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Download Kobo Books apk for Android. One home for all your eBooks and audiobooks. Download Kobo Kobo is an application to buy and download thousands of books on your iOS Millions of free books on your Android device. Download the free top-rated Kobo app to read anywhere, on any device, and choose from our catalogue of over 4 million of the world's best eBooks and.

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Jan 29, Download Kobo Books - eBooks & Audiobooks Apk tetraedge.infooks. android free- all latest and older Apk Size, Varies with device. Download Kobo Books - Reading App APK (latest version) for Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, LG, HTC, Lenovo Millions of readers love Kobo! Kobo eBooks. Jun 17, Download Kobo eReader. Read Anytime, Anywhere with Free Kobo eReading Apps.

Last updated on March 2nd, 73 Comments. If I find a version that works on the IQ so I can test it I will add it to the list, along with other reading apps I find along the way. This list is far from complete so feel free to add more in the comments section. Download Android Reading Apps Collection. That way you can start installing the apps without needing a computer to transfer them to the device.

Keep reading to get even more personalized recommendations based on your reading habits and interests. Not sure about a title? Check out our previews and reviews to help you decide.

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Start reading on one device and pick up right where you left off on another. Continue shopping. Item s unavailable for purchase. Please review your cart. You can remove the unavailable item s now or we'll automatically remove it at Checkout. Remove FREE. Unavailable for purchase. Continue shopping Checkout Continue shopping. That way you can start installing the apps without needing a computer to transfer them to the device.

Kindle — The Kindle for Android app works for ebooks purchased from Amazon and syncs annotations and last page read with other Kindle apps and devices. Features include adding notes, highlights, and bookmarks, searching for words throughout a book and on Wikipedia and Dictionary. There are 5 fonts sizes and 3 background color options to choose from: Turn pages by swiping or tapping.

The ebook store is integrated into the app, where you can purchase ebooks as well as download free ebooks. There are 5 font sizes, 2 font types, night mode, TOC, page jump. Borders — The Borders Android app reads ebooks purchased from the Borders ebook store, not any other sources.

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The ebook store is powered by Kobo Books and is integrated into the app, where you can purchase ebooks as well as download free ebooks.

For reading features the Borders Android app has 3 font types, 5 font sizes, table of contents support, a page count slider, and has day and night modes. Page turns by tap or swipe. It has a number of customizing options for font type, margins, background color, etc. It has bookmarks, a network library for downloading ebooks from various sources of which more sites can be added manually, search, volume key scrolling, as well as swipe and tap page turn scrolling, and more customizing options.

Aldiko — Aldiko for Android is a lot like FBReader in that there are customizing options for just about everything. There are themes, a ton of font settings, you can adjust brightness by sliding a finger up and down the left side of the screen, and change pages by swiping, tapping, or using the volume buttons.

This app has a ton of customizing features that would take about half an hour to go through them all, some include bookmarks, auto scroll, TOC, themes, customize on-screen and button-press functions, etc. You can also download ebooks from the app. Wattpad — Wattpad is an ebook community for readers and writers to share their work. Wattpad has over , free ebooks in their library. The Wattpad Android app has some customizing options for text and background color.

It has auto-scroll and turns pages by tapping. It has advertisements. It has zoom, page jump, PDF re-flow, search, active hyperlinks, and bookmarks. As it turns out, this is not a free app; it has a 10 day free trial. It pre-loads pages while reading so it loads faster. I received an email from Aldiko support stating that the ability to highlight and copy words is on the top of their to-do list and will be available in one of the future updates.

No specific time frame was provided however. Laputa Reader seems to be quite interesting, — has not only a nice page-turn effect, numerous public domain ebooks are availabe, including:. Beside spanish-, english- und french- one can russian books find. Laputa got three different windows, which will be shown each of the three virtual Android-Desktop-Areas. Change between Day- and night-mode. And keep an eye out for the Overdrive reader app that allows access to library ebooks and audio books and the Sony reader app, both due in the next few weeks.

We can ony hope…. Make sure to check this page to get the update when it is released: Or if you just want the Kindle app you can download it from here: I want to give it a try. The Kobo in the collection is the updated version. It got notified of an update a few days before they announced it.

