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May 1, Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman. No cover available. Download; Bibrec. Bibliographic Record Download This eBook. Format, Url, Size. Author: Walt Whitman. Published: Language: English. Wordcount: , / pg. Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: Leaves of Grass By Walt Whitman. Format: Global Grey free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook. Pages (PDF): Publication Date: Download links are below the .

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Oct 30, Download Leaves of Grass free in PDF & EPUB format. Download Walt Whitman.' s Leaves of Grass for your kindle, tablet, IPAD, PC or mobile. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. As scholarship has made its importance to Leaves of Grass Kindle Edition. by .. Download Audiobooks · Book. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. As scholarship has made its importance to Kindle edition by Walt Whitman. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Kindle Store · Kindle eBooks · Reference.

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A war O soldiers not for itself alone, Far, far more stood silently waiting behind, now to advance in this book. Thou orb of many orbs! Thou seething principle! Around the idea of thee the war revolving, With all its angry and vehement play of causes, With vast results to come for thrice a thousand years, These recitatives for thee,—my book and the war are one, Merged in its spirit I and mine, as the contest hinged on thee, As a wheel on its axis turns, this book unwitting to itself, Around the idea of thee.

Eidolons I met a seer, Passing the hues and objects of the world, The fields of art and learning, pleasure, sense, To glean eidolons. Put in thy chants said he, No more the puzzling hour nor day, nor segments, parts, put in, Put first before the rest as light for all and entrance-song of all, That of eidolons.

Ever the dim beginning, Ever the growth, the rounding of the circle, Ever the summit and the merge at last, to surely start again, Eidolons! Ever the mutable, Ever materials, changing, crumbling, re-cohering, Ever the ateliers, the factories divine, Issuing eidolons.

Lo, I or you, Or woman, man, or state, known or unknown, We seeming solid wealth, strength, beauty build, But really build eidolons. The ostent evanescent, The substance of an artist's mood or savan's studies long, Or warrior's, martyr's, hero's toils, To fashion his eidolon.

Of every human life, The units gather'd, posted, not a thought, emotion, deed, left out, The whole or large or small summ'd, added up, In its eidolon. The old, old urge, Based on the ancient pinnacles, lo, newer, higher pinnacles, From science and the modern still impell'd, The old, old urge, eidolons. The present now and here, America's busy, teeming, intricate whirl, Of aggregate and segregate for only thence releasing, To-day's eidolons.

These with the past, Of vanish'd lands, of all the reigns of kings across the sea, Old conquerors, old campaigns, old sailors' voyages, Joining eidolons. Densities, growth, facades, Strata of mountains, soils, rocks, giant trees, Far-born, far-dying, living long, to leave, Eidolons everlasting. Exalte, rapt, ecstatic, The visible but their womb of birth, Of orbic tendencies to shape and shape and shape, The mighty earth-eidolon. All space, all time, The stars, the terrible perturbations of the suns, Swelling, collapsing, ending, serving their longer, shorter use, Fill'd with eidolons only.

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The noiseless myriads, The infinite oceans where the rivers empty, The separate countless free identities, like eyesight, The true realities, eidolons. Not this the world, Nor these the universes, they the universes, Purport and end, ever the permanent life of life, Eidolons, eidolons.

Beyond thy lectures learn'd professor, Beyond thy telescope or spectroscope observer keen, beyond all mathematics, Beyond the doctor's surgery, anatomy, beyond the chemist with his chemistry, The entities of entities, eidolons. Unfix'd yet fix'd, Ever shall be, ever have been and are, Sweeping the present to the infinite future, Eidolons, eidolons, eidolons. The prophet and the bard, Shall yet maintain themselves, in higher stages yet, Shall mediate to the Modern, to Democracy, interpret yet to them, God and eidolons.

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And thee my soul, Joys, ceaseless exercises, exaltations, Thy yearning amply fed at last, prepared to meet, Thy mates, eidolons. Thy body permanent, The body lurking there within thy body, The only purport of the form thou art, the real I myself, An image, an eidolon.

Thy very songs not in thy songs, No special strains to sing, none for itself, But from the whole resulting, rising at last and floating, A round full-orb'd eidolon. March 24, Sold by: English ASIN: Enabled X-Ray: Not Enabled.

