even as I was packing up my dead mate's clothes, I had you in my mind, too.

I spent a day and a half sitting on my ass, staring into the dark, trying to figure this all out - and I don't know I guess I finally found the courage to be really fucking honest with myself. Because it's hard when you've loved one person with everything you've got, and she's gone, and someone else comes and treads all over her territory in your heart.

Or at least so I thought Reaching for Autumn, he held his hand forward, beckoning to her, because in this moment of letting go, after this seemingly endless, painful journey, along which she and she alone had joined him, he'd never felt closer to anyone Even his Wellsie. I hated them going through that. I love John and Xhex as a couple and it made me sad for them. Although I knew they would make it their love was to strong not too.

I loved Lassiter in this book. I felt he really shined. Wrath got shot in this book and almost died and I was losing my shit. I was so pissed at Xcor in this book, but then he turned around and did some growing and I started to like him again.

I don't know what it is about Xcor that draws me in. If anyone else would have tried to kill my Wrath I would have hated them for life. But with Xcor I found myself forgiving him. I loved Layla and Xcor's response to meeting each other. Qhuinn and Blay's book is next and I don't know how I feel about it. I love Blay but I have always been a little mad at Qhuinn for being a coward and not being with Blay.

Hung like a horse. View all 38 comments. He prepared himself for an overwhelming desolation that he had been with another female. He was… ready for something, anything to cough up out of his chest—despair, anger, frustration.

All he got was the sense that what had just happened was the beginning, not an end. Watching Tohrment and his suffering, trying to let go of Wellsie It was sad and beautiful at the same time, "He waited for his conscience to start screaming. It was sad and beautiful at the same time, because of what he found with No'One. It was a slow romance, full of sadness, but I loved it all the same. This one definitely goes to one of my favorites from this series! The story The only thing keeping Tohr alive is his obsession with avenging his wife's murder.

He is focused only on killing lessers, and is getting weaker and weaker as the days go by, because he's stopped eating and feeding. Lassiter is the only one that can get to Tohr, and he's doing whatever he can to help him, because he's here on a mission to free Wellsie from the In Between.

After seeing how Tohr reacts to No'One, he gets a brilliant idea to get those two together: D It works, in a way, but at the cost of both Tohr's and No'One's feelings. They will have to get over their pasts, and make a new future for themselves Very slow in the romance part, and I prefer it that way, otherwise it wouldn't be believable. It took Tohr a lot of time to find himself again, and that's great, as I said, totally believable: This book is really about letting go of the loved ones, and moving on with life, and it was done wonderfully, it was difficult and heartbreaking, so very sad, but beautiful in the end.

There was some action here, but not much. A couple of intense scenes, especially the ambush one. Of course, that isn't as easy as it sounds, because Tohr's suffering is too great, he loved her too much to let her go. Lassiter doesn't really do compassion, he doesn't care about anyone, but he forms a friendship with Tohr, and by the end of it, he's willing to do whatever it takes to see Tohr and No'One have a happy end.

What he did at the end of the book! John is overprotective of Xhex, and after she gets hurt, he basically forbids her to go out in the field. Well, I don't have to say anything more about how that turned out: DD Xhex is a trained killer, she can hold her own, but the Brotherhood stands by John on this one, so she leaves the mansion and goes back to her previous line of work with Trez. It was really hard to see them unhappy, and I seriously didn't know how it could get better, but I'm glad how it all worked out, and how John realised he has to change his thinking when it comes to Xhex and her fighting with the Brotherhood.

The Band of Bastards - I still don't like them. They are just totally boring to me and I'd rather skip all the scenes with them -. We learn some more about Throe, why exactly did he join the Bastards, and he falls in love in this book. Xcor is making some devious plans on overtaking the throne and killing Wrath. He too falls in love in this book. In fact, I don't think I liked any of the sex scenes from them since they first showed up. No thank you for me. Big no thank you.

Assail - He's the new vampire drug lord. Have no idea if he'll be good or bad, but he's interesting. Doesn't get on my nerves at all and I actually wanted to read scenes with him good sign!!! Layla - Well, she falls in love in this book too. I'd like to care, but I really don't. I shudder to think how I'll get through her book when the time comes. I hope there will be a LOT of side characters. A LOT!!! In fact, I could do with a novella.

A very short one. Why torture us with a whole book?? Especially since the main guy is gonna be view spoiler [Xcor pukes. It took a lot of time for Qhuinn to figure things out, and I'm glad he did it here: There was a complication with Layla, that drove Qhuay apart even more.

