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Super Memory - Super Student: How to Raise Your Grades in 30 Days [Harry Lorayne] on Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App. Mar 6, Super memory--super student by Harry Lorayne, unknown edition, 2 editions of Super memory--super student found in the catalog. Add another edition? Download ebook for print-disabled Download Protected DAISY. Free download of How To Develop A Super-Power Memory by. Available in PDF , ePub and Kindle. Read, write reviews and more.

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How to Develop a Super Power Memory downloads Views 3MB Size Report. DOWNLOAD DJVU student power memory system title: author: publisher: isbn10 | asin: print isbn ebook isbn language: subject publication. To ask other readers questions about Super Memory - Super Student, please Word associations really helped me when it came down to writing formulas on. How to Develop A Super-Power Memory by Harry - Youblisher. Pages·· MB·14, Downloads. memory; I think that after you've read this book.

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The link system connects words and letters to things like a number of symbols and can make memorizing things a lot easier. He goes very in-depth into this and explains it very well and makes it really easy to understand even if it is a far-fetched idea.

A lot of his methods are kinda weird and sound kind of crazy like the link method but he talks about and dedicates a whole page to talk about sticking with it no matter if you think it's weird or crazy which I think is very important. I finally really like how he states that it is all up to the reader if he or she would like the methods that he explains in the book.

He talks about that the reader needs to fully engage and dive into the methods so that these methods actually work which I think is very important for mastering the methods. Overall I felt that Harry Lorayne did a great Job writing his book and explains all of his methods very well and uses a lot of details making them really easy to understand even if like I said they sound very crazy or weird.

Oct 19, D'Angelo added it. Harry Lorayne is an expert on memory training, and shows you how he applies his techniques to any subject.

The author uses mnemonic devices and methods such as using rhymes, sounds, and numbers to substitute for letters to memorize words. One of the most effective methods he describes in my opinion is to attach a word you Reon Koizumi Super Memory by Harry Lorayne was written as a device for memory training.

One of the most effective methods he describes in my opinion is to attach a word you want to memorize with a number, or a word similar to that that makes u remind yourself of it.

You want to memorize a sentence or a long word with imagining, and relating it to similar words. Simply putting numbers for every single letter is extremely hard to keep track of if you need to remember 20 words for a quiz for example.

I believe that this book was very helpful and will be very helpful for those who have trouble memorizing, and especially for students. This book will help you a lot and give you hacks if you need help with memorization techniques in general.

Oct 19, Kyle added it. The book Super Memory Super Student by Harry Lorayne does a good job in helping the students with memorization by giving good tips and study tools.

If you put in the time and the work, it can really help you out with your memorization and can significantly reduce the amount of time studying if you use the tools effectively.

What's Inside

This book was assigned to us by our chemistry teacher, but not only did it give us tools for studying the things he was assigning us, it also gave us tips and tricks for helpi The book Super Memory Super Student by Harry Lorayne does a good job in helping the students with memorization by giving good tips and study tools.

This book was assigned to us by our chemistry teacher, but not only did it give us tools for studying the things he was assigning us, it also gave us tips and tricks for helping us with our other classes. I learned that there is no way in getting around the work, but there are certainly shortcuts to help speed things up. One of the things Harry Lorayne does a good job of doing is touching upon phonic devices. He uses great tips to help the reader get as much out of this book as they can. Harry definitely has some helpful tips but, most of them are very confusing, on page 38 he uses letters to memorize numbers, and on page he uses formulas to help you memorize other formulas.

These tips are confusing and should be changed to something that makes more sense. All in all, This book is very helpful and has definitely improved my knowledge.

Oct 19, Xander Nunez rated it really liked it. The book goes over some of the subjects that it aims to help you in like, vocabulary, names, and number. It also names some classes such as World history, math, and English.

The book is helpful. The book started off with describing one of the methods. It must be associated, in some ridiculous way, with something you already kno Learn the Patterns The Book Super Memory was created by Harry Lorayne, was created to help students with memorization. The Book has may examples of what you can use memorization in. The way you do it with a number is put a letter to each number.

Or have the phrase that sounds like the number. She also has activities to do to help you continue to practice and remember. I think that the most important chapters are Ch15 spelling, Ch17 memorize graphic material and Ch19 Formulas.

Because you will need to know spelling for writing paper and for the test in English. Formulas for math and chemistry. If you want a job I science and memorizing graphic material. For going on road trips of sailing. This book is very good for any person who is willing to take the time and do the activities and learning the methods. I recommend this book. Oct 13, Darius added it. This book is based on memory training and developing your memory skills. The author Harry Lorayne is a memory specialist who helps people develop a better memory because you need a good memory in order to learn.

