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Warcraft II: The Dark Saga is a Strategy video game published by Electronic Arts released on August 12, for the Sony PlayStation (PSX). Warcraft II: The Dark Saga is the console version of Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness and its PSX on PSP / PSX2PSP eBoot ISOs Direct Download Links. WarCraft II - The Dark Saga (En,Fr,De,Es,It) ROM download for Sony PlayStation One ISO / PSX.

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Download Warcraft II - The Dark Saga [SLUS] for Playstation(PSX) and play Warcraft II - The Dark Saga [SLUS] ROM Game on Your Computer or . well, I downloaded a copy of this way back when that worked great. But the link is dead. So I donwloaded a diffrent one, it boots up to the. Warcraft II (2) PSX PS1 Eboot Free Download. Categories: PSX PS1 Eboots, Strategy, W. Click Here To Download. Report Broken Link.

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Tricks for beating tricky levels are detailed below. The charge is 85 cents per minute. You missed one or more somewhere. Keep searching. Make sure that the entire level has been explored. You may need to turn off the fog of war to help you look. Also, you can turn off the terrain display on the mini-map with the TAB key. Some of the later levels have submarines or turtles that are very hard to find. If there is water, use a flying machine or zeppelin to look for them. Also, black enemy units are hard to see on the mini-map, so scroll the main map and look there.

It always knows where all your units and buildings are. That means that it can hit your invisible units with death coil. It also means that it doesn't have to search to find your towns. On the campaign scenarios, it usually starts off with considerably greater forces.

It can upgrade scout towers to arrow towers without having a lumber mill Paul Jeray pjjeray students. There are some catapults on the left side of the map.

If you touch them, you'll capture them and you can use them to attack the orcish town. They are especially good for destroying cannon towers. Just send your fighting ships forward to kill the enemy ships in the way, followed immediately by your transports. Load your hero on the transport with the least damage and send him to the island with the circle. Transports are so fast that it will probably survive.

If you really want to, you can use your troops and ballista to remove the land forces that attack your ships. Load your transports with the footmen, knights, and ballista. Attack the shore with your ships and all the troops in the transports simultaneously to remove the towers, catapults, and ogres. Then, land your mages, archers, and peasants. You must be quick to be ready before the dragons arrive.

Build lots of anti-dragon defenses. Guard towers or archers, mixed in with an occasional mage fireball, will do the job. Once you have plenty of guard towers, build up forces, take the black gold mine, and the rest of the level is routine. Attack the black orcs last. They won't bother you if you don't go near their town. Immediately use your starting forces to knock out the white village to the south before they build any troops.

Then, set up your own town there. Your castle does not have to be right next to the portal; it may be anywhere on the map. Although you can't build much, you can make a lumber yard, a ship yard, and lots of destroyers. Do so. Kill Deathwing by using your gryphon to lure him to your fleet of destroyers, which will do the job quickly. This is a very difficult level, and there are no tricks to it. Either open mine will work, but the bottom center one is easier to defend.

Use farms for walls and put up lots of guard towers behind them where you get attacked. Put a flying machine on the approach path of the death knights. They will waste mana casting whirlwind on it instead of destroying your buildings.


You must eliminate the bottom right orcs quickly; you need their gold. The center white orcs will not attack unless you go too near their town. Leave them alone until later. Send two gryphons to the top left mine. You can destroy the stronghold there and save the mine for your use later. Gorefiend is a pest. Polymorph him as soon as you can. Use an invisible mage. Use dwarves and blizzards to eliminate the cannon towers before you attack the black orcs.

Early in the game, you need to attack the white orcs. Cast blizzard spells on their towers and over the trees on their peons until they are all dead. After that, set up a defense force near the portal and have Khadgar destroy the portal with lightning and blizzards.

Take your starting force and immediately attack the top left town. Destroy the towers, all the peasants, and the hall, but don't bother with the remaining buildings. Then, take what is left of your force and attack the bottom left town. While your troops finish knocking down all the buildings, start your own town by that mine. As the game starts, send Deathwing to the top left purple enemy mine, out of range of the arrow towers.

He will kill all of the peasants there and that nation won't be able to make troops. After that, do the same with the nearest enemy mine. Haste and bloodlust on Deathwing help a lot. Start the game on high resources so you have enough gold to make a transport and cross the river. Multi-player games This section details questions relevant to multi-player gaming. You may install the game on multiple computers. You only need the CD to create not join a multi-player game or to engage in a single-player game.

