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Results 1 - 10 of Download Sci-fi Fantasy Books for FREE. All formats available for PC, Mac, eBook Readers and other mobile devices. Large selection and. A list of links to free science fiction novels. ePub format or PDF that works on my tablet, I may even read it and review it, but I will put the link up before I do so. eBooks - Category: Science Fiction - Download free eBooks or read books online for free. Discover new authors and their books in our eBook community.

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Project Gutenberg offers free ebooks for Kindle, iPad, Nook, Android, and iPhone. Books about Science fiction (sorted by popularity) The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Robert Louis Stevenson downloads · The. Download Free Ebooks, Legally . Tens of Thousands of Free Ebooks on Science Fiction and Fantasy (Part 1) “Science fiction deals with improbable possibilities, fantasy with (Sci-Fi & Fantasy) (EPUB). Download thousands of free ebooks - ePUB, eReader, PDF, Plucker, Mobipocket , and other formats that work with your Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Nook, Android.

This is a listing of sites that legally offer free ebooks of Science Fiction-Fantasy works. There is also a separate listing of. If you find that any site listed is offering content that can not be legally transferred, please let me know in the comments below. This list is not comprehensive and if you know of any other sites please post in the comments below or at our forums. A comprehensive alphabetical listing of free books for reading or listening can be found on these pages:. Libraries are also an excellent source for reading and listening materials for Science Fiction-Fantasy.

Free Science Fiction & Fantasy eBooks Online | Gizmo's Freeware

Kobo requires registration, no credit card needed. All the downloads that I saw were DRM-free. OpenCulture has an interesting listing of classic science fiction on the web. There are links to text, audio and video. Some very interesting entries here. Page by Page is another site without genres and listing by author or title. Wells , I list the site here. Their listings on these three authors is not as extensive as the other "authors" sites without genres that are listed here.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy

All are available for free reading online. PalaceofAmino has the 9 book "Bounty Hunter" series available for online viewing. Viewing and download options vary. Worth checking out as there is a lot of material here. Thanks to shannf for this resource.

As toktok has pointed out, if you can not download these, they will mail you a CD or DVD free of charge. There is a separate collection of the Project's Science Fiction bookshelf available. These are available for free reading online. RalphRobertMoore offers his work, Father Figure, for free download in pdf. RandomStatic offers Newton's Sleep, a novel published in , for free download in pdf or html.

Books may be searched by title or author name sorted alphabetically by first name - so Jules Verne would be under J. They have a large collection of authors, so there are some fantasy or science fiction works elsewhere at the site. All are available for free reading in your browser or their smart reader. Registration is not necessary for that, but does offer some advantages and is free. They do mention speed reading quite a bit and I have a feeling you would get some speed reading course emails.

Revolution SF offers some unique science fiction short stories and novels for free reading online. Thanks to Ash for this suggestion. These are all science fiction themed. Some are classics and some are newer works, with a few unique entries not found elsewhere. Also monitors other sites for free ebook offerings in those genres.

All appeared to have Kindle compatible downloads. ShadowUnit is an ongoing "story about a group of unrealistically sexy FBI agents struggling to protect humanity from the worst monsters imaginable".

Episodes are viewable online with optional music and some parts are available for download. Features a wiki and an opportunity to talk to the story's characters. Smashwords has several hundred free books in its Science Fiction category.

These are available for free online reading or download in a wide variety of formats. These are generally unpublished works and unique to this site. The site does also offer books for purchase, but all the works in this list are available for free.

Nice category selection available. You will have to select Science Fiction or Fantasy from the pull down category menu as they do not allow direct links to the category page. SolarDrift An ongoing science fiction novel by Martin A.

Episodes are available for online viewng. He also offers a few of his short stories for online viewing.

Epub free sci download fi

Carver for free download in a large variety of formats. There are also some short fiction works for free reading online as well as excerpts from his other novels PDF. There are also listings for Fantasy and Dark Fantasy.

Interesting entries. TaleBooks has about 50 free classic novels in its Fantasy category available for free download in PDF without registration. Also available for listening or download as MP3. Wattpad offers several hundred free scifi short stories. Web-Books offers 78 free classic science fiction works, including a good selection of the classic pulp, Astounding Stories". Viewing the downloads requires their Web Viewer free which is clean as far as I can tell.

WH Smith has over free ebooks in its science fiction category.

Registration is required. WikiSource 69 classic science fiction novels available for free reading online without registration. Comments Great list! I just shared it on Facebook as a late Christmas present to my science fiction colleagues, and it's proved to be a very popular link! We are looking for people with skills or interest in the following areas: Click here.

Skip to main content. Introduction This is a listing of sites that legally offer free ebooks of Science Fiction-Fantasy works. A comprehensive alphabetical listing of free books for reading or listening can be found on these pages: Library Information Although not involving ebooks, Rizar's Things to Come pages here at Gizmo's has some great information that will interest any SciFi buff.

