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Home; Seller News . Selling softwares as digital products for download link only now suddenly ebay called me that they gonna remove my all software or download link listings, if i do not remove download option and sell them only as dvd. To download the latest version of Mister Lister, please click here. If you have As a seller, you should be concerned about two main tax areas: income and sales tax. There are a number EBAY POWERSELLERS PROGRAM. Find out about. seller ratings (DSRs). The PowerSeller program and benefits are FREE for all that qualify and join. . Download the black and white business card. Envelope.

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Keep an eye on your eBay activity no matter where you are with our official tools, extensions and apps for your mobile and computer. Fortunately, there's a smorgasbord of great eBay software and apps that Downloads items sold, makes it easy to create invoices and labels. It is possible to sell digital products and content on eBay, but there are some very Selling digital goods—information, software, templates, recordings, art, and the eBay considers any content that can be downloaded via a website or Whether you're an existing or new eBay seller thinking about moving.

Doing all the work can be quite the burden. Here are more than 40 tools to better manage your eBay business and grow. Linnworks is a complete solution for all your eBay store tasks. ShipHero is built to make sure everything that happens after a sale, is optimized to reduce cost and easy to manage. With Orderhive-eBay integration service, you will get real-time insights of your inventory from anywhere.

Nonetheless, they still have a sales page up and presumably charge people for software that does not work. Join over 50, of your peers and receive our weekly newsletter which features the top trends, news and expert analysis to help keep you ahead of the curve. Do you think your customers trust your products? When was the last time you saw a customer tweeting.

Just as the tortoise beat the hair,. Until their designer is busy, that is, and like me, they try designing something.

20 Awesome eBay Tools to Make a Seller's Life a Whole Lot Easier

Toggle navigation Business 2 Community. Digital Marketing vs. Content Marketing: Local SEO: Marketing Why Is Marketing Important? Shark Tank: Compact Luxury SUV: Popular in BrandViews Image: Facebook LinkedIn Flipboard 3. HammerTap This is where to begin your eBay efforts. More by this author: Discuss This Article. Show Comments 3.

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Other subscription benefits include: If you are currently using one of these Blackthorne Auction Assistant products, please learn about upgrading to our newest versions by clicking here. The professional resources you're looking for are waiting at our new Services For Business specialty site.

We launched this new site to provide you with access to top-notch experts who are ready to help you succeed on or off eBay. You'll find the expertise you need to present yourself more professionally, sell more effectively, or do business more competitively than ever. Web designers, accountants, copywriters, translators, programmers, graphic designers, business consultants, and many more talented individuals are available here, ready to start on your project.

We've created this exciting new specialty site in cooperation with eLance, the world's professional services marketplace. You then decide which expert is best suited for your particular needs, based on your own criteria.

Everything happens through the eLance site: The eLance professionals are ready to start your project now! For more about eLance, plus a special offer just for PowerSellers, read on. Ready to boost your eBay business? We've teamed up with eLance to connect you with expert talent who can make your eBay transactions even more successful. Choose a Web designer to create an impressive new About Me page.

Select a copywriter to compose compelling item descriptions.

How about a Flash animator to build attention-grabbing listings that draw traffic? You'll also find logo designers, translators, Web developers, and much more. And, it all happens online. Perhaps best of all, enhancing your business with eLance is affordable.

Interested professionals bid against each other for your project, and you choose who you want to do the job. You get top talent for the best price. So get started today. Boosting your revenues has never been easier! New Improvements to Search Results We recently added improvements to our Search results interface that should make it easier for you and your buyers to look for any item.

These improvements include: A new control bar that appears on the Search result's page just below the Search titles and descriptions box. The new bar contains the following sort options: A new "Search by Price Range" link that appears at the top of the Search results page just below the eBay official time link. By clicking on the link, you can find items within a specific price range.

This filter is also currently available from the Smart Search page. A new triangle with searching tips that appears beneath the control bar if you have either fewer than 20 items or more than items in your search results.

For a preview of the changes, please click here. Welcome Picture Services! It eliminates the multi-step process of logging in to your photo hosting service provider, uploading the photo and then hoping you have entered the correct address URL in the Mister Lister Sell Your Item form. Worrying over limited disk or storage space can be a thing of the past--let Picture Services host your photos for you! There are some big don'ts associated with selling digital products on eBay. Be sure to keep these in mind so you don't end up frustrated with a suspension or listing removal.

First and foremost, pornographic content is not allowed nor is software that could be used to damage someone's computer or infect it with spyware. You also cannot sell digital content that violates other copyrights you can't sell a song you bought from iTunes, for instance.

Sellers of digital content also have to be verified by PayPal in order to confirm identity, but for the most part, if you created the digital content yourself and it does not fall into one of the "don't" categories, you can sell it on eBay.

5 eBay Tools You Need to Have

Whether you're an existing or new eBay seller thinking about moving into information products, you may want to consider expanding your focus to include eBay alternatives as well. Digital sales are not likely to be a lucrative option on eBay, especially if you're just getting started. In fact, they may be more headache than they're worth.