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I was able to load DRM-free ePubs without a problem. While the Kobo reader is not bad, it seems to be ignoring some properties of my self-created EPUBS, such as the center property I use for my images. I did just notice that I need to turn on style sheets within the Aldiko Reader, so it looks like Aldiko may be preferrred reader—at least for now. Have you tried FBReader yet? Yeah, I installed the FBReader and I like it, but it seems to ignoring some of my style sheet properties, like the one that centers my images.

It does have a number of settings for changing things, so maybe I just need to figure it out. For me, as long as I can get at least four hours of continuous use with WiFi and some brightness, I am satisfied. I think the Archos 70 battery is pretty good although I have only had the tablet a couple days.

The firmware upgrade to 2. Purchased the new IQ, works… well OK. One stupid Q. Installing APPS no problem. And in the meantime: Many tnx. To uninstall apps you go to settings, then manage applications, then click the application to uninstall.

You can rearrange icons on the homescreens by hitting menu and adding shortcuts or you can hold down the icons in programs and drag then to the homescreen. I am totally new to android.

I just got a Cruz reader. Is there an app for android that manages pdf ebooks not just a reader? Most of my ebooks are in pdf Thanks G.

Read Anytime, Anywhere with Free Kobo eReading Apps.

Coolreader is also a great app it was opensource project for eink devices but now has been ported over to android. It It is getting updated every day. And it supports epub, fb2, txt, rtf, html, chm as formats. Since Google just launched its ebook store, will this ereader have access to it?

Kobo Books APK 6.0.12844 – Android App Free Download

Will it work with the Android app or through downloading the books as pdf files or in epub? The Aldiko app is supposed to be adding support for that soon. And their DRM-free ebooks will work.

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I am really enjoying the new Kindle App. Can someone point me to the Audible App? Is the Market App going to be part of the Android upgade? I posted it at mediafire. Neither Kindle nor Borders apps works on my tablet Novel. Was told that could install Kindle. Wish I could get a Kindle apk specifically for tablets or could get to the bottom of how to get this fixed! If not, am sending it back. Hoping that you can help me get to another version or the problem … Thanks, Linda.

Maybe try one of the older versions of the Kindle app here: I downloaded the Kindle for Android app and ran into an error after I downloaded a book. I contacted Amazon and they told me you can download the Kindle app on tablets but you will NOT be able to open the books. The Kindle for Android app, at this time, is for Android phones only. I have the Kindle app running flawlessly on 4 different tablets: I bought a prestigio tablet and downloaded the kindle app.

I can see the front cover of both but when I open them there is no text …. I read one of the models of the Cruz eReader tablet comes with the Kindle for Android app installed on it. I use the Kindle app on my Next3. Kindle went in fine!!! The ability to use it on Next3 is one of the main reasons I chose this particular tablet. I thought the download site was here — http: Save the.

Install to Next3 from SD card in Explorer feature. Can someone post Cool Reader 3 apk?? I have tried to download it from tons of different places to no avail. I need to be able to read rft and this is the only one that seems to have that feature. Also, I have Kindle running on my tablet with no issues at all. It syncs fine as well. I have an Archos 5. I know I saw CoolReader mentioned somewhere over there recently.

Thanks for giving this informative post. I have one solution for those who are feeling some difficulty in app review then appsummary. As appsummary. You just need to put them in the correct folder of the application. Coolreader 3 on Android is under active development with practically daily releases. Best bet is to track it right at the source: Sounds like a good app.

I really like 2-page landscape mode on the PRS Ok…this may be a stupid? I downloaded the zip file for the ereaders and i want to put the kindle on it. Do i have to take the sd card out of the back of the device to do this or just hook it up using the usb cable?

If the cable, what directory do i put it? Any help would be greatly appreciated. More info here. Thanks Nathan! Ok, well I got the Kindle app uploaded and it come up and all but it wont download the books. Is there a setting or something i need to change or is this common? The Kindle app is made for phones; Amazon is supposed to be getting set to launch a tablet version soon. I downloaded the aldiko app on my black PDN, but when I view a book the pages run off the side almost like its in landscape mode but its not.

Cant get it fixed. Hello Nathan! I have two questions: The 2.

Kobo apk reader download ebook

Is there an updated one?