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Fermate gli sposi! (Italian Edition) - Kindle edition by Sophie Kinsella. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features. Shopaholic & Baby by Sophie Kinsella Ebook Download. Six Geese a-Laying ( Mini Christmas Short Story) Ebook Download · Fermate gli sposi! Ebook. Fermate gli sposi! book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Sarà una luna di miele molto strana Lottie non vede l'ora.

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To ask other readers questions about Fermate gli sposi!, please sign up. . Wedding Night isn't my first Sophie Kinsella book, but its the first I've read in a while .. Oh I am so glad that I downloaded this book because the last one was a big .. like say until the paperback came out and the price of the ebook went down. Results 33 - 48 of 30 Aug | Kindle eBook. by Sophie Kinsella and Daphné BERNARD Available for download now. 5 out of 5 Fermate gli sposi!. Téléchargement Gratuit Figure Retoriche Promessi Sposi livre ou tout simplement lire en ligne Figure Retoriche Fermate gli sposi! by Sophie Kinsella .

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Original Title. Ben , Felicity , Charlotte Lottie. London, England Ikonos Greece. Goodreads Choice Award Nominee for Humor Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

To ask other readers questions about Fermate gli sposi!

Storie, news e approfondimenti dal mondo dei libri

Didn't the author check the name of the island first?? It's Mikonos!! There isn't any place in Greece much less an island named Ikonos Simar Yes, I guess the author might have changed it for fictional purposes. Did you think what Fliss did was justifiable?

See 2 questions about Fermate gli sposi! Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. My rating: I know. It's shocking. I can hardly believe it myself. Giving a Sophie Kinsella a two star rating. Okay, yes, I know I gave Mini-Shopaholic 2 stars too but that book should have never happened as that series should have already been done. But this? Had such potential and actually started out highly entertaining even though the character totally reminded me of Beck My rating: Had such potential and actually started out highly entertaining even though the character totally reminded me of Becky Brandon but instead of having a lack of control when it came to shopping, this main character had a lack of control for doing anything remotely smart.

When I pick up a Sophie Kinsella novel I expect light-hearted entertainment with several giggles thrown in for good measure. Yes, there were a few giggles And then all enjoyment I attained quickly began to deteriorate as the story took a steady downhill path.

The story is told from the point of view of sisters Lottie and Fliss. Lottie was under the impression that her boyfriend was about to propose and after he doesn't she ends up breaking it off completely. After every heartbreak in her life, Lottie has always done something drastic and spontaneous including new tattoos, the purchasing of new property, and even joining a Cult.

But this post-heartbreak decision really takes the cake: Even though she knows nothing about him and hasn't even seen him since she was Fliss is determined to stop her sister from ruining her life and having to go through the painful divorce that she herself is currently going through.

She comes up with a plan to intentionally sabotage their Wedding Night so they're unable to consummate the marriage which will allow her to simply get an annulment.

I have a huge issue with people that take it upon themselves to take action in your life all because they think they know what's best for you. Even if it's family. And this story was one blaring example of that. Fliss did anything and everything to prevent them from consummating their marriage because she knew without a doubt in her mind that Lottie just wasn't thinking clearing and that Fliss was the only one that could help her see the light of day.

All of the roadblocks that Lottie and her new husband Ben continued to run into were mildly humorous.. The TV that blared The Teletubbies that for some reason couldn't be turned off, when they were put into a suite with two twin beds instead of a king, and even when they were caught trying to complete the task in the airport bathroom.

It was all fun and games That was not funny. Maybe I personally have too many food allergies that are not humorous in the least but having her sister do that to her was not only far from funny but was quite upsetting. Basically, we have two morals to this story: Lottie needs to learn not to make such drastic decisions when life gets her down.

Maybe if she had given it some thought she shouldn't marry her boyfriend from when she was 18 because she knows next to nothing about him only a few days after breaking up with her boyfriend. Fliss needs to learn that she can't control everything in her life or anyone else's.

She may currently be going through a hard and bitter divorce but that doesn't mean that her sister is incapable of falling in love, or getting herself out of sticky situations. Sophie Kinsella is one of my favorite authors ever and despite my two-star review I still recommend this one to die-hard Sophie fans. Because even if someone had told me this book was a massive time-waster you know what?

