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Goddess Test - Aimee Carter (Complete) Goddess Test 01 - The Goddess Test - Aimee KB. Goddess Test - The Goddess Hunt. File; Original TitleTheir Goddess ( Daughters Their Bride by Stasia Black (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)‎. Love is a gamble, but this is one legacy worth betting on. Original TitleThe Wife Legacy: Huxley (Six Men of Alaska Book 6); CreatorCharlie Hart; Languageen Download now. Buy a paper Their Goddess by Charlie Hart.

Besides writing and reading, she enjoys seeing movies, playing with her puppies, and wrestling with the puzzles in the paper each morning. In all the years I'd existed, I'd never expected to be free. I was the daughter of Titans, and as such, I'd always accepted it as fact that they would rule. They were without question the most powerful beings in the universe, after all. They controlled everything and everyone.

Read Online Continuous version. Download now. Buy a paper book. The Legacy by Dylan Allen. Legacy by Kandi Steiner. The Legacy by Xander Hades.

Legacy by L. Legacy by LJ Swallow. Huxley by Charlie Hart.

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Join Epub. Forgot password? First name. But the war was over now, and the six of us were a unit that not even I could break. United we had proven to be stronger than even our father, and if we were to have any chance of success, we had to remain that way. I dare say you should be ruling us all," said Hades. On the ground, Zeus sat up and shoved Poseidon off him.


Once they were both on their feet, they shoved each other playfully and made their way over to the rest of us. They need a leader right now, not a mother. Zeus knew never to bring up our mother.

The loss of her presence was still too fresh. We can all be kings and queens in our own rights, and there's plenty for us to rule over.

How he was able to stay so calm in the face of blatant arrogance baffled me. Zeus might have been responsible for the majority of the brute force against the Titans, but he was no more powerful than the rest of us. And he was the youngest and by far the least ready to handle the responsibilities of leadership. We will all have equal say, and we will all listen to and respect one another.

It is the only way we will not fall victim to revolt, as the Titans did. But all five of my siblings watched me, waiting for me to yield, and I had little choice.

The Goddess Legacy

I would not be the one to cut the ties that bound us together. At least that way the chances of Zeus and Poseidon wreaking havoc were considerably diminished.

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Zeus grinned boyishly. Let's draw lots for the kingdoms. But Zeus went on as if he didn't notice, and three gray pebbles appeared in his hand.

The Wife Legacy: Huxley by Charlie Hart

Poseidon narrowed his eyes and touched each of the three stones in turn. So why don't you just tell me which one to pick? As he held it in his palm, a great crash of sea against rock echoed around us, and the stone exploded into a rush of water.

Poseidon grinned. Allowing Zeus to have the sky domain and ultimate rule over the living was dangerous at best. Zeus wasn't ready for it, but if this council was truly to be, then perhaps we could all temper him. Then again, forcing Zeus into the Underworld to mingle with the dead would kill the light inside him, the same light that had rallied us even when we thought all was lost.

Zeus wasn't meant to remain among the dead. It simply wasn't his place in the world, and we all knew it. But that didn't mean he was ready to rule. Without breaking his stare, Hades picked up one of the remaining pebbles and cradled it in his palm.

I held my breath, and at last the stone burst into flame, an unexpected light in the dark. The Underworld. Of course Hades would sacrifice himself for our brother's happiness.

Before anyone could react, I snatched the third pebble from Zeus's hand, closing my fist around it. Further anarchy and pain for humanity? In that moment, a flash of our father appeared on his face, and I took a step back. Because of my sex? Though mine easily rivaled his, it was quiet, understated, the sort you didn't know was there until it was too late.

I could never display my power in such an intimidating manner. Because that is the example the Titans set for not only us, but for the world, and we must maintain some order. You will be a queen if you wish, Hera, but only second to one of us. No one spoke to support me. And as those eternal seconds passed, hatred unlike anything I had ever felt before burned within me. Not even for Cronus had I felt such disgust. Do not say I did not warn you. It would be a beautiful place to live if not for the scar of healing earth that led straight into the Underworld, where Cronus and the other Titans now resided.

Perhaps it wasn't such a terrible thing that Hades had given up Olympus, after all. At least he could be trusted not to let Cronus escape from the depths of Tartarus.

If he didn't want me there, then I wouldn't be there. But soon enough I heard footsteps behind me, and as they grew closer, I stopped and whirled around. It was Hades, not Zeus, who followed me. In the darkness, he looked far too much like our father for my comfort, but we were all used to it by now. He could change his form, as the rest of us could, but I had no doubt he would keep his natural appearance, determined not to let Cronus dictate who and what he was.

I wouldn't let Zeus get to me.

The Goddess Legacy - PDF Free Download

He wasn't worth it. I'm better than that. We all are. Never doubt that you are the reason we have won, Hera. You are our true power, and we all know it. It is simply difficult for some of us to acknowledge our own lack ing. Time will tell. But before I could react, he said kindly, "Nothing would please me more. As much as I would enjoy your company, however, the Underworld would not suit you.

I am fine with the darkness and the quiet, but you, sister, would wither without light. And I cannot do that to you. But something better will come along, and in the meantime, you will have an equal voice on this council.

What if Zeus still finds a way to take over? But I will come visit you often, and I promise you will never be alone. Why can't you be more like Poseidon and Zeus? It'd be easier to insist the lot of you weren't fit to rule.

Go back to Olympus, Hera. I will see you soon, and in the meantime, try not to let Zeus get to you. He's overwhelmed with victory and relief, and that does strange things to men. I watched him disappear until darkness consumed him, and once he was gone, I took a shaky breath and returned to the others.

I would never follow Zeus, but as long as Hades was there to introduce reason, perhaps this new life wouldn't be so bad, after all. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

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If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? For millennia we've caught only glimpses of the lives and loves of the gods and goddesses on Olympus.

Persephone was urged to marry one man, yet longed for another. But meeting Kate Winters gave him a new hope. Read more Read less. Frequently bought together. Total price: Add all three to Cart Add all three to List. One of these items ships sooner than the other. Show details. Buy the selected items together This item: Customers who bought this item also bought.

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