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Read "School's Out--Forever A Maximum Ride Novel" by James Patterson available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first purchase. - Maximum Ride #02 - School's Out - Forever/Jan Bookmark Verify Hashes - Maximum Ride #03 - Saving the World and Other. Wings out, grab an air current like a pit bull, and hang on for the ride of your life. God, nothing is better, more fun, more exciting. Okay, we were mutant freaks, we .

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I LIKE TO WATCH PETER when he doesn't know I'm looking. I like to admire the straight line of his Always and Forever. Maximum Ride has 40 entries in the series. Book 2. James Patterson Author ( ). cover image of School's Out—Forever--A Maximum Ride Novel. Fourteen-year-old Maximum Ride and the other members of the "Flock"—Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gasman and Angel—are just like ordinary kids—only they have.

The Angel Experiment RB Patterson ratchets-up the suspense and intensity in this thrilling sequel. The bird-girl Max is back and so is her flock of flying friends, heading south on a journey to reunite with their families. But they remain in danger; they carry the secret documents of the scientific experiments that made them what they are. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

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School's Out—Forever (Maximum Ride, #2) by James Patterson

The 17th Suspect. Alex Cross. The 18th Abduction. April The President Is Missing. Juror 3. The First Lady. Texas Ranger. The House Next Door. The Medical Examiner. The Cornwalls Are Gone. Fifty Fifty. The Family Lawyer. Never Never. Instinct previously published as Murder Games. Hope to Die. Cross My Heart. The 5th Horseman. The Black Book. Along Came a Spider. The 9th Judgment. Run for Your Life. Alex Cross, Run. Dead Man Running. Diary of a Succubus.

The Paris Mysteries. Scott Free. Awesome characters with a cool voice and an interesting story concept and story world can apparently cover for a lot of problems. View 1 comment. Nov 01, An rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Book title: Maximum Ride- School out Forever Author: James Patterson Page: I cannot wait anymore.

Curiosity and excitement are my feeling right now. I have to read it immediately. Sorry, i will tell you next week I feel so excited when running in the same ride as Max and the Flocks.

James Patterson is indeed an amazing writer. His story makes me Book title: His story makes me not only flutter with excitement but also not predict what will happen next.

Perhaps, this is one of the factors that make Maximum Ride become the best selling book. The story continues after the Flocks discover their parents' files in New York. Max felt guilty after killing Ari. I feel sympathetic with Max because killing someone is not easy. And to live without remembering the feeling of killing someone is even harder. Surprisingly, Ari, who was supposed to kill by Max, suddenly appeared with the extra wings.

The kids have to face a new challenge, fighting with a new version of Eraser, Flying Erasers. I seem like to jump up and down with the Flocks when "watching" them fight with the Eraser. I can not understand why the Erasers kept chasing the Flocks, fighting them but not killing them. I wonder if the Erasers were playing the hide-and-seek.

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They made the Flocks feel tired and exhausted with this chsing game. I do not know if the Erasers are evil or not; but i hate the way they did to the children.

Second problem in the beginning of this second book is Fang got injured when fighting with the Flying Erasers. Fortunately, Fand was helped by a group of people in the hospital; especially FBI. The story makes me become more curious because the people in FBI know exactly about the School in California, about Jeb. Even though the Flocks tried to hide their backgrounds, the FBI people kney that they were lying.

I'm feeling that Max gradually loves Fang, expressing through the way she takes care of him, the way she asks him. My year-old Max is falling in love. How interesting it is! We are going to find out more next week.

Schools forever out ride ebook download maximum

Perhaps the readers will think that the Flocks are brought back to the School in California, a terrible place for them. However, actually, the kids is going to the School where they can receive a good education and protection. Patterson partly makes me satisfied because at least the Flocks are treated like the normal kids in this situation.

Moreover, the Flocks have invisible power including the intelligence. If they are well-educated, it can help them solve their problem quickly and easily. The next thing that surprises me when reading these chapters is Total, the dog that Angel brought with her, can talk like human. Is the dog implanted the special DNA like the Flocks or does the dog have supernatural power.

I am not sure if it is true. However, i guess that the dog would play an important role that will help Max and her family later on. Coming back with the kids at school, they start making new friends there. The Flocks seem quickly to associate with the new environment. However, surprisingly, the troble-maker is Fang. Max saw Fang kissed a girl in School. Apparently, my little Max is really hurted. I feel synpathetic with Max in this situation.