Fermate download sposi kinsella gli sophie ebook

I still would have read it. Because it's by Sophie. So please, read this, I'm eager to discuss this with someone.

View all 43 comments. I mean yes it has her usual style of protagonist's, but in this novel, I couldn't even find the tiniest way to like them or to sympathize with them. This book was all about one lie after another. This is a book where you have to go beyond suspending your disbelief and into out-right fantasy-land; because there is no way that in the real world that something like these machinations could ever happen.

At least I whole-heartedly pray that these types of things could never happen. Lottie expected her long-term boyfriend Richard to propose to her, and when he did not she went off the deep end. Oh, it didn't happen right away. It took a while as it usually does for her and her sister Fliss was quite worried about her. However, what Fliss never expected was that Lottie would mend her broken heart by marrying someone she had had an affair with 15 years ago when she was just a teenager.

Fliss seems to think that if she could keep her sister from consummating her marriage then things would work out in the end What follows is the story of Lottie and Ben trying their darned hardest to consummate the marriage and being thwarted at every opportunity.

This should have been an uproariously funny novel. It was not. It became painfully unfunny, pathetic, frustrating and downright annoying at times. I really wanted to throw this book against the wall I was so frustrated with it, but I plodded on. I just had to see how it ended. Unfortunately, it ended JUST the way you would have expected it to end.

It ended on a trite, cliche, cute, too sweet to be real note that had me nearly in a diabetic coma. With a storyline like this; trite, shallow and unlikable characters, I can truly say I will never read this book again and pray they never make a movie out of it.

View all 20 comments. The two main characters are supposed to be professional women but their stupid actions do not mesh. I actually didn't like any of the characters at all, and it felt absolutely manipulative throughout. The concept of chasing after two impulsive people to stop them from getting it on during their honeymoon is an interesting one, and maybe it could be pulled off with different characterizations or with a different premise.

But what they're trying to stop from happening, and the attitude and manner in which they try to stop it That element of crassness I want fun, cheerful, affable and charming characters when I read this genre. I picked this up to have my mood lifted, not to be annoyed.

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It just doesn't ring true, though. The chemistry is off, and it doesn't hold together or deliver happy laughs -- just uncomfortable ones. I am a big fan of Kinsella's work, but this book was extremely disappointing. It lacked her usual finesse and wit I've come to love in her other books. It just doesn't hit its mark. Aaaahh I think I just really need to be in the right mood for Sophie Kinsella books.

I really do love so many of them!! Sometimes they're super fun, fluffy reads And this was one of those times. I just wanted to chuck the book out the window like. View all 6 comments. This is a hard book to review because I wanted to like it so much because I generally like books by this author but it fell disastrously flat for me and I am so sad because her last novel "I've Got Your Number" I actually ended up liking a lot!

After my mess last year, I had to make sure I was judging this book on it's own qualities and not my love for the author ; I think what the biggest problem is for me with this novel is that there really isn't a single character that isn't an idiot.

I mea This is a hard book to review because I wanted to like it so much because I generally like books by this author but it fell disastrously flat for me and I am so sad because her last novel "I've Got Your Number" I actually ended up liking a lot! I mean, we are all idiots in some form but this book has them in spades.

Most of Kinsella's books revolve around the one heroine that is a dingbat and gets themselves into one scrape after another while around her is a slew of pragmatic people. This book is a bunch of hair brained idiots and you don't feel yourself rooting for anyone because they are all morons!

Lottie rushes into a marriage on the heels of a breakup, Fliss makes one bad decision after another trying to keep her sister from getting married, Ben doesn't seem to have more than an iota of a redeeming quality in him, Lorcan is probably the best of the lot but he has issues himself and even Richard you want to smack a time or two.

The only character I was cheering for was Noah, the compulsive liar! That's NOT good. I really, really, really was looking forward to a fun dip in the silly book pool with this novel but even as a lighthearted beach read I can't recommend it. I finished it, so there is that. There are way too many better books out there to spend ones time enjoying. View all 4 comments. I am a major Kinsella fan. My expectations, you can imagine, we're super high for this book.