He begins the book by telling us why he started memory training and what pushed him to do so. He goes on to teach us memory devices for various for things such as numbers, vocabulary, fo My Book Review on Super Memory - Super Student: He goes on to teach us memory devices for various for things such as numbers, vocabulary, foreign languages, SAT words, Math, many different sciences, etc.

I personally found some of his memory devices in book to be quite complicated. For example he has a section in the book when he is talking about the hardness scale and the top ten minerals on the hardness scale. He suggested we think of what the minerals name reminded us of EX: I'm certain that most people can find this helpful, but I personally thought the process has you try to memorize to many things when you only need to remember one.

I would personally prefer reviewing flash cards over and over again until I finally understand the material. His memory tools for formulas and Math were probably the most helpful for me. Harry's goal is to help the current generations of kids have a stronger memory so they can be successful in school and work.

He has many good memory devices, but as I said earlier I prefer using flash cards. Some of his memory devices may start to confuse the current generation of children and the book may just need a simple update relating more to the new generation of kids. Harry's profession of teaching memory devices to people is something our world needs more of because if you don't have a super memory you don't have a super mind.

Dec 04, Brian Roskuszka rated it it was amazing. This is bar none the best book that I've read on the topic of memory. It is short, sweet, and to the point. Harry lays out the simplest model of memory I have ever encountered.

He does so in a way that engages you in the process of using links and pegs within the first 15 pages. After the first 15 minutes of reading, your understanding of what memory is will change. Within the first 30, you will have the basic know-how to memorize a list of just about anything. After finishing with the book you ca This is bar none the best book that I've read on the topic of memory. After finishing with the book you can apply that knowledge to just about any field imaginable and learn anything permanently much faster than you could ever believe yourself to imagine before.

This is no joke. If you know this guy's story, he's a D student who fumbled his way into becoming a memory expert after people told him that he just couldn't learn. He found a really easy way to remember stuff that even a 'dumb' person can learn.

By the end of the book, you'll learn that you don't have a good or bad memory. You have a memory and the game is all about how you use it. My memory's so good now that I've lost the book and need to purchase a new copy since the time I read it 3 years ago.

In all seriousness though, I still remember and use the linking exercises that he talked about and want to do my own little review of the topic again. Oct 09, Harry Billings added it. Super Memory: Super Student is a book by Harry Lorayne, a writer and memory training specialist. This book is a guide for students to be able to remember information for many subjects, using a few very useful techniques. We read this book to help us specifically in Chemistry, but it can be used in a myriad of different subjects.

Lorayne wrote this book to help students remember things. I think, personally that only some of the techniques worked for me, but I can see why they would work for othe Super Memory: I think, personally that only some of the techniques worked for me, but I can see why they would work for others.

Later on, Lorayne introduces smaller techniques and applies them to school subjects. I think that the Link System of Memory and memory by association practices are very useful. These are very common practices, and hey are used in many areas, and many people use mnemonic devices and such. The link system is used in the book to connect different words, and to be able to think of words and ideas based upon those links. When you think about it, those links are the essential aspect of how our brains make connections, one thing setting off an internal link within our brains.

Another thing, the association strategy is used by thinking of sentences or words to help you remember individual lists and the things in them. When you associate one thing strongly with an idea or word, your brain automatically starts to strongly associate the two, and you will think about that thing that way by default.

This strategy is simply getting us to control what associations we make before we make them. I don't think that the strategy for remember letters based on numbers really works for me. First of all, I think that the idea that there are only basically 10 consonant sounds and you need to associate those numbers with sounds to help you remember.

I think that it is harder to go through the process of remembering the sound and associating it with the number than it is to just remember the number or sound alone. Secondly, I think that the added step of thinking of words for those numbers is an even farther step away from remembering the original number or word.

All in all, I got more confused going through this process than it would be just to try to think of the word or number. I also think that the explanation of some of the key processes were too vague, and things in this book need to be fully explained for them to work and be followed. For example, Lorayne uses the term Peg Word a lot, and he never really introduced this term fully, and that made it harder for me to grasp certain chapters because I couldn't find the full use for that term.

Another example would be some of the association techniques he used for associating dates. He was too vague about how the association method works for dates, and the examples he used only made it more confusing than just committing the date and name to memory in a different way.