He must never, ever know what beat within her heart for him. It would ruin everything. After she delivered the baby, she took Tohr's dagger and killed herself.

That's how she ended up in the Sanctuary, looking after the Chosen, and redeeming herself in being a servant. After coming down to the Brotherhood's mansion, she still continues to be a servant, even though it bothers everyone.

She feels she owes a debt to Tohr and wants to repay him, so with Lassiter's little push, she agrees to feed him and make him strong again. That leads to both of them getting closer, and No'One falling in love, even though she knows it will never be requited.

Closing her eyes, she allowed herself to fly far away from any worries or preoccupations, until she knew nothing but the sensations in her body. Indeed, as she fed him, she was fed herself, a part of her innermost soul nourished for the first time. Bit by bit we see her changing, from the totally hooded, robed person, to her becoming Autumn, free to show herself, and enjoying life, and being with Tohr.

I liked her very much, and most of the time I felt sorry for her cause Tohr acted like a jerk to her: She knew he still loved Wellsie, but she wanted to help him get better, and be with him in any way she could.

When Xhex took her in, that scene was great, I was glad to see them getting closer. My heart went out to her and I couldn't believe Thor acted that way. The ending, when everything was revealed, it was terrible! Just terrible: I felt bad for both of them: Every inch of you. We clear? All of you. He is focused only on fighting and avenging his dead, and soon it takes his tool on his body, because he hasn't fed from anyone in a long time.

When No'One offers, he knows it's safe, because she could never feel anything for him, nor he for her. As time goes on, they start to have a relationship, mostly because Tohr thinks he has to do it to let Wellsie go. Eventually he fears he's betraying his wife for being with another woman, and he can't deal with having any feelings for No'One. I like… Autumn. So I say… Autumn. So, so difficult to read: I can't begin to understand what it must be like, and I'm glad this book didn't make it a piece of cake for Tohr to get over it.

I took months and months of them going from zero, to being in love at the end of the book. Nothing was easy for them in any part of the book, and it made me love them even more So I am very happy with how it all turned out.

Second, Tohr's behavior toward No'One was pretty much terrible. He was a total jerk in a lot of situations, I couldn't believe it, but there it was. The pool scene when he sees her floating.

OMG, could he have been more of a jerk??? I think not! I wanted to kick him in the head!!! The first feeding was awful. Just terrible, poor No'One. The sex between them I liked that, Tohr was nice about it, knowing what she went through, but after a time it got terrible too because he kept shutting her out of his life, feeling like he would cheat on Wellsie if he had sex with No'One. Shoot me now.

No, shoot Tohr now! What a moron! I couldn't believe what he did, and then later, what he said to her: He is just lucky she forgave him, very damn lucky! But even with all the jerkish things he did, that ending was so heartbreaking, I couldn't not forgive him!

I cried like a baby: To have him suffer so much: So yes, they both definitely deserved a HEA, and I'm glad they got it! My favorite quotes from other characters: I have an idea. I want to keep you safe—so how about you stop fighting. How about the rest of you fools? Come on, back my ass up. It just happened. He stomped his boot, creating a thunderous noise, and pointed… directly at Tohr. I WILL wait forever for you. With a groan, he shoved his palms into the shimmering silver pool of blood beneath him, and flopped over like the side of beef he was.

Not sure, not fine, not dandy. That kind of suffering was a canyon, a purgatory of its own for someone who had not died. And damned if the angel had any clue how to drag the Brother out of it. Frankly, he was having enough trouble just playing witness. To bow at Qhuinn. Others joined in, until the entire assembly, from Phury and Cormia, to Z and Bella and baby Nalla, to Fritz and his staff… to Vishous and Payne and their mates, to Butch and Marissa and Rehv and Ehlena… were clapping for him with tears unshed in their eyes.

View all 89 comments. Fans of the series. Tohr has been in misery over losing his Wellsie for just over 15 months has it only been 15 months? It seems so much longer Anyway, in this book he has to move on and get past his grief because Wellsie is view spoiler [ stuck in the "In Between"--a kind of purgatory, and she's not in "The Fade", the happy place where vampires go when they die.

If Tohr doesn't snap to it, Wellsie and their unborn son wiill cease to exist--no Fade for them. Tohr reconnects with a woman from his past before Wellsie --No 'One.

Tohr is attracted to the pretty, petite blonde No'One but of course doesn't want to be--that would be a betrayal to his beloved Wellsie and he just can't see himself loving another woman after Wellsie.