However it just didn't cut it. They were at least bearable and had some pretty good amusing and end Yeah They were at least bearable and had some pretty good amusing and endearing moments. I guess I didn't feel any particular connection to any of the characters. Which is strange because one of things I love most about a Kinsella novel is how much I can relate to the main character, even thinking aloud "YES I totally do that too!

So I can't believe I'm rating a Kinsella book so low, but it's the truth something ironically that none of the characters in this book could do and that's why everything blew up to gigantic unrealistic proportions. View all 3 comments. Sophie Kinsella has lost her touch, I think. I was excited to finally read her latest novel, but it resulted in disappointment. It was not engaging as her previous best sellers such as Shopaholic series or Twenties Girl, my favorite so far.

All the characters are annoying, in their own way. It's like none of them has the right sense and mind. All in all, I highly recommend Wedding Night.

If you're like me, desperate for Kinsella to change her game or just looking for something fun and heart-warming, then this is the book for you. View all 3 comments. Basic Info Format: Cliff Hanger: No Triggers: Happy ish endings! Worst Part: Noah was left out a lot: Thoughts Had: Conclusion Continuing the Series: I do see why a lot of people Basic Info Format: I do see why a lot of people rated this poorly.

I have read a lot of Kinsella's book and this one did have a very different vibe, but i loved it. The two sister's POV was a great addition. I didn't pay attention the first time she switched, i tend to skip reading chapter titles, so i had to back track.

The ending was nice. Somewhat happy for everyone. I did feel like Noah, the one sister's child, was left out a good amount, he was cute too! Book Boyfriend: Richard Best Friend Material: Lorrita and Fliss! Review in GIF Form: Fun and witty drama on route to a gorgeous Greek Island? Mistakes and schemes and hilarity?

Here you go. I didn't find the two main characters sisters, Lottie and Fliss AS relatable or likable as many of Sophie Kinsella's other main characters. For being in their early and mid thirties, they had some VERY immature moments.

Talk about bad decision making skills! But they also had a lot of redeemable qualities, and by the end of the book I did really like them. I did feel a little more invested i Fun and witty drama on route to a gorgeous Greek Island?

Ebook gli download sophie fermate sposi kinsella

But there were so many hilarious, fun parts that had me laughing out loud. I really enjoyed this one! She is back!! Oh I am so glad that I downloaded this book because the last one was a big disappointment. Again, I couldn't stop laughing at the antics of all the characters. I laughed, I cried, I oohed and aahed; all in all I loved this book. Lottie and Fliss were a hoot and there were some seriously cringe worthy moments with both of the sisters.

The story flowed well and the secondary characters were charming. View all 5 comments. Ah Sophia Kinsella, how I adore her books!!! The Wedding Night was a light, heartwarming, and hilarious read. I wouldn't say I couldn't put it down but I will say that I didn't want to put it down.

I should note that it wasn't all unicorns and rainbows though which is why I gave 4 stars considered 3 stars instead of 5. It took well over pages for me to actually feel engaged in the story and I almost put it down due to a loss of interest but once it got rolling I loved it.

There is dual nar Ah Sophia Kinsella, how I adore her books!!! There is dual narration that was initially very confusing and distracting, but once again it made sense when the story picked up speed. This story would make a great romantic comedy on the big screen or on broadway one day! It took me quite a while to get into the story, but when I did I couldn't put it down.

Only when Ben and then also Lorcan come along I got hooked. Or what will Fliss do to stop them? As a reader you can feel the attraction between Fliss and Locran the first moment they meet. And you feel so sad for Richard and he is such a sweetheart. The fact that he wants to fly to Ikonos the honeymoon destination of Lottie and Ben and get her back is just soooooo romantic.

Whenever they have another go at their Wedding Night something goes wrong. It was so much fun to read these different scenes. Richard, Fliss and Locran meet at the airport all on the way to Ikonos, for different reasons though.

Fliss wants to stop the Wedding Night, Richard just wants Lottie back and Lorcan is there for business. However, there is a problem with their flight and they have to stop over in Sofia.