Overall, I think his main ideas were sound and helpful, but some of the more detailed and specific strategies were lacking in detail. I think that if he went into more detail and was more simple with his strategies, they would be easier to grasp and they wouldn't make things harder rather than easier.

Oct 15, Andre Restauro rated it really liked it. Andre Restauro Chemistry Mr. The main theme of the book is about the author teaching different memory methods and systems that will be useful for future reference, especially in high school and college. He also teaches it in a way in order for us to memorize the use of each system as well and will become a reflex whenever we come across a peculiar situation.

He wrote specifically for stud Andre Restauro Chemistry Mr. He wrote specifically for students of all ages and grades in order for them to raise their grades, improve their memory skills, and so they have fun doing it. Lorayne describes and explains different memory systems specifically how when and when to use them. He has a section of chapters dedicated to each system and each chapter indicates different methods of use for that specific system.

But in order to use these systems you one has to put a lot of effort and read every single word of the book, no skimming. One of the systems is the Association system. The author explains that this is system when one tries to remember a word or words, he uses a word that sounds similar to it in order to remind the person what word they are supposed to remember at that time, hence the system name association.

Another system he explains is the Peg Word System. The Peg Word system is using words in order to remember numbers. There are many other systems in the book that all have similar connection like the two presented. Although this book was effective, an argument could be made that the Peg Word System can be confusing. Since the Peg word system is using words to remember numbers, it can be confused with using numbers in order to remember words.

This can cause with the different words used in both systems and lead to a mix up causing stress during the time of usage for both systems. If you are especially using these systems in order to remember numbers or words in sequence it can cause catastrophe. Another argument that could be made about the book is that in order for the systems to be effective and to be useful in the future is you have to put in a lot of effort when using the systems.

Since the systems require of imagination you have to work really hard in order to make an image in your mind that will relate to the memorized subject. To conclude this book review, the information provided, the arguments presented prove that Harry Lorayne specifically wrote this book for students of all ages and grades in order to improve their memorization skills leading to improved grades. To restate my arguments, this book has a system that is confusing because it uses the same components just in different orders.

Also, in order for the systems to actually work you have to put in effort and hard work. Oct 13, Skyler rated it really liked it. Super Student Super Memory by Harry Lorayne is a book that looks to improve your ability to memorize information by using some devices and tactics. Harry Lorayne is an American magician and a memory-training specialist who is known because of his memory training.

He gives and tells you about some mnemonic devices to remember different terms and other things like dates and numbers. Using these devices, triggers the brain and allows you to remember things easier and study more efficiently. This book shows ways to develop memory skills that can be very useful during your time in high school as well as in college when learning and studying new things gets difficult.

The first skill in learning information is to create a story based on the information given. Learning large amounts of words and dates can be tough when doing all at the same time so being able to do this will break up the learning to sections. With these words or things you can create absurd situations that will be remembered for a long time, the more absurd and weird it is the better off you will be. Being able to create stories will exercise not only your brain, but your imagination and observations skills that can be useful in other classes.

Having the ability to create stories will focuses on your concentration, attention and awareness as putting them into a story requires thought that will eventually pay off. The second skill mentioned in this book is the ability to make a memory game for yourself.

This allows for critical thinking that can result in a larger capacity of learning in different forms: Studying is often a hassle and requires a good amount of work, but with games you will have fun triggering the brain cells and causing you to remember them easier.

The third and last skill in learning information is to picture the information in absurd and weird phrases and situations. Having very absurd and out of this world phrases and situations, the easier you will memorize them. Being able to connect the information with a phrase or story creates a deeper understanding involving the topic or subject. This can be useful when applying this information to similar things that will remind you of the term.

In conclusion, as a high schooler this book teaches me a lot of skills that can be useful in my academic life as I continue my education. The ability to visualize the word and apply it can really help in the long run to understand the words in a different way. Lastly, memory can be taught in a slow process that has to be shown when given the chance to apply it to learning and studying.

Apr 22, Ben W rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Super Memory! This book, by Harry Lorayne, has done exactly what it set out to do. While a superficial reading of this book or any of the techniques will most likely lead a person to believe that this is all hogwash as my father and brother both seemed to believe when I told them about these exciting memory techniques , you can rest assured that this book will deliver REAL results.

There are many exercises in the book and it is reco Super Memory! There are many exercises in the book and it is recommended that you follow along and complete them as you read.