This link is to the Science Fiction genre with listings from both Amazon and Smashwords DailyLit has 35 free science fiction novels available through their service.

Google Book Search Science Fiction free classic scifi books for online viewing or download as pdf Gutenberg Science Fiction Large collection available for download in several formats. Viewing the downloads requires their Web Viewer free which is clean as far as I can tell WH Smith has over free ebooks in its science fiction category.

Great list! I have a few suggestions for additional sources of science fiction online: Lightspeed Magazine - http: The Canadian Science Fiction Review: December 16, , 20 new sites added, 5 dead links removed, 1 link fixed and 1 site removed for bad WOT rating. All other links checked and working. There are now sites listed. I use LinkChecker to check page links and no longer visit each site individually to reconfirm.

Fi epub download free sci

So, if you find a site that is not as it should be, then please post here in the comments. If you know of a site to be added to this listing, please post here in the comments. If you are the owner of a site that you would like added to this listing, it is better to contact me through the site click on mr6n8.

Also, no site that has an orange or red rating from WOT Web of Trust may be added to this listing, per site rules. So please check the WOT rating before posting. Thanks Steve.

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24 Sci-Fi Novels You Can Read for Free

Windows Portable Apps. Mac Software. Linux Software. Android Apps. Online Apps. Security Software. Here are a few available there, as well as a couple from Archive. Flatland by Edward Abbott Abbott. This is the tale of a two dimensional square who makes a new friend — a three dimensional sphere. The novella also serves as a primer in geometry, concisely explaining the first, second, and third dimensions while also critiquing Victorian culture's narrow-mindedness.

In Search of the Unknown by Robert W. Robert W. Chambers belongs more in weird fiction — that sort of gray area of dark fantasy and horror that H.

Lovecraft so well embodied. Chambers was, after all, a huge inspiration for the first season of True Detective about his "King in Yellow" stories, a narrative woven of a play that drives those who read it mad by the second act.

But In Search of the Unknown is about a search for rare animals, cryptids, and out-and-out monsters from the perspective of a world-traveling zoologist. It has fewer horror overtones and is more geared toward telling adventure stories of secret lands and hidden species. Edgar Rice Burroughs. Yes, this is simply a link to a whole lot of Edgar Rice Burroughs, because a lot of his work is in the public domain and is serialized. There are also a whole lot of Tarzan books to choose from.

But you can also delve into some of his lesser known properties, like At the Earth's Core , which has more than a passing resemblance to a certain Jules Verne book. There's also the Land that Time Forgot series, showing a further obsession with untapped wildernesses, relict animals, and more. Or you can dive into the schlocky goodness that is The Monster Men , which is exactly what it sounds like and involves mad scientists and genetic engineering.

Another set of stories planted firmly in the weird fiction genre, House on the Borderland tells the tale of two men staying in a house that opens to a hellish other dimension from which gruesome pig-men continually escape. The novel straddles a line between horror and science fiction and includes elements of time travel and dimension hopping.

The Night Land deals with a dying Earth. The sun has long since gone out, and the only light on Earth comes from volcanoes. All of humanity lives in one gigantic fortress. Outside the fortress lie creatures descended from humanity but twisted by the desolate atmosphere outside. While post-Apocalyptic science fiction is nothing new, this is definitely an excellent example, and like much of Hodgson's work, is bizarre and incredibly imaginative. Armageddon — A.

This novel marks the first appearance of Buck Rogers, then called Anthony. Anthony is a World War I veteran thrust into the future after exposure to a mysterious gas left him in a prolonged coma.

Epub free sci download fi

He becomes a freedom fighter in a hellish world five centuries from his own. The Buck Rogers we came to know was a swashbuckling space opera hero; this novel is definitely terrestrial, though filled with fabulous flying weapons of mass destruction and other far-future technologies. The tone is a little different, too. Still, this was the start of one of the most influential heroes of the pulp era. A Trip to Venus by John Munro. The top physicist from that Koorivar colony suddenly has a stroke of genius which will change the future of Humanity forever.

Now able to fly It appeared in the sky one summer night; the largest object known to man, it seemed abandoned, but why was it it here, was it the answer to man's technological craving.

NASA and the ESA came together to investigate it but what they found was not a back-engineering project, but something that In a world of magic and monsters, Kiran Kehomba aspires to become a great sorcerer like his grandfather. However, this budding wizard must for enter the Witching Tournament held every three years to qualify for his license.

And in order to to do that, Kiran will need to gather the ingredients to In the aftermath of genetic plague, human beings are transformed into white-eyed 'Happy' zombies, and the remnants of uninfected society live in heavily fortified compounds. One such group leader, , records in his diary the travails of day-to-day life over a winter where the water freezes and This is the perfectly modern, after school special.

This is a coming of age story for humans and tulpas alike. This is A group of half-human half-animal beings known as fauns are on the run from crazed hunter through the mountainside. However things take a dark turn when an alien ship lands in their area, its occupants set on completing their weapon at the cost of experimenting on the creatures of Earth.