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Pathummayude Aadu (Pathumma's Goat; ) is a humorous novel by Vaikom Muhammad Basheer. The characters of the novel are members of his family and . Pathummayude Aadu is one of the most popular works by Vaikom Muhammad Basheer. It has a long foreword by the novelist himself and a longer afterword by . - PDF Ebooks for Search word 'pathummayude aadu summary in malayalam'.

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When Basheer gives money to his mother, the next day his younger brother Adbul Khaadar would take it all from her. When he gives anything to any of his nephews or nieces, other people of the family ask why he doesn't give stuff to their children. His money runs out within a few days of his arrival. He gets down to disciplining the noisy children of the house.

His youngest brother, Abu terrorises the household, the children, women and animals. Basheer's immediate younger brother, Abdul Khaadar was the head of the family, since Basheer was away most of the time and did not have a permanent source of income.

At times the author would return home with a small fortune after publishing one of his books, then people of the family and the village would approach him with supplications. Abdul Khaadar was handicapped in one leg. When Basheer and he were young, he used to beat up Basheer and make him carry his books to school.

His handicap got him special privileges from everyone.

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Once when Basheer's tolerance was pushed to the limits, he beat up his younger brother, and since then Abdul Khadar began giving him due respect. In their childhood, Basheer often had to bear the punishment when actually Abdul Khaadar was the real culprit.

While Basheer wandered from place to place, Abdul Khadar got himself a job and looked after the family. First he worked as a school master, then quit the job and took various other employments. At the time when he became a schoolmaster, Basheer was serving three months prison term in Kannur prison after getting arrested at Kozhikode on his way to participate in Salt Satyagraham In , he was residing at Ernakulam, writing for various magazines essentially for free.

That was the time when he lived in near poverty, struggling to get to eat one square meal a day, having to borrow from everyone even to manage a cup of tea.

He wrote prolifically, for newspapers and periodicals, but he got paid next to nothing for his efforts. This was the period which forms the backdrop in which works like Janmadinam were set. Once during this period, Abdul Khadar visited Basheer. The older brother proudly gave him his literary works to read.

Abdul Khadar, instead of admiring his brother's literary genius found fault with the grammar and language usage. Avante oru lodukkoos akhya Ithu njaan varthamaanam parayunnathupole ezhuthivachirikkayaanu. Avante chattukaalan akhyaadam.

Palunkoosan vyakaranam , Basheer retorts. Years later, with the publication of major works like Baalyakaalasakhi , Basheer's name became recognised throughout Kerala. Then Abdul Khaadar no longer complained of grammatical errors in his brother's sentences, instead asked him for copies of the book so that he could make money selling them. He even asked Basheer to write about members of the family and gave him ideas for plots of stories.

Pathummayude Aadu is the only major Basheer work that was published without any revisions from the original manuscript. It was written in during Basheer's first period of insanity, when he was institutionalised at a mental Sanatorium at Thrissur. He meant to revise and edit the manuscript further, but did nothing for five years. Later, he felt that any revision was unnecessary.

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Between the writing and publication Basheer got married to Fabi. In this novel Basheer states that he is not writing it in lyrical language but in slang speaking language. The novel was first published serially in Gopuram , a bimonthly published from Trivandrum under the editorship of N. My Dashboard Get Published.

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Plot Ever since Basheer first left home to participate in the salt satyagraha at Kozhikode , he had led a wanderer's life; Ottaanthadi, muchaanvayaru. Writing and publication Pathummayude Aadu is the only major Basheer work that was published without any revisions from the original manuscript. Poovan Banana and the Other Stories. Orient Blackswan. Vaikom Muhammad Basheer. Story and screenplay. Lukose Joseph please can i have the summery of this book.

Anitha plz help to read this book. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Mar 09, Unni Krishnan rated it really liked it Shelves: View all 8 comments. Dec 16, Nandakishore Varma rated it really liked it Shelves: Vaikom Muhammad Basheer is not a person - he is an institution.

He is one of the pioneers of Malayalam literature. He and his contemporaries wrote realistic fiction before modernism with its tortured dreams and weird fantasies took hold of Kerala. Patthummayude Aadu "Patthumma's Goat" is a fictionalised account of Basheer's family life - only thing is, as with most of his stories, we cannot say what is truth and what is fiction.

The goat belongs to Basheer's sister Patthumma Fatima , and is ch Vaikom Muhammad Basheer is not a person - he is an institution. The goat belongs to Basheer's sister Patthumma Fatima , and is characterised by a voracious appetite. It eats anything and everything. Basheer describes with his characteristic wry humour how it once ate his lunch, along with the banana leaf it was served on! And when it starts eating his blanket after polishing off two of his novels, Basheer says: It costs money, and getting another copy is not easy!

Once Basheer's nephew comes crying to him, because the goat has eaten his trouser pocket along with the paise coin inside it: The kind-hearted novelist gives him money from his strongbox, then catches and ties up the goat and patiently waits for it to defecate, so that he can get his 25 paise back, because money is scarce!

In the end, all the siblings band together to defeat Patthumma and her free-roving goat by milking it and using the milk for their own purposes. The novel or rather, novella is shot through with humour even while it attacks serious existential issues. This is Basheer's trademark.

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View 1 comment. Jan 25, Karthika rated it it was amazing. A short and realistic novel. This book describes a small part of author's life and all the characters are his family members. He didn't try to insert plastic situations or dialogues in this book.. Simple languages with natural slang and his narration of the story as himself makes the story more natural and alive. Humor is invisibly tied with almost all dialogues in the book.

I really like the simplicity of the book. The book really worth 5 stars.. View all 3 comments. Jun 26, Aneesh Kr rated it liked it. View all 4 comments. Sep 12, Shine Sebastian rated it it was amazing Shelves: One of the greatest novels in Malayalam language. There is not one character in this novel that I cannot love with my whole heart. As much as I love this book and all the characters in this book, I love and admire the creator of this purest masterpiece even more, as P.

Balakrishnan points out in his notes to this novel, Basheer is one of the few writers like Anton Checkov, whose characters we cannot help but love from the bottom of our heart, even if the characters are atleast some of them i One of the greatest novels in Malayalam language. Balakrishnan points out in his notes to this novel, Basheer is one of the few writers like Anton Checkov, whose characters we cannot help but love from the bottom of our heart, even if the characters are atleast some of them in some way evil and not ideal, in my opinion that's nothing short of magic!!

The domestic animals they have, which fills us with laugh, joy and satisfaction. Jun 11, Anu Kuriakose rated it it was amazing. Aug 22, Ravi Mannanikkad rated it really liked it. Sep 24, Shyam rated it it was amazing Shelves: Apr 26, Fousi T.

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