This will mean that it will take much longer to read these pages than many other collections of pages. The key to the success of these memory training systems is Original Awareness. When we actively think about something or can make an association between two things, we greatly increase out ability to recall the information. Surely this is useful for everyone, for what is knowledge without memory? A great quote, from this book, which concisely sums up this idea is the following: That's because the bit of effort involved in trying to apply them pinpoints your concentration, focuses your attention, forces you to be Originally Aware.

It also exercises your imagination and observation. Of course, the systems do work - exceptionally well, giving you one heck of a learning tool! I memorized the basic Peg System, and added my own ideas to it. With this technique, I memorized and hence, learnt as real knowledge the 44 President's of the United States in order!

Oh yeah, and once you know the technique, you can master these things quickly. For those interested, I made a number of status updates as I read this book, and detailed a few of the chapters Oct 16, Carlos rated it really liked it.

Harry Lorayne gives you many study skills, techniques, and methods. It's an overall good book, great book if you want to raise your grades. He wrote this book because he cares about the education of the community, and wants people to succeed in school, starting with study skills.

I believe that this book was written to help people in school learn how to remember things better, such as vocabulary words, formulas for certain subjects, and many other useful methods.

How to Develop A Super Power Memory PDF ( Free | Pages )

In this book, he gives you many study skills. These study skills can be used for subjects such as English, Math, and Science. He gives you a technique to remember words, a method to remember math formulas, and a technique to remember the periodic table.

These techniques are called the Peg System, which is a technique that will allow you to memorize whatever you want in and out of order by number. Another technique he teaches us is the Link System, which is a technique that allows you to remember any number of things in sequence. A strategy that I thought was really successful for me was the Memory Graph, which basically allowed you to memorize locations, charts, layouts, at the same time, and information of those locations.

The author of this book, gives many good study skill techniques. He shows many ways on how to remember things more clearly, formulas of math and science, and many strategies on how to learn to remember, kind of tricky right? Harry Lorayne's techniques helped me out a lot, especially the Link System, which enabled me to remember things in sequence, and also another technique that he taught us was the Peg System.

These methods allowed me to boost my grade in math and history by remembering dates of events and helped me remember formulas. I thought the systems, strategies, and methods he taught us in this book were truly fascinating. I never thought I could remember so many things in such little time, which is ultimately what he wants I believe that this book was created to help people in school, learn how to remember things better. He gives you very good methods and techniques of remembering what you learn more efficiently.

Harry Lorayne wants people to be successful in their subjects. He wants them to be stress free and remember more things in less time and better than ever before. This book helped me in many ways, I recommend reading this book and trying his systems. Oct 16, Angel Padilla rated it it was amazing. To start off, Harry Lorayne was a magician and specialized in memory training. She was a movie star the s because of her magic skills. For class, assigned by our chemistry teacher.

Harry Lorayne wrote this book so students can have an easier time with school so their grades can improve. Harry Lorayne uses different skills so that the reader understand what they are doing while completing school work. As I mentioned in my first sentence, the three R's represent rithmatic, righting, and reading.

Substituting words with different words and numbers help you remember them easier. There's a rule according to this method. The rule is that the silent letters do not have numbers. An example of this method can be substituting "q" with 9 and "b" with 6. This method is primarily called the Peg system. Using an over proportion thinking method will guarantee you to remember it. This method is the method which helps me the most.

For example, if you had to remember a list of animals, you would try to to imagine the animals doing a crazy thing.

Memory super student ebook free download super

Another example can be if you needed to remember a certain tiger, you would imagine the tiger bungee jumping. Creating a story with a group of words you have to remember will be useful.

There is many ways this can work but I found remember the different types of rocks the easiest. For example, " Someone is calling heights calcite and the floor yells right each time. Use acronyms to be precise in remembering. For example, the five lakes are somewhat difficult to remember. You can remember them by using the acronym "HOMES" and using the first letter of each name for a different type of lake.

Many of this developing original awareness at the same time. Many people often say you have to be smart but you just need to find out what works best for you.

Using these methods, you will be a master for learning. This will guarantee you success. Implementing them in my everyday life to have success in school. These methods will help me get into a better college. Last of all, she uses these methods to show and relieve students of difficult written and spoken tasks.

Oct 11, Roman rated it really liked it. The book Super Memory was written by Harry Lorayne. This book was recommended by my Chemistry teacher. The main Theme of this book is to help you with memory and study skills that can become a major key to your success in school and for the rest of your life. Harry wrote this book to help young men and women with their study habits and tricks for their academics. This book was a very helpful and interesting book for me personally I did not love all the tricks that were given but some inspired me The book Super Memory was written by Harry Lorayne.