That gives Lorcan and Fliss time to talk and the tension between them is huge. However, Fliss tells him to much.

She tells him about her plan to stop the Wedding Night. The atmosphere between them is really weird the next morning. However, they understand each other really well, because they were both married and know how hard a divorce can be. The ups and downs between them made almost scream, I just wanted them to be together.

The co-narration of the two sisters is great.

La famiglia prima di tutto!

We got insight to both their thoughts and feelings and they were still connected all the time. Ikonos is wonderful to read about and it makes you want to book holidays immediately. The ending is sweet, cute and so much fun. This story is soooo funny and full of laugh-out-loud moments. This was a cute story. A well written piece. Definitely falls into chick lit category. But I truly did not like Ben or Lottie. They were very superficial characters. If there's one thing I've come to count on, it's that Sophie Kinsella can make me laugh.

Out loud. Numerous times. Not as easy as you'd think, for a book to do with me, but when a book can make me laugh, I treasure the moment as much as when a book makes me cry. Lottie Graveney is thirty-three and finally - finally! He's been dropping lots of hints, and booked a table for lunch at their favourite Italian res If there's one thing I've come to count on, it's that Sophie Kinsella can make me laugh.

He's been dropping lots of hints, and booked a table for lunch at their favourite Italian restaurant. She was so excited she even bought him an engagement ring. So when the question turns out to be regarding how to use his extra Air Miles before he goes to San Francisco for several weeks on business, Lottie is floored. She's so upset that Richard didn't propose - and doesn't look likely to ever do it - that she breaks up with him on the spot.

As Lottie's older sister, Fliss, knows all too well from past experience, Lottie has a habit of doing something rather rash and foolish after a break-up. Like the time she got a tattoo, and the time she joined a cult.

Lottie's post-break-up wildness only lasts a few weeks, and then she comes crashing down to Earth and Fliss has to help her pick up the broken pieces and put her back together again.

With their own parents long removed from the picture, Fliss has filled the mother role for Lottie for years now. Her own marriage, to the insufferable Daniel, is going through the divorce wringer, and the only good thing to come out of it is eight-year-old Noah, their son - whom Daniel isn't helping out with much. Fliss has her own issues, harbouring her resentments and hoarding her complaints against Daniel, and is slowly becoming the bitter woman she always wanted to avoid.

So when Lottie calls her up and tells her she's getting married to some guy called Ben whom she knew when she was eighteen and living the high life on a Greek island during her gap year, Fliss pulls out all the stops to prevent it.

If she can just make Lottie wait, she'll wake up soon enough and realise it's not what she wants. The last thing Fliss wants to see is her sister in a situation like hers: Fliss isn't alone in her goal: Ben's business partner Lorcan also wants to stop the foolishness and get Ben to pay attention to the company he inherited but which he mostly ignores. Lorcan's style is much more heavy-handed than Fliss's though, and before she realises the damage he's done, her sister has married a man she barely knows and flown off for her honeymoon on the same Greek island where they once had their "summer of love".

Luckily, Fliss is the editor of a global travel magazine, and she knows people - including the hotel manager, whom she manages to coerce into making sure Lottie and Ben don't consummate their wedding before Fliss can get there and talk some sense into her sister. It will make getting an annulment all that easier. Yet it's not only Lottie who is making a mistake: Fliss too is doing possibly fatal damage to her relationship with her sister by interfering and ruining her honeymoon. Things aren't going well for Lottie and Ben, though Lottie is ever the optimist and doesn't give up easily.

Can their marriage work, or will she have to admit to her sister that she made a mistake - again? More so than in any of Kinsella's previous books - the ones I've read, anyway, which is most of them - Wedding Night combines some heavier, more serious issues regarding relationships, denial, being misguided and in general facing up to yourself, with her trademark humour and flair for writing realistically flawed characters.

It was very nicely balanced, neither too serious nor too silly, and created an extra layer of tension and made the story more meaningful overall. This is largely thanks to Fliss short for Felicity , who I found easy to relate to and sympathise with.

Fliss is your classic working mother going through a messy, prolonged divorce who's trying to give Noah the childhood every kid deserves, untainted by the contempt she feels for his father or the anger that takes over her at times.