Each CD on a computer in a multi-player game will serve up to three players, so an eight-player game will work with only three CD's. This multi-play from a single CD is called spawning. Your best bet for improving your game is to carefully read the strategy Web pages, including the ones mentioned earlier.

See the tricks and tactics section later in this document, as well. For the impatient, here are a few quick tips: Tactics you used against the computer won't work here. You need to build really fast and produce lots of forces right away. You should probably wait longer to buy all of those expensive upgrades that were so handy against the computer. Towers don't work so well against intelligent players, so use fewer of them. Build your hall as close as possible to your mine.

Don't build your hall until you find your mine. You need many, many peons or peasants. Forty isn't too many. Use the lumber bug when you play on low resources. Probably not. Most likely, they're just much better than you are. If you enable a normal cheat, it affects all players, and a message appears on everyone's screen. There are various hacks that allow such things as viewing the map without using a built-in cheat, producing units without farms, and letting buildings produce any unit or upgrade.

Go away. It has two definitions.

Eboot download warcraft 2 psx

It either means attacking with a lot of grunts or footmen early, instead of trying for upgrades, or it means building a barracks before a town hall and attacking with a couple grunts before anyone else has them. You should not use the second meaning. It is a devastating strategy for medium-resources land games. Build a hall, three farms, and a barracks. As you do so, produce six peons or peasants.

Start the barracks as soon as the first farm is done. Set five peons or peasants to mine gold, and put the sixth to chopping wood. Use the gold to produce seven grunts or footmen. As you produce them, scout for the enemy. When you have all seven, gather them outside the enemy town, then attack to kill all the enemy peasants or peons.

If this doesn't work, you will eventually have enough wood to build another farm, produce more choppers, and proceed as usual. This strategy is so nasty that people rarely play on medium resources any more. It is a mage casting blizzard on the area in which he is standing.

The blizzard won't hurt the mage. However, it will kill any of the usual armored units that try to attack the mage. If, after starting a mage bomb, the mage casts a very brief blizzard on a group of enemy units, those units will charge into the mage bomb and all die. Mage bombs are especially effective when used in the middle of the enemy miners and when used by invisible mages. Note that death knights can do this by using the death and decay spell.

A hasted, unholy-armored death knight doing a mage bomb is extremely deadly. This is the strategy of building a barracks before a town hall, then producing a few grunts or footmen to attack very early. When the enemy doesn't do it, it is a guaranteed win if you find his town fast, and a guaranteed loss if you don't. Most people don't like to play this sort of game.

Edit the file war2. Find your name in it. The special character will be inserted. A program this will do this for you automatically may be found at http: See the next section about Kali and Kahn. See the section on Macintosh questions for more. Kali, Kahn, and Internet play Internet play of Warcraft 2 is very popular and gives the highest level of competition. This section discusses Internet play of Warcraft 2, including Kali and Kahn, the popular Internet multi-player gaming utilities.

For more information, see the Web sites. Kali is a system designed by Jay Cotton that fools a set of computers on the Internet into thinking that they are together on an IPX network. Server machines on the Internet and a chat facility allow players to meet before they start their games.

Kahn is a competing product that does basically the same thing. See the later question about Kahn. Warcraft 2 works particularly well on Kali. Kali and Kahn require special software that may be downloaded from their Web sites. AOL's Internet software works with Kali, but special software must be added and the performance is poor. See the support section on Kali's Web server for details.

Also, you need experience. Before you try playing on Kali, complete the 28 campaign levels that come with the game. They are good practice. It is available from http: Complete, detailed instructions come with the Kali package. If you download that, you'll have all your Kali questions answered. You may need to unzip the Kali files to get at the instructions. If you have a Macintosh, you'll need to unstuff the files first instead of unzipping them. If you don't know how to unzip or unstuff a file, ask any friend who knows something about your computer.

If you have a problem that is not addressed by the instructions, contact Kali technical support. They will be happy to help you. Really, read the instructions. They're very good. Kali St. Louis has lots of novice games.

This rule is commonly used on Kali. It is a rule which disallows attacks unless there is an ogre or a knight in the attack party.