This book was a very helpful and interesting book for me personally I did not love all the tricks that were given but some inspired me to think about things a completely different way. I love when I am shown something new and creative and that is why I really liked this book because it gave me a different perspective on things. One study skill that Harry talks about is the Peg system. The Peg system is a way to help you with memorizing things such as equations or numbers.

The Peg system helps you by creating a rhyme in your head that is associated with the number. For Example Three bee Four snore Five dive. Though I did not do exactly this when remembering numbers it made me think about how I could start associating equations with other significant words and memories. Another system that Harry talks writes about is the Link System. The Link System also known as the chain method is a way to remember a list of words that seem random and unorganized.

Now once you are given these words create a sentence with these words in it such as, The ship had a big television with a lot of food and water right next to the window.

I really appreciate how Harry Lorayne put in a lot of time and thought when writing this book because this book could help so many kids with memory techniques. I know for a fact that even though I did not use just those techniques his ideas impacted my view on memory greatly and I really support that. Both the Peg System and the Link System have been very interesting topics to read about and I really appreciate that the book is not just for one class it revolves around so much more.

Though I did not use these systems all the time it brought me to new ideas and interesting concepts that I will use in the future. I would like to thank Harry Lorayne for these ideas and memory tricks that were talked about because i will always remember these.

Oct 11, Eli added it.

Download super free memory student ebook super

The title of this book is Super Memory Super Student. The author of the book is Harry Lorayne. Lorayne is a magician and memory training specialist. The book advertises memorization tactics for students, and the ability to boost grades in 30 days. This book review is mandatory for students in my high school Chemistry 1 course. The author penned this book in order to provide his expertise to students and improve their in-class performance and grades. The strategies provided in the book provide students with memorization tactics which is crucial to succeeding in Chemistry.

Chapters cover a variety of memorization topics for classes including Chemistry, Law, Medicine, Vocabulary, History, and many more. The book covers how to eliminate the stress that comes with studying and much more.

Lorayne provides a compelling alternative to notetaking in classes that require listening to an instructor while taking notes.

Lorayne provides a somewhat silly, and simpler version of a passage about Greece. He replaces words with phrases that are easier to remember. Then when asked to plug the information back into the original passage, I was able to do it because of how easy to remember the substituted words.

As a visual learner, replacing more complicated phrases with easy to remember images proved successful. Although it may work for some, I can not see myself using his method for learning vocabulary in other languages. Lorayne recommends visualizing words in English in place of the words in the other language. For example, he says that the word for purse in Portuguese is bolsa.

He recommends visualizing a large purse made out of balsa wood. When a word can be learned in the three necessary linguistic components, it is truly committed to memory. In conclusion, Super Memory Super Student is a solid but somewhat outdated grade booster, and memory enhancer. Although many of his exercises prove to be helpful, many of them are outdated and can be achieved by other, more technological means. Oct 11, Carson Fleece rated it it was amazing. How to raise your grades in 30 days written by Harry Lorayne is a book about using "easy" skills to help with memory in order to raise your grades.

When looking at the information of this book I found out Harry Lorayne was a memory training specialist which raised my expectations a lot. Harry Lorayne wrote this book because he wants to help students improve their memories with ease to raise grades.

The first thing this book helped me a lot with is the Nemonic devices that it suggested in order to memorize certain words of phrases. The idea is to create a short sentence that acts as an acronym to remember a certain set of words of phrases.

This is a very smart thing to suggest. The first reason is because it is very creative and based on your self. It helps you remember because you make it up in your mind. This is also very good because I used it personally on many tests.

Even though It does not make too much sense it helped me to memorize very effectively. Another good argument that I will make about this book is that it is great for students and especially high school students. It has a full section on learning how to memorize vocabulary and definitions. This is obviously effective for the SAT as it requires a large knowledge of vocabulary.

It also helps college students in giving a lesson on proper note taking. This is very important at university because you must take proper notes that help you memorize the information properly and this also works in high school.

Overall the book is very effective in high school because it gives many lessons on how to study properly. I completely agree with this argument because I have used a lot of the lessons and it has heavily improved because of the way I have studied and taken notes leading up to the studying of tests. This book for the most part helped me in improve my study habits and learning process. It helped by creating mostly easy lessons to help you as well as being very based around you and how your brain works.

I definitely suggest this book for any high school or university student wanting to know how to improve their memory as well as study and learning habits.

