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Items similar to Out-of-print Felt Animal Story Book Part 1 - Japanese craft book on Etsy. Out-of-print Felt Animal Story Book Part 1 - Japanese craft book. If you're looking for felt ideas, look no further than this eBook, which features tutorials Download your free copy of 18 Crafts with Felt: Simple Craft Ideas, Felt . Each eBook includes a collection of free craft projects organized around a You can easily download and print out each book for on-hand reference while.

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Wow! Free craft books from FaveCrafts. There are books for every crafter and they are FREE for you to download via a PDF format. These are. page craft ebook filled with colourful and imaginative crafts and DIY toys that are designed Download your copy worldwide today just $!! Recycled Crafts; Paper and Cardboard Crafts; Felt and Sewing Projects; Handmade Toys; Pom Pom Crafts; Nature Crafts FREE Templates and Patterns. Looking for free craft downloads? Look no further! Our eBook library includes free knitting, crochet, sewing, cross stitch and other types of patterns as well as.

Looking for a new way to work with an old material? Perhaps you have some felt scraps hiding in your fabric stash and you just don't know how to proceed. You just need a quick project idea for a quiet afternoon. No matter the situation, you can't go wrong with simple craft ideas involving felt. Before you object or begin extolling your skills as a mature crafter, take a second look at the projects listed in this free eBook. There are plenty of felt craft project ideas that are age-appropriate and mature.

Get your copy today! Fall is upon us, and gorgeous motifs celebrating the season abound. This beautiful imagery naturally lends itself to coloring pages. Fall florals, pumpkin patches, maple leaves, acorns, harvest wheat, and entire cornucopias are a few of the stunning images that fill the world around us during the autumn season.

Color in images to celebrate fall with this latest free eBook. Create some of the trendiest projects in the crafting industry.

Download free craft felt ebook

The beautiful projects range from trendy rock coloring ideas and DIY fidget spinners to more timeless scarf patterns and gift giving ideas. Choose any of the projects in this collection that draws your attention, and explore a new craft project this season. Choose from a tassel dishcloth, pillow, or earrings… or go the pom pom route with a DIY video tutorial or a pom pom adorned hat.

Mandala coloring pages have taken the world by storm. Almost immediately after the adult coloring trend took off, mandalas became a popular motif for coloring.

The jeweled designs are royal in essence, promoting healing and also a sense of exorbitant value. With this scarf knitting pattern, you can create a lovely scarf in two hours or less.

The chunky yarn from Lion Brand Yarn will keep… See more. Join Us Today Forgot Password.

Craft free download ebook felt

All rights reserved. Register Now! Forgot Password? Log In Forgot Password? Log In Register Now! Write for FaveCrafts. Popular DIY Crafts. Latest Comments Sue " Great idea! I love that you can paint or decorate it any way you want, so it matches your home decor. Sue " These sugar lily flowers look so real that they are almost too good to eat!

Looks like they will work well for either cakes or cupcakes. The scalloped edges add such a lovely old-fashioned touch.

Rolling the pages on a diagonal could add even more flair to the wreath. I've made book wreaths before with a diagonal roll pictured below , but I never thought to add the scallops. Whether you have a few scraps on hand or a couple feet of felt on hand, there are so many great crafts with felt to stay busy. Your creativity will never dry up when you have access to this free eBook. Felt flowers come in all shapes and sizes and can be made by pretty much everyone.

You don't need to be an expert for the craft project ideas feature in this eBook. Instead, try your hand at the variety of projects offered and see what you can accomplish.

You'll also find that in this eBook, no two felt flowers are the same.

18 Crafts with Felt: Simple Craft Ideas, Felt Flowers & More free eBook | tetraedge.info

Some projects require you to simply create circles and layer them on top of one another. Other projects, like Felt Floral Plastic Bottle Bracelet, require you to use a die cut machine to create delicate little petals. You can also make a craft entirely out of felt and add a flower to the overall design.

This is the idea behind one of the tutorials featured in this eBook, Felt Flower Needlecase.

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In this case, you aren't making a felt flower, but rather a case with a flower design on it. This eBook is full of projects that will change the way you think about felt flowers and easy craft ideas. Try a few and see which kind of tutorial for felt flowers is your favorite.

Download your free copy of 18 Crafts with Felt: Cut down on your calories and create some crafts with felt instead. You can make so many food crafts with felt and they always look appetizing. Whether you have a sweet tooth or love a big slice of pizza, there are plenty of craft project ideas to keep you satisfied. Best of all, you can create these projects with the whole family and enjoy the process together. What's better than bonding over a juicy bowl of fruit?

Free download felt craft ebook

Creating the fruit, first! Try not to salivate as you check out the easy craft ideas featured throughout this eBook. Start your crafty meal with a bowl of Felt Strawberries and move on to the main course - Felt Pizza Pieces!

Because the pieces are large and easy-to-cut shapes, kids can join in on the fan and add on their favorite foods like pepperoni and olives. Finish the meal with a felt cake - just don't try to eat it when you're done.

Felt ideas don't get more fun than this.

Free Craft Downloads: Knitting, Sewing, Crochet and More!

Show off your stylish side and check out some of these fashionable yet simple craft ideas. Did you know you can create an entire wardrobe using felt? You don't have to look dumpy or dowdy, either. Follow along with the tutorials for felt crafts in this free eBook and discover how easy it is to look good on a budget. If you like to make a statement, you can't go wrong with a Felt Tie Dye Dress.

The colorful felt and wild design is set again a plain black shirt, making it stand out and look amazing.