Warcraft II: The Dark Saga (USA) PSP Eboot | Cdromance

It is sometimes called by less skilled players who don't want to quickly lose to waves of grunts or footmen. Secret alliances are allowed when more than three players are in the game, and treachery is not frowned upon as it is when teams are decided before the game starts. There are several. It is small but has absolutely top-rank Kali players. The clans compete for points and rank.

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IWL players put special characters around their names in kchat to indicate their team. The IWL home page is at http: The National Warcraft 2 League is similar. The NWL page is at http: Case's Ladder is a system that allows thousands of players to play each other for rank for various games. There are Warcraft 2 ladders for both individuals and teams. Case's Ladder can be found at http: Players compete for points and can play solo or join teams.


Its home page is at http: The World WarCraft2 League has a point system and allows individual or team play. The home page is at http: See the bugs question above.

It is important when playing on low resources because it allows you to build a farm immediately after finishing the town hall. Slow the game way down. Eventually, some of them will stop. Most players can get by without doing this. Just train more peasants. When starting the game with one peasant only, full speed is best for a short while.

Eboot psx download 2 warcraft

After three or four buildings are completed, it is best to slow the game to one notch below that. This makes units more responsive, so it is possible to cast spells, react to attacks, and so forth. If the lag in a game is particularly bad, the speed should be slowed to about the midpoint to reduce the effect of the lag.

Note that lag is caused almost entirely by network and modem performance. Turning music on or off does not help with lag. It's alt. For Warcraft 2, though, Kali is much more popular.

As of this writing, the software is in beta test, and is available from http: Tricks and tactics This section discusses common questions on how to deal with elements of game play.

WarCraft II The Dark Saga PSP

It is mainly oriented towards multi-player action. These hints are purposely brief. See the Web sites for more detail. There is an official strategy guide book. It mostly contains information in the manual, but also contains maps and walkthroughs of the standard campaign levels. There is also a strategy guide for the expansion set levels.

You may purchase them at your local software store or directly from Blizzard. Most of the Web sites for Warcraft 2 offer multi-player strategy guides. Destroy or hurt the enemy badly in the beginning of the game so he can't get them. Make sure you have plenty of reconnaissance in the form of towers, flyers flying machines or zeppelins , and patrols, so you can see them coming.

Cast slow on them. Polymorph them. Put up a cannon tower and surround it with farms and other buildings so the ogre-mages can't touch it. Cast runes in front of them. Keep a few gryphons or dragons over your town for last-ditch defense.

Ogres can't hurt them. Cast a flame shield on one of them when they are in a group together. Run your units away from them and wait for the bloodlust to wear off. Spread out your buildings so a single unit won't be able to hit multiple buildings at once. Keep your enemy from getting lumber, so he can't build them. Make sure you have plenty of reconnaissance in the form of towers, flyers, and patrols, so you can see them coming. Patrols will also likely kill them.

Don't keep your units standing around. It's too easy for a sapper or dwarf to blow up two or three of them. Put them on patrol, instead. They will be much easier to kill. Surround your important buildings with walls. Make a group of troops and put them on patrol along likely approach paths for the exploders. Upgraded elves and trolls are especially good for this. Use polymorph, unholy armor, death coil, runes, or invisibility on them.

All of these spells instantly destroy exploding units. Use exorcism on them. With good reconnaissance, you should always be able to kill them before they kill your paladin. Attack them normally when they approach. Listen for the sound of the blizzard.

If you see where it is, pull your troops away before they try to charge. Use thorough reconaissance to spot mages setting up the blizzard. Stopping invisible mages from blizzarding your miners is nearly impossible. Put two cannon towers near your mine. They will probably kill the mage before he causes too much damage.

A catapult and some patrolling units near there also help. The best way is to make sure that you can see them. Consult the manual's descriptions of submarines and turtles to find out how to see underwater units. If you can see a sub, it is easy to kill with ships or a catapult.

You may be able to hit it anyway. It will die in one shot, usually. Use the THF rule. Play on low resources. Play on a water level. Play on a map where you need to chop through trees before you can reach the enemy town.

Build faster than your enemy. Use your own early grunt attack first. Kill all the enemy peons or peasants so that he can't make grunts. Near your hall, build a cannon tower and surround it with other buildings probably farms so that grunts can't hit it. It will defend your peons or peasants. Block off access to your peons or peasants with trees and buildings. Play a water level or one where you need to chop out of a bunch of trees.