Oct 21, Maxwell Rodriguez rated it it was amazing. Argument 1: Substitute Word Method The substitute word method is pretty much just using a word or object that you know really well and using it to replace a name or object that you do not know that well. The word that you use to replace will have to have relevance with the actual word so it can help you remember it or how to spell it when it comes to a test.

Argument 2: Word Associations Word associations really helped me when it came down to writing formulas on the quiz.

These word associations Argument 1: These word associations help you memorize acronyms or formulas. This is when you take a letter and you replace with a word and it will eventually lead to a sentence.

For example, for the compound hydrodynamic the formula is HCN, what I did to remember this is make up the sentence Hydrodynamic Causes Nervousness. Harry's motto in the beginning of the book is, " How to raise your grade in 30 days". I believe Harry does live up to these expectations and every type of method that he teaches in this book is new to me and has helped me throughout the daily quizzes that we take during the year through Chemistry.

We took notes on this and I basically just jotted down the main ideas of the book and example of how these work. I will use these to help me throughout the rest of my year and probably in future years to come, I also really liked how he gave an example for every little detail that he provided us with. So even if I didn't really understand what he was saying, I was able to understand what he means and what to use it for when he gave us examples and picture for us to write it down. The chapters that I found were the most helpful in my opinion were chapters 20, 21, and 22 because in these chapters, Harry showed how to use his methods best in the different types of subjects and how to use them.

This is really helpful because I can now not only use Super Memory for chemistry but for all other subjects. My conclusions is that I believe that this book will really come in handy for chemistry especially because of the types of different formulas and names that you have to remember.

I am sure that the word association method will really come in handy for when I need to memorize the elements and their formulas. So overall, I believe that Super Memory is really handy especially for a hard subject like Chemistry. Oct 12, Trevor rated it liked it. Do you want to improve your study habits? Do you want to get better grades in school? Well I have just the answer for you. It literally seeps the knowledge of the memory gods.

If it can help my study habits it can for sure help yours. But of course this will be different for everybody. So, with that being said, let me give you my review and experience Do you want to improve your study habits?

So, with that being said, let me give you my review and experience with the book. The first chapter that stood out for me was Chapter 1: Eliminating Study Panic. This chapter gave me very informative ways to kind of calm myself before a test.

One main one being, that the more you over study you are more likely to forget the information. But if you study less, but more comprehensive, you have a better chance of remembering the material. This helped me a lot in the ways I changed my study habits.

I no longer re read chapters and what not, but I create study guides that go over the main and important topics for what will be on a test.

I am proud to say that this simple trick actually works. Everyone has trouble with remembering numbers and getting dates right and what not, but Lorayne creates a interesting way to remember these numbers.

The way is by connecting the number lines on letters with numbers. Take for example you have to remember the year that Rome fell. Well, Rome fell in so you to connect the numbers with letters.

So, the number 4 connects with the letter d, 7 connects with the letter g, and 6 connects with f. In the end you remember and dgf. This memory tool is a little confusing but once you learn it makes sense.

They last memory tool is a little more on the fun side for remembering music. Whether it is a song title, artist name, or a writing of music the one way to remember is by word association.

Like if you have a favorite musician or piece of music you give it a special word that you won't forget. It seems like a very simple tool but it really helps for all of you music fiends out there. After reading this book I took away a lot of new learning techniques that I can and have applied to study now. It is a unique approach to the modern way of studying.

How to Develop A Super Power Memory

Oct 09, Jorim Powell rated it really liked it. Jorim Powell Mr. Harry Lorayne is an American magician, memory-training specialist, and also a writer of course. The main theme is it teaches good study habits. So, it offers a variety of methods to memorize things.

He wrote this book to offers anyone his advice to the best ways to a greater memory. It goes into great details and has many examples for t Jorim Powell Mr.

It goes into great details and has many examples for the reader to try. The book has at least one method of memorization that will pertain to anyone. The Peg System of memory is the best system to use in the book.

The Peg System of memory matches one of the ten basic consonant sounds to the ten digits. It allows cooperation with all the other systems and it is also the easiest to memorize. For instance in chapter six and chapter seven make references saying that this system is easier to perform because it's based off of phonetic sound and it's also much easier to make a number into a word.

I have actually applied this in my life, and out of all the systems it was the easiest to remember and apply. However, I don't believe the Peg Word system is also a very good method to use. Unlike the general Peg System, the Peg Word matches a number to a whole word instead of one letter.

Even though you can make your own affiliations with things, the books suggest that the number three is "Ma" and the number 3 is the Peg word for "Noah". See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. Published on Apr 20, SlideShare Explore Search You.

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