If Tohr "physically" moves on with another woman, will that be enough to save his beloved? I loved Tohr and Wellsie! I mean, it was such a shock when Wellsie was killed off, I grieved along with Tohr.

But Tohr really took his grief to the next level I mean he grieved! And I hated seeing him that lost and miserable, so I was ready to see how J.

Ward was going to move him forward. And let me tell you, it wasn't easy, but it was oh so satisfying! I loved every minute of it--the reluctance, the angst, the giving in, the passion, the denial of feelings, the cruel truth, and the acceptance It wasn't about finding a new love to replace Wellsie in his heart, but finding the courage to accept what was and move forward. I just thought the whole plot was beautifully conceived and written.

I really liked No'One, or Autumn, as she came to be known after Tohr renamed her in one of the most moving parts of the book. She had her own journey to go through right along with Tohr, had some truths to face about herself too, and it was definitely not all smooth sailing. I thought her love scenes with Tohr were smokin' hot can Ward write erotica or what? Well, besides Tohr and No'One, this book had plenty to offer: John Matthew doesn't know if he can stand to have Xhex fighting along with the Brothers--what if she gets hurt and he ends up like Tohr?

Can they come to some kind of compromise or is their marriage doomed? I love JM Will they be successful? I'm rather enjoying this storyline. I like how we're finding out more and more about Xcor and what makes him tick, and oh boy, if he ever does connect with view spoiler [ Layla hide spoiler ] , look out! He's desperate to help Tohr, at first to help himself get out of the trouble he's in with the Maker, but later He's so funny, he's got some great lines in the story I hope he gets a story soon because I want to find out more about him!

Ooooh, they do something that could have far reaching consequences. Oh yeah. Yesss, get away from Saxton! Sadly, not much happens with them in this book, but Oh yeah, this is going to heat up soon I just love when the Brothers pop in and out of the book. I love seeing them, even if they only have a few words to say. I especially loved the touching scene at the end where each of the Brothers presented Tohr view spoiler [ with gifts to get him through Wellsie's Fade ceremony. Brought tears to my eyes.

I love these guys. So yes, Ward left us with some unfinished business, which is fine with me. She wrapped up the main storyline but left us with just enough to keep us hanging and eagerly anticipating the next installment, as we should be.

You know, I've never been disappointed with any of the BDB books. Of course I have my favorites, but each story manages to move the series along in the direction Ms. Ward wants to go, and I'm happy to give her free reign and to follow along. Lover Reborn was an immensely satisfying, steamy read, and did right by Tohr. Ward is such a skilled storyteller that I'm eager to immerse myself in her colorful world. Now, when's the next one due out?

View all 79 comments. Apr 23, Maricela Fenley rated it it was amazing. Well Xcor and Layla might be hooking up. Anyways the book was awesome. All of JR Wards books are awesome. When Thor let go of his Wellsie that was so emotional. And opening his heart for Autumn was so beautiful. It had me crying. Can't wait for Quinn and Blay book. It's about time!!!!!!

I know one thing John and Xhexania sure did have some very intensive sex. They both out did Thor and Autumn. View all 15 comments. Apr 04, Buggy rated it it was amazing Shelves: He's mine! To say that this was good is an understatement. To say that it knocked me on my ass and left me a drained, emotional wreck, is far closer to the truth.

As much as I was anticipating this book it was also with a heavy dose of apprehension; was I ready to see Tohrment find love again? Was he ready? Were any of us really ready to let Wellsie go? And most importantly could Ward make me believe in this new love?

And it was over that year and all the shit that goes down and oh does the shit ever go down that Ward made me believe. And so it begins. These two have a long history together and are both equally broken so it makes sense for them to get together. Lassiter is helping to move them along on the love train in his own way and as it turns out with a sense of urgency. John and Xhex also play key roles in their story, giving us some absolutely filthy-hot love scenes as well as showing us a marriage in transition.

Xcor and his Band Of Bastards are back and gaining strength in Caldwell. They do things here that… can never be forgiven. Sending one Brother on a mission under a decree of death.

New and mysterious characters are introduced Assail while others are fleshed out Throe and Zyphor. We also bare witness to a battle that gave me heart palpitations for all of its 60 pages and left some Brothers with life threatening injuries.

Somehow through all this Ward also manages to give us time with each and every member of the Brotherhood mansion. We get to see everyone doing their thing, giving us some special moment with each of them and that in itself says something because there are so many characters now. And I have to compliment Ward on toning down the product placement and Wardisms. This book just flowed beautifully.

