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Before we move on, please read a short introduction, with things to keep in mind when discovering and downloading free ebooks for Nook. Are you on the lookout for websites where you can get free eBook downloads for Nook? Luckily, there are a few options available. Besides. websites to find completely free Nook books that you can download to go to find free Nook books is the Barnes & Noble Free eBooks page.

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Options for finding free ebooks for your Barnes & Noble Nook, Amazon You can download the ebook in EPUB or PDF format, then transfer the file If you have any sites that you've discovered, feel free to share them in the. Enjoy these FREE eBooks brought to you by Barnes & Noble®! Download our FREE Nook® app or use your Nook® to read these great titles today. There is a site I use to help me find free ebooks for the Nook. . All anyone has to do is just go to the link I shall provide and download any version they may.

Doctor Franklin gave up on love after he fell into a vat of experimental dye and ended up green from head to toe. But on Halloween night, he just might meet a special woman who can accept him as he is. Giving up the law to become a baker in Moonshine Hollow turned out to be the best thing Zoey had ever done. She was happy and enjoying life in her new small town. But Zoey should have learned the first time… one night can change your whole life.

Download process depends on Library. What We Don't Like Nook books not always available. Limited selection. What We Like Random, popular, and latest lists.

Easy to download. Thousands of available free books. What We Don't Like No browse feature. Nook mixed in with other formats. Brief or no synopsis. What We Like Thousands of free books available. Organized by genre. User reviews available. Includes synopsis and excerpt. What We Don't Like Synopsis are short. Includes ads. What We Like Very large book collection. Organized by subject. Track borrowed books.

Advanced search form. Limited to five books at a time. Some books require a wait list.

What We Like Detailed synopsis. Just wanted to let everyone know today's free book is. Didn't see the dating guide when I looked. Jan 30, Anne wrote: Donna Grant - Highland mist http: Mary wrote: Feb 02, Elizabeth wrote: I found this today The Book of Deacon Here is the link - http: This website http: This site has helped me find many good books for free. I love bookbub too, the app is also on my Nook Color, it's free too.

I am sure all of you know you can go "shop" and type in 0. Feb 03, Just joined Bookbub Books on the Knob used to carry more for Nook, but seems to offer more now for Kindle Jan 29, For the first time ever, Nook readers who like romantic-suspense mysteries can get the first book in The Southern Suspense Series free.

All k words, no cliff-hanger. I hope you enjoy! Apr 07, Free apocalyptic fantasy: A pandemic has toppled civilization and killed off most of humanity. Used car salesman, Red Wakeland, has lost his business, his family and hope in the future. He reluctantly joins up with the pair and a community of survivors soon springs up around them. Just when things are looking up, an old general comes to town.

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Invaders from the stars have come to Earth and only he can stop them. The future of humanity rides on one man's sales pitch. This stand-alone novel is the prequel to the Galatia Series, an epic fantasy spin off. Sep 30, All anyone has to do is just go to the link I shall provide and download any version they may need. The link is: And just remember that you can email FREE copies of my E-Book to anyone that may be interested in reading my E-Book also as a gift, or for any reason as long as it's a good one.

Just download the "Online Reader" for this opportunity. In Principio Book 1 by J. You only think you know the story. The Planetsider is a gripping, post-apocalyptic military thriller and a journey of hope and self-discovery, as a young ranger uncovers the dark history of his planet and becomes embroiled in a war that threatens the fate of two civilizations, and the existence of life itself, planetside.

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A powerful corporation, a sovereign city-state and a mysterious new partner. Tattoo magician turned hero. A serial killer is stalking the streets of Wildrun hunting down those with magical tattoos. My only problem? A car accident that leaves my mother with memory problems. How do you kill a demon that lives inside the house? Grab your copy today! Kindle Nook Kobo Apple Are these books no longer free? In a race against time, Frank must stop them before they do.

A family friend is in danger. He hated the victim. But everyone in town hated Linda Turtle. So everyone is a suspect. Worse yet?

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Hunky Detective Hudson has turned against our sleuths… so they have to solve this one on their own. Read free now. A humiliated attorney. An unexpected second chance. Can a house with a twist help her find love and answers? After a career meltdown, attorney Katie Connell retreats to the island where her parents died. Saving Grace is a hilarious romantic mystery. What could be better? Presley has to help her little brother find the love of his life!

Kindle First Tuesday by Richard Harrison: It is five days before the Melbourne Cup and superstar jockey Alan Da Silva is brutally murdered; the victim of a late night hit and run in the Crown Casino car park. Would Maressmo have his own jockey killed on the eve of the race? The deaths take place thousands of miles apart, yet are connected by an event fifteen years ago.

Before long, young counter-terrorist cop Sam Archer and the Armed Response Unit are drawn into the violent fray. One of their own men is on the extermination list.

The cops say suicide, but something in his gut says otherwise. Deputy Amber Monroe hopes to be promoted to detective soon. When two men are discovered on the edge of town, shot execution style, the team, led by Lt. Meet Angel Fortune.

A new breed of female problem solver. Kindle Ms. Phartington from Shittington by Luke Bookwrighter: It will amaze you what can happen when the mind goes into survival mode.

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You must read it completely to the end to fully understand and enjoy this funny mysterious short story. It is truly an action packed, cutting-edge, unique pop-culture, romantic thriller like no other. Let your hair down now, put your funny hat on and enjoy! A true must read! Kindle Are these books no longer free? Her family is not.

What happens when Cat takes Ethan home to meet them and they invite her ex to join the fun. Find out on this laugh-out-loud journey of self-discovery, familial pandemonium, and love. A must-read for fans of a true romantic comedy!

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A young immigrant struggles to keep pace with the ongoing lives of veteran Israelis. Her mother was an intellectual and her father a political activist and she clings to their ideas while trying to find her new self in a new land.

Kindle Stay by Ashlyn Mathews: My heart matters.

The whole of me is already broken. After losing pieces of my memory in a brutal assault, I know better than to get involved with the new guy in the building. Brooks Hunter is dangerously sexy with his piercing gaze and ripped body beneath his well-fitted suit. He can have any woman, yet he wants me.

When the remains of a woman and her baby are found entombed in a historic Tudor house, Cassandra is drawn to the case. As she begins to unravel the past, her own life takes an unexpected turn, revealing a surprising connection to the victim and her family.

Agent Zane Walker is undercover to stop an illegal drug cartel.