I certainly didn't agree with what she did to Lottie - or how - but she made it make sense, she provided the kind of justification that worked, and I felt her own sense of rising panic. It's clear that Lottie's doing something pretty stupid, but it's just as clear why - and we all need the chance to make mistakes and learn from them.

So, since events are set in motion anyway, Wedding Night takes the opportunity to have a good laugh at the whole thing along the way. Both female characters and I'm sure the male ones too are trademark Kinsella, just re-jigged so that they feel fresh and new and their own people.

Fliss I loved, as I mentioned above, while Lottie was that classic well-meaning but short-sighted twit, not stupid but not really thinking things through either. She was more your Becky Bloomwood character.

If the entire book had been told from Lottie's perspective, I don't know that I would have been able to finish it. Dividing the story between Lottie and Fliss - each telling their own chapters in first-person present-tense - ensured that I never got sick and tired of either of them: And I've mentioned this before, about Sophie Kinsella, but she is one of the only authors I've ever read who actually knows how to write in present tense properly.

Present tense is becoming the new fad, I've noticed, especially in Young Adult fiction but also in adult fiction, and it's really annoying me - a because it's not half as flexible or versatile a tense as past tense, thus limiting what you can do with it; and b too many of those writers simply don't know how to use it and write as if they're still using past tense.

Download sophie ebook fermate gli kinsella sposi

If you want a really good example of how to use present tense, start with Wedding Night or another of Kinsella's, like Can You Keep a Secret? And no, I'm not about to stop going on about this, not until people stop using present tense or learn how to write with it properly!! This is a highly entertaining storyline that doesn't feel all that predictable as you're reading it because Lottie is something of a wild card and even Fliss is a surprisingly resourceful woman, and you never know what she's going to pull out of her bag.

Literally, like when she makes a hot air balloon for her son's class project in the carpark because Daniel hadn't passed on the letter about it, and she uses a gift box as the basket and a condom for the balloon.

Very funny scene. Nice to know that I can still laugh at condom jokes. The other things I found myself laughing aloud at were the ridiculous but very funny ways the hotel manages to keep Lottie and Ben from having sex. It became so exaggerated, with the butler and the assistant butler constantly popping up and dogging their steps, and the horde of workers scratching their heads and arguing over how to remove two single beds when the suite should have had a giant king size bed, and many other antics.

It's a farce, no doubt about it, but Lottie and Ben are so caught up in themselves - and, to a lesser degree, each other - and so incredibly horny, that they don't see it as anything other than over-zealous employees, incompetent contractors and so on.

The hotel staff never go far enough to have to a formal complaint against them, they just over-do the normal services. To say that I laughed out loud several times is high praise, especially because I was half afraid the whole plot and all the shenanigans were going to really irritate me, not amuse me.

Fermate gli sposi! by Sophie Kinsella (5 star ratings)

To balance Lottie's silliness, Ben's childishness, and Fliss's over-protectiveness, we have Lorcan. He's a tall, dark, serious man, a lawyer by profession who's been putting all his energy into saving his friend's paper company without realising how much Ben resents him for it - and how much farther Ben runs when Lorcan tries to rein him in. He, too, has an important life lesson to learn. He comes across as serious and grumpy, and he is a bit grumpy, but his sense of humour - irony, possibly dead-pan - comes across at just the right times.

All the characters are flawed, all are struggling with certain aspects of life that come with growing up, and they all require a bit of work some more than others to get us on their side and liking them.

They're realistic, in that way. Wedding Night reads like a romantic comedy, and I see a movie adaptation coming in the near future: Its humour is nicely countered by its life messages, and the only part that disappointed me was the ending.

It was an ending straight out of Hollywood, where the characters have their big confessional in as public a place as you can think of - a device I absolutely loathe but which is really common in Hollywood rom-coms anytime there's any kind of deception involved. Foreign Rights. Privacy Policy. Cookie Policy. Codice Etico. Ragazzi Mondadori. Chiudi Libri. Storie, news e approfondimenti dal mondo dei libri News Approfondimenti Percorsi di lettura.

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