In fact I would have to say that Ward has hit her pinnacle with Lover Reborn. The balance here is just right; the romance, the action, the surprises and the healing. And now for the good news Blay and Qhuinn have been officially announced as book 11! Way to go boys. See you Spring "Thats right, buddy. View all 58 comments. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. May 17th Qhuay! Tohr who? And I dont know what to say really. I should be happy, I should be freaking out, crazy excited, all over the place, considering that last Qhuay scene.. But I'm not.. I'm so fucking not happy right now.. Not even if she somehow died and the kid got raised by Qhuinn and Blay..

I do NOT want this baby.. The thing is.. Everything in this book points to a child, and if that happens..? So what did I think.. I think I should just focus on the things I did like, and then let out all my Qhuayla frustration elsewhere.. And holy fuck, that was a big ass surprise for me. So it surprised the hell out of me when she actually made me tear up.. This happened a long time ago, long before Tohr was mated off to Wellsie.

With Tohr and with Xhex too. I was surprised at how tough she was and how she could talk back to Tohr when he was being an ass, because holy flipping hell, Tohr acted like an ass!

I mean, if I had the opportunity to bitch-slap one person in that book, I almost want to pick Tohr over Layla.. Ok, no… I want to bitch-slap Layla… Pretty please?! Why, WHY does he have to sleep with Layla?

Arghhh… Pheewww The thing that bothers me the most is the; Why? Why do they need to do this? Why else have them screw each other? There is no freaking point!! Am I too invested in Qhuinn and Blay? And I feel very, very strongly about these 2 boys, and if she does this..

Over all, I liked this book.. View all 70 comments. Dec 05, Princess under cover rated it did not like it. Very disappointed. I was really looking forward to Tohr's story. If anyone deserved a happy ending it's Tohr. What the hell????? This book is 2 stars because I love JR's writing style, the other characters that we follow, their continued development.

But for the main couple of the story, I'd give this something close to 1 star. It's that bad! Here are al Update: Here are all the things I don't like about this book: Tohr is a complete dick.

Not nice at all. I'm not going to argue about whether or not he should have been allowed to fall in love again in the first place kinda puts in question the whole Bonded Male thing , but if you're gonna fall, then FALL!!!! And know what you want, damn it! The cover - that is NOT how Tohr looks. Not based on all the descriptions in all of the books.

J.R. Ward · OverDrive (Rakuten OverDrive): eBooks, audiobooks and videos for libraries

I mean, it's a nice looking guy on the cover, but still! The Heroine. Complete waste of space. No-One yep, that about summarizes her personality. Autumn huh? She's totally meh. No wonder Tohr can't decide whether he wants her or not. JR is great at writing compelling heroines. I don't believe they're in love for a second. And that scene at the end? I don't buy the sudden desperation Tohr has for her.

Just can't picture it. I always pre-order Ms. Ward's books, buy them at full price. This one made me hesitate on buying her books ever after. I now wince and torture myself before clicking the button on any of her work. I guess even the best authors can trip up. I'm sorry, but I really don't get this one. Mar 18, P rated it really liked it Shelves: And people were precious, each and every one, no matter how many you were lucky enough to have in your life.

And love Worth living for, too. Tohr has to move on and leave his past behind if he want his shellin to rest in peace, it's not easy when she is the only thing he can hold on to even he passed the storms, it still hurts like hell for him.

I didn't expected too much about this book. The story was not my cuppa, yet it was engaging and sad at the same time. I loved No'One, her personality was precarious because what she has been through is unbearable for me.

I knew you were the father! I almost cried for Tohr and No'One; they loses in their own ways and wants to fight for someone they love. The book itself is capable of wrenching my gut, but actually I don't like when Tohr and No'One choose to avoid each other, it frustrated me so much. Every detail made me interested and wanted to continue until the last page. I hated and loved Tohr. I want to hold him close and tell him that everything is okay, at least for now.

View all 10 comments. I have so much to say! Again and again. Every year, I look forward to a new book in this series, and rightfully so. I believed the culmination of my love for this series would be Lover Mine, since John Matthew and Xhex are two of my favorite characters. While that book will always have a special place in my heart, I am happy to say that I still believe this series has more to offer me with every book. So many expectations! I am happy to say I believe that Ward has stayed true to who she is as a writer with this book.

Tohrment always seemed like the most grounded, stable, mature member of the Brotherhood. When this series began, he was a family man, happily mated to Wellesandra. He was the voice of reason in the Brotherhood, and many looked to him for advice, leadership, and moderation. All that disappeared in a single act of violence, one that tore his beloved shellan and their unborn son away from Tohr, leaving a broken wreck of a male behind.