The pain when seeing someone you love kiss another girl is like a small knife moving inside your body and gradually cutting the organs. Jealousy, anger and feeling disappointed can describe perfectly Max's feeling then.

Even though Max thought that Fang is just like her brother, she can not deny the truth that she likes Fang. Oh my goodness, Max. My little Max is growing up. My little Max is falling in love. But i believe that my Max is stronger than me.

Wait and see my strong Max. The one who suppose to save the world can not be feeble Check out next week to know the next terminal of our ride The flocks continued to go to school and discovered more interesting stuffs. The new Max still appeared in the story. I am looking forward to seeing some bad news what the new Max can cause to the flocks; but she still did not do anything.

I'm very curious about the appearance of the new Max. I don't know what games Patterson is playing with the new Max. I guess this new Max will become a difficult obstacle for the flocks in the future.

The flocks met Ari and the Erasers again. They were fighting each other and the flocks defeated again and come back to Anne's house. The children told her about the Erasers. In this story, Anne is, perhaps, the only character that makes me feel suspicious.

Even though the author introduces that Anne is a person from FBI, I still think that she also has a secret mission when she told the kids to stay at her house; especially, these kids do not look like the normal ones at all.

I wonder if Anne knows all about the kids and pretend to be a good person or she actually helps the kids. However, I am pretty sure that Anne is not a usual person. Moreover, Max is also afraid of Anne because she thinks that someday Anne is going to replace her position. Oh my gosh! How nice! Sam, one of her classmates, invited her to go for a movie. I like this part.

My Max becomes a normal girl. Everyone also expressed some emotions when hearing this news except Fang. Maybe he was jealous a little bit, I guess. Max spent great time with Sam. I think Max felt really great even though they watched a military violent movie and I feel great, too. I dont know why but I like Max's day.

The day was even more romantic when Sam kissed Max. Max liked it, of course.

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That night, the readers did not see a strong Max who is the leader of the flocks anymore. They saw a girly and beautiful Max when she was dating. Enjoy your day.. View all 7 comments. Dec 21, Sella Malin rated it really liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. And what's up with this new company, Itex?? It's making no sense View all 4 comments. This was one of my favorite books.

To be honest the whole series so far has been really good. In this book, even though it is fiction, I felt I could relate to Max. Multiple times in the story, Max says "I'm so overwhelmed," "This is so overwhelming. I have to balance school with sports, as well as friends, and fun activities. Also in the story, max starts to live a regular life as a teen. In this time she has troubles w This was one of my favorite books. In this time she has troubles with boys.

Download maximum forever ebook out ride schools

I can relate with this to some extent. In the story, max is confused with who she likes between Fang and another boy she met at school. In my life, I also get confused with boys but in a different way. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who likes a little "family" drama, action, and fantasy.

I would also recommend the entire series. Jun 05, Victoria rated it it was amazing Shelves: I really enjoyed this book so much more than I did the first novel in this series!

I loved how funny and entertaining it was. One of my biggest complaints for the first novel had been how juvenile it seemed even for the characters' ages and the cheesy dialogue, but I didn't have that problem this time.

The dialogue was so much better and kept me invested the entire time. I also liked how the vocabulary seemed to be so much more fitting for the characters. It was pretty action packed and not near I really enjoyed this book so much more than I did the first novel in this series! It was pretty action packed and not nearly as predictable as the first book had been. I'm curious to see how the next book is.

May 27, Bex rated it really liked it Shelves: This is the second installment of the Maximum Ride series, picking up right after The Angel Experiment. I would suggest you read them in order to avoid any confusion in the plotline. Maximum Ride: Max continues to be plagued by the death of their main Eraser pursuer named Ari, who might or might not be her biological brother. She also continues to hear the Voice in her head, and is confused as to who or what it is. Along the way, they meet a seemingly kind woman, who just happens to be a high-ranking FBI agent, who enrolls them in a normal school where Max feels as though she's an outcast.

Max and her fellow winged children end up releasing a bunch of other genetically altered animals onto the city, which doesn't go very far, except they adopt a dog that Angel has become attached to.

He seems like your normal, run-of-the-mill puppy, until he opens his mouth and talks! You will enjoy the story and become enthralled in the portrayal of each individual child Overall, it was a wonderful reading experience!

Fans of Maximum Ride Series. I love the characters, my favorite character was the Gasman because he's really funny and he makes me laugh.

