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Download Losing My Virginity PDF Book by Richard Branson - How a dyslexic boy Download Format – PDF; Size – MB; eBook Pages –; Price – Free. Losing My Virginity. Views. Related Questions (More Answers Below). Where can I find a link to Richard Branson's autobiography (free eBook/PDF)?. (). cover image of Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas cover image of Donald Trump VS Richard Branson cover image of Free The Animal.

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Download Best Book Losing My Virginity, ^^PDF FILE Download autobiography of iconic entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson, featuring his. Read "Losing My Virginity How I've Survived, Had Fun, and Made a Fortune Doing Business My Way" by Richard Branson available from Rakuten Kobo. Losing My Virginity - Richard Branson - Book - Free Ebook Download Richard Richard Branson - Losing My Virginity: How I Survived, Had Fun, and Made.

This item can't be purchased in all regions. Go to Home to see titles available in our Ukraine store. The unusual, frequently outrageous autobiography of one of the great business geniuses of our time, Richard Branson. In little more than twenty-five years, Richard Branson spawned nearly a hundred successful ventures. From the airline business Virgin Atlantic Airways , to music Virgin Records and V2 , to cola Virgin Cola , and others ranging from financial services to bridal wear, Branson has a track record second to none.

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Recent eBooks. Popular eBooks Categories. To Contact. Meanwhile, Richard began a relationship with a woman named Joan Templeman while she was still married. The two lived a double life, Joan, with her husband and Richard with other girlfriends, but he always declared his love for her. Time passed, and Richard and Joan fled to New York as they recovered from their failed relationships.

They were both married, but not with each other. Richard claimed he wanted to buy an island for his rock stars and rented a helicopter to observe the islands. Richard liked an island called Necker Island and told his real estate agent that his budget was , pounds, which was well below the sale price of 3 million. On one of his trips to the island, when he tried to return to his home, Richard noticed that many flights had been canceled.

So began the history of Virgin Airways. In , Richard continued to diversify the Virgin group. He launched a book publisher, nightclubs and began to expand its international operations.

Losing My Virginity - Richard Branson[1]

To make matters worse, Joan was pregnant from Richard, and the couple's daughter was born premature and died four days later. This brought them closer and their second child came a year later. In his personal life, things were beginning to improve. Virgin's fate gradually improved as well, and in , nine singles were at the top of the charts.

Virgin signed Boy George and the Culture Club, which became big hits and generated about 2 million pounds of profit for the company.


Now Richard had Virgin's full control, and the company became a leading record company with enough money for him to pursue new challenges. Richard decided to start operating a transatlantic flight for Virgin Airways. Until approval by the air safety authorities, the aircraft's engines were uninsured, and an engine exploded during take-off.

The inaugural flight with journalists was scheduled for two days after the blast. In the end, the maiden flight took off with an eight-hour party, with songs like "Like a Virgin" by Madonna on the soundtrack.

Days later, Richard met with a Virgin banker, who refused to cover Virgin Airways' debt. However, Richard managed other investment funds to cover the deficit and hired a new managing director to attract investors and open Virgin Group's equity in the stock market. Richard was always addicted to racing, and he also liked speed. Besides, his odd habits ended up generating press interest and free publicity.

In , Richard decided to take part in a race in the Atlantic to win the Blue Riband, a prize given to the fastest ship to cross the Atlantic from New York.

Download ebook my branson losing richard virginity free

However, shortly after, a giant wave broke the ship's hull in half, causing them to abandon the ship and get rescued by a boat. After the first failure, they tried again in May and were able to make the crossing in 3 days, 8 hours and 31 minutes, thus conquering the Blue Riband. That year, Virgin became the largest British publicly traded company with 4, employees and sales of million. With the IPO, Richard no longer had full control of the company and preferred to reinvest the capital than to pay dividends to the other shareholders.

Ebook losing free virginity download branson my richard

Richard was so bold that in the midst of the EMI acquisition he decided to cross the Atlantic in a balloon. The balloon departed, and on the first night, they faced a storm.

The landing failed, and Richard's mate was able to jump. Richard stood alone in the balloon, which was rising at high speed.

Losing My Virginity

His only option was to land in the frozen sea, which he was able to do but had to be rescued by a helicopter. In , Richard bought more shares of EMI when markets were in crisis. He was taking on too many debts, and that meant he had to close subsidiaries and sell some of his assets. To finance his ambitions, he had to seek resources in the Asian market.

Motivated by the discovery of the region, Richard planned to cross the Pacific, leaving from Japan. Until then, no one had flown in a balloon over the Pacific.

Losing My Virginity by Richard Branson PDF : eBook Information

However, the attempt was frustrated because the balloon fabric tore, causing the plan to be aborted. After these adventures in , he decided to marry Joan. At a triumphal entry, Richard jumped from a helicopter into the pool of his mansion on Necker Island, where his bride Joan and her wedding guests were waiting for him. Iraq's invasion of Kuwait doubled the prices of aviation fuel. Fuel was the other major factor besides passengers, which affected the profits of an airline.

Richard received a call from Queen Noor of Jordan and met her after crossing the Atlantic by balloon, to teach her how to fly in one of them. She called him to transport blankets and supplies for Iraqi refugees in Jordan. Richard sent a letter to Iraq's ruler, Saddam Hussein, who responded with an offer to release sick women, children, and hostages if he asked publicly.

With this, Richard organized a flight to Baghdad and thus managed to rescue the refugees. This action, in addition to helping many, achieved enormous coverage in the world press. In , the Virgin Group's business seemed to be going well, but there seemed to be something strange in the air. British Airways was attacking Richard.

[PDF] Losing My Virginity by Richard Branson | Download Losing My Virginity Ebook

The press was beginning to investigate drug use at one of Richard's nightclubs, and he discovered that British Airways CEO was the one behind it. He was spreading rumors about Virgin companies.

Richard discovered that the airline had a special team to destroy it. This happened because, at the time, the UK transport secretary had released Virgin to operate two extra flights to Tokyo. The British team estimated that the company would lose million pounds annually because of that decision and decided to plot against Branson. Be the first to like this.

No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. In Losing my Virginity, you'll discover how Sir Richard is committed to building a better world through responsible, holistic business practices and ventures such as the Virgin Health Bank, which is contributing to regenerative medicine, Virgin Fuels, which 4.

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