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Is this feature helpful? Thank you for your feedback. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Customer images. See all customer images. Read reviews that mention leaves of grass walt whitman table of contents civil war high school free verse rockwell kent deathbed edition body electric black and white sing the body kindle edition whitman lovers and poetry collaborated with the illustrator grass-green linen kittredge who collaborated prospect of illustrating typography was executed boards with a sewn designed the elegant.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Paperback Verified Purchase. I am very happy that inexpensive versions of Leaves of Grass are available again. I have purchased eight different versions to compare. I love holding it and looking at it as close to the original edition as humanly possible. The only caveat is the cover - which features the older Walt, who had published six more versions by the time the cover photo was taken.

No matter, the inside is what's important.


Another one I bought that I recommend is from cholla needles press listed as Leaves of Grass: The cholla edition is easy to sit down and read, the martino edition is beautiful to look at. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Kindle Buyer Beware! If you think you are buying the Library of America edition which links to this Kindle version on the Amazon page you are not. This is a completely different version. If you are looking, specifically, for the First Edition of Leaves of Grass - which is given prominence of place in the Library of America edition -- you will not find it here.

As for the rest of the material, it may well be fine but it is NOT the Library of America -- a series renowned for its editorial care. It is, in fact, published by Heritage Illustrated Publishing from materials in the public domain.

No essay by Justin Kaplan, no page numbers, and notably ugly typesetting. There are better Kindle general editions of Whitman's poetry for less Bantam Classics, for instance.

Amazon misleads its customers by putting this generic edition on the same page as the scholar-worthy Library version of which it claims to be a reproduction. This review is only for the Wisehouse Classics edition.

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There are a number of typographical errors within the book. For instance, the word "of" is exchanged for the word "or" a number of times in "Song of Myself," altering the meaning of certain lines significantly. It's extremely unfortunate that Amazon has combined the reviews for so many different editions of this and other books. While they may sell more books, it makes it very difficult for customers to find a good edition to buy, and it makes me much less likely to buy from Amazon in the future.

I am torn on my reaction to Whitman's magnum opus-- its themes and words will remain unforgettable, but boy how I hated reading this plodding rambling slog of a book. Whitman's poems catalog his transcendentalism-inspired view of From scenes across the world, with particular focus on America, to anecdotes of dying soldiers and copulating couples, Whitman emphasizes the interconnectedness of humanity and nature. While Whitman's enthusiasm is infectious, he lacks brevity.

He repeats his philosophy like a club over the head. The final product could've been cut in half and still have gotten across the message. But darn if there aren't moments of beauty. Particularly in the later poems which were added in his later years, Whitman tempers his enthusiasm with more brief, succinct, thoughtful, and hopeful words in the face of impending death.

And I think that is the best occasion for Whitman's leaves: Except for school and college, classical poetry is dead. Poetry mutated into pop lyrics and is the teritory of the pop star or rapper. Nobel prize for literature goes to Bob Dylan, testifying to this metamorphosis. Reading classical poetry not for a credit or a paper is weird. Writing poetry review is even weirder. And writing a review of an indisputable genius, is much much weirder!

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In a way, reviewing Whitman is a bit like reviewing the Bible. What can one say about the American national icon? All that said, here it is It is the first time that I read most of the Leaves Of Grass and not just the few chosen poems, or even just a few lines. And I must admit that I get rather tired reading very long poems, or poem cycles, so I do skip a few pages here and there.

Moreover, the ever repeated paeans to America the Great or The States as a light unto nations strike to day as corny and pretentious. And lets not forget the language - antiquated, often odd syntax, words long out of circulation. What is amazing about Whitman is his tireless energy, zest for life, and above all, his inveterate optimism. This is a man born not long after the War of Independence and saw the terrible ravages of the Civil War 1.

Whitman loved everybody - men, women, young, old, white, black, healthy, sick, good or evil, cities, bridges, plants, animals, stars. Some of his enthusiasm is way not PC in our present age - praising the soldier, the hunter, the butcher, the conquerer ergo the rapist of nature.

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In my opinion, Whitman is a giant and a giant he will remain in spite of the PC hordes. Allen Smalling Top Contributor: Classical Music.

This is the one to buy when you want everything Walt Whitman had published as "Leaves of Grass.

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