Kill enemy peons and peasants first. They are the most dangerous units, since they are the ones who are sending those nasty enemy units at you. They are also really easy to kill.

If someone does something really nasty to you, remember it. Do it to your next opponent. Have multiple peons or peasants repair a building while it is being constructed. It will build much more quickly.

Use hotkeys. You can order your troops and buildings around much more quickly that way. You've now bloodlusted and selected that ogre.

Continue this process until all the ogres are bloodlusted. It will cast the spell very quickly. Use mage bombs whenever they will kill three or more enemy units. If you use invisibility, you can do it while the mage is standing in the enemy peon line. Cast haste and unholy armor on a death knight, and have him do a mage bomb. It works better than having a mage do it. He may even escape.

Make a lot of gnomish inventors or goblin alchemist buidings near or behind the enemy town. Make a lot of exploding units and blow the enemy town to bits. Put a platform on every oil patch.

Your enemy won't get any oil. Even a simple tanker sitting on the spot may do the job. Cast slow on every enemy unit you see. Cast haste on your woodcutting peons. A trapped peon can build a wall to pop himself out. If u have no internet at ur house then don't buy it becau … se u need wireless internet to buy games.

Maby u have a question. Do u have to pay cash to buy games. That's a easy question u go to a electronic store and buy a PlayStation card. U must make a PlayStation network first. Then on ur psp go it will say account management and go to redeem codes. Once u buy the card scratch the number and type it in. Then u could buy games Full Answer share with friends Share to: Is psp go good?

It depends on how you look at it. It has a smaller screen, which is bad. It is light, with 16 GB internal memory in it, which is great. But you cannot put UMD games in it, which is the reason why it got a 50 dollar price drop is discontinued everywhere except in north america. It requires internet f … or downloads, which can be interuppted, and yoiu have to start over. If you have awesome internet , ittakes about an hour for download.

If it's bad internet, around the whole day. Plus the time for download increases. Plus there is a problem with credit card information entries. It many times says it is not valid.

You have to wait exactly 48 hours to type it again then it'll work. I recommend you wait for the new ps vita coming in November in japan, and January in other places. Without 3g it is dolars.

Eboot warcraft download psx 2

It is supposed to be amazing, and worth the wait. Downloaded content from the store is priced as marked though actually using the store doesnt cost anything. I think you should buy the PSP because you can download games from sites and it doesn't cost that much money. However, for the PSP Go, you have to buy games and you cant download them!

It's just a suggestion. But if you downloaded the games from PSN on you old psp you can go to account manager, downloads and there is a list of all games you bought from PSN which you can re-download at no cost.

Yes, there is one, but i forget the name. Hands down in my opinion psp It works the same as a normal psp with video music themes etc.

The only difference is that you must download games. Is gran turismo psp any good? It would be perfect if they included it with career or simulation mode, but it just contains arcade mode and some licences. I have both the psp and go in front of me and i have to say that there is not a significant difference in sound. The psp does sound alot clearer but they are both about the same for volume. What can a Go-PSP do? It has Gb internal memory and a sliding screen.

Besides that, it's a smaller, lighter PSP Can psp go have any type of cfw? HBL i don't know what it says because i haven't done this. I personally think to go and change for a 3DS as it made a big step from the DSi, it has 3D Display and also really good graphics as the Resident Evil 3D game has stunning graphics even on gameplay, can take pictures in 3D, has Gyroscope and Accelorometer and more..

But that is my choice anyways, Good Luck! Are there any psp games like wow I like the concept of WoW mainly i like the huge massive citys they have for each race and how you can go on quests and stuff anyone know a good psp game for this? Yes, Its called warcraft 2. Or you can make your own homebrew and make the game that you want to.

Its similar, but a psp go has a slide out button pad and no UMD drive. Is the PlayStation plus good for your psp go even when you dont have a ps3? It's hard to say if the PlayStation Plus is a good deal without having an ideal of how much of a benefit it would be to a person.

The games that are free are either games that you would play or games that you would never play share with friends Share to: Yes, though there's no need for any wiring. The PSP Go, , and can all connect to each other by way of an ad-hoc wi-ficonnection. You don't need to do anything special to establish the connection -if both devices are playing a local multiplayer game, the twoshould see each other and let you connect. You can't connect themlike say two networked computers to share files though.

Which PSP is good? The ps vita is the best. Its touch and you can download and buy games. Is the PSP go any good?