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Okay so character-wise it was the best but plot-wise it was okay. So the plot was like a big random mess I don't really get it, and there are parts wherein I wished they edit that out because it seems pointless and the story drag quite a bit. There's also so many deux-ex-machina that it was really getting into my nerves. What I mean it is not enough that one character get one superpower b I love the characters, my favorite character was the Gasman because he's really funny and he makes me laugh.

What I mean it is not enough that one character get one superpower because for example Angel how many superpowers could this girl have??? Come on! Well what I really love about the book was the part wherein they go to a normal school.

It was still a good read. Love Gazzy! I hope in the next one there will be more Faxness they're the reason I read the book so there should be more romancey between this couple. Feb 16, Whisperwind rated it liked it. This was a bit better. But a lot of things were thrown at you randomly.

Schools maximum download ebook out ride forever

Many things made it seem I think that anything else I say will be a spoiler, so I will stop here. But better than the first book. View all 8 comments. Aug 27, Helen rated it really liked it Shelves: This series is a great guilty pleasure and I love the characters. Both books so far have been quick reads and I am excited about continuing with the next one. This get s big thumbs up. Jan 04, Kara rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Maximum Ride Fans.

This one was no exception. Something that I feel that improved regarding the first book was the comedy. Even though the first one had a glimpse of funny personalities, this one had jokes so good that made me, honestly, laugh out loud.

Regarding the characters, once again, Max and Fang are my favourites and you can tell that there is something between them. It can be quite a wild ride at times keeping up. One person found this helpful. I must say that the more I read this series, the more I love Max. She is sarcastic and witty, loving and caring, and tough and fiesty. Her constant ability to be sarcastic and still admit things to herself has me laughing through most of the book.

She has to try to learn things on her own while basically raising 4 kids herself before she reaches age That is a tough spot for anyone. With the recent trials that the group has befallen, throwing in some love triangles and things get even more interesting.

Whereas there are plenty of funny times in this book, we also see Max reach her breaking point. For the past five or so months this group has been on the run from everything like people, mutants, psychos, and now even robots. She breaks down and decides to try and remove her chip from her arm herself which really freaks everyone out and we finally see Fang make a move to show he cares for her. Fang and Max go looking for some place for them all to settle down together and just try to live without fighting for their lives or running all the time.

She and Fang ends up kissing and oh how wonderful! Then, Max freaks out and they end up at Dr Martinez's again where she tries to take out Max's chip. While high on valium Max embarassingly confesses her love to Fang. While there, the rest of the group gets kidnapped and it looks like Angel has switched sides. When Max and Fang gets to the school to try to rescue the kids, they end up getting captured. Next occurs one of my most favorite scenes yet.

I laughed til I cried at all the questioning and responses these kids gave. It was so well written that I couldn't believe it. Then, when they are about to be killed Angel turns out to be following a plan from Max and even Ari switches sides and helps them escape. So, Max decides to let Ari come with them.

His expiration date has already shown up, so Max wants to help him in the last month of his life. However, Fang ain't having it since Ari has tried to kill all of them more times than they care to count and he decides to leave. The next scene is sad because it becomes like parents making their children chose a side. It ends up the girls and Ari head to Europe while the boy head to LA. While in Europe they get captured in Germany and end up finding out many many things.

Jeb comes in and tells Max about her real mom and dad and about Ari being her half brother. Max has to defeat a major person and Fang comes to the rescue in time through his blog while kids everywhere rise up against these big corporations.

Overall, a well writtne action packed story that has you wanting the final warning. I feel like things really start to get interesting in this book. James Patterson doesn't disappoint! I love seeing how the relationship between Max and Fang develops.

Maybe the characters should have been written in a couple years older because they definitely don't seem like 14 year olds.

Maximum Ride - School's Out Forever

Wish I would have discovered this series years ago! After I read Maximum Ride 1, I couldn't wait to find out what happened to these characters. In the first one, you meet Max the leader , Fang like second in command , Iggy really awesome blind kid , Nudge sweet hopeful girl , Gazzy very energetic and loveable , and Angel youngest but likely the smartest.

You meet other characters like Jeb, Ari and some more. This book picked up where the other one left off. They were on their way to DC to finally find their parents. It starts with fang getting hurt bad which lands them in line with the FBI who are obviously suspicious of 6 kids who have wings and can fly.