The opinions are varied. Many feel that it was too soon for Tohr to find another mate. Some believe he never should be mated again. Some want Wellsie to come back. I feel that this would be way too fairy tale a resolution for this quite dark series. If I died, I would want my husband to be happy in this life.

I believe Wellsie definitely felt the same way. Yet, over time, you feel those horrible claws of loss easing their way out of your soul and psyche, and you feel the healing begin. I for one feel that Ms. There is no question whatsoever that Tohr loved Wellsie.

But I loved the message that part of loving her was letting her go, and allowing her to go to her eternal resting place, and moving on and living his life. It felt right to me how the storyline showed that Tohr was actually keeping Wellsie from going to the Fade by his horrible, wrenching, unchanging grief. Although this is fiction, I do believe in the message about healing from grief being so integral to the process.

And that felt so real to me. That makes a very hard path to walk for a writer. It was naturalistic to the story, and I was satisfied with the outcome. In Lover Mine, I learned enough about her to think that there could be a foundation between her and Tohr. He nursed and cared for her through her pregnancy, and he buried her when she killed herself, with his dagger.

From a spiritual perspective, an unbreakable bond formed between them that is pivotal to the healing that is necessary for both. So it made sense for them to come together for me. He is truly mean to her a couple of times in this book, and I wanted to slap him upside the head. It was painful to see how she hurt herself emotionally, how she denied her right to happiness, but that too was realistic. We feel that we have to claim that misfortune and assume that we deserved it.

There was balance in that. Other than his two freakouts, which were pretty nasty, I think he treated her well. I loved how he gave her a new name that he felt was worthy of her because she refused to go by her name when she was a young member of the Glymera.

J. R. Ward eBooks

Autumn is a very fitting name, and I loved it. I liked how it tied into the cover so well. And it also ties into the whole storyline. People think of Autumn as the harbinger to the darkest part of the year. Autumn is a time of transition. It has a beauty all its own. Autumn is like a time of rest for the earth. To me, that is representative of what Tohr is going through. He is learning to live without Wellsie and to find joy and beauty in what had promised to be a very dark future.

I liked that they eased into it over several months. I also liked how Autumn was able to see that she could have joy in a physical relationship with male. Being kidnapped and assaulted by the sympath male had made her feel disgust for males. With a gentle, loving male like Tohr, she was able to embrace the physical side of being a female.

It felt right to me. They could meet on equal ground as women in love, and be there for each other.

Those parts warmed my heart. Tohr and John Matthew Since Tohr views JM as his son, and vice versa, this was a crucial part of the novel to see them come together again. Xhex and John Matthew I was kind of frustrated with the issues in their relationship. They had been through so much, I wanted them to have smooth sailing. Regardless of my discomfort with their relationship troubles in this book, I have to say it made sense. JM had to learn to deal with his issues with his mate going out in the field and risking her life, and how that affected his bonded male emotions.

She was a warrior in her own right actually for many years before JM. That was why he loved her, because she was a tough, strong, independent woman. Who was he force her to turn her back on that? Since they are my favorite couple in this series, I loved seeing a lot more of them, even if there were some troubled times in their relationship.

I have to say it was very interesting. I think that things will turn around for them to be allies with the Brotherhood, but it will be hard going.

I hurt for him. I hope that he does find a female who finds him worthy, and hopefully that will be Layla. I was glad to get to know the other BoB, who now have names! Throe is still my favorite. He reminds me of Phury, in that he is a courtly male. Qhuinn and Blay Honestly, Qhuinn has gotten on my nerves a time or two, but overall he is a worthy male and I do believe that.

In this book, I really liked him. Lover At Last: Signet, September Leaping Hearts J. Signet, July The Rebel J. MIRA, July Heart of Gold J. Lover Reborn: Signet, March An Irresistible Bachelor J. Signet, May Signet, April Lover Unleashed: Signet, October An Unforgettable Lady J.

Lover Mine: Lover Avenged: Martin's Paperbacks, December Father Mine: Zsadist and Bella's Story: Lover Enshrined: Signet, June Lover Unbound: Lover Revealed: Lover Awakened: Lover Eternal: Dark Lover: Dangerous Games: A Novel. Danielle Steel. Thianna Durston. Weekend with the Best Man. Leah Martyn. Nights Of Rain And Stars. Maeve Binchy. Diana Palmer.