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Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. In their provocative ebook 'The Demise of Guys: Why Boys Are Struggling and. In their provocative ebook The Demise of Guys: Why Boys Are Watch Phil Zimbardo's talk on, where you can download [ ]. To ask other readers questions about The Demise of Guys, please sign up. .. A brief ebook that attempts to diagnose the issues with boys in America.

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The Demise of Guys: Why Boys Are Struggling and What We Can Do And, since Download the Universe is dedicated to science ebooks, let's. In , Zimbardo delivered a TED talk called “The Demise of Guys?” Nikita Coulombe came on board to help write up it up for an ebook and. FREE eBook Download. Dr David Duke An excellent and incisive work about the psychological aspects of the destruction of Western mankind. Dr David Duke.

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They're being dramatic. It's not a problem. They're being dramatic over nothing. Through research we now know porn and heroin has the same effect on the brain.

Ebook guys the of download demise

It's scary, but the solution is not found in this slim book, only saying to stop looking at it for a while and see the effects. The other solution is reducing video game playing to less than four hours a day, or none at all. He even tells porn sites to educate the public on intimate sex aka sex involving love. Not sure why he took that seriously.

Porn sites don't care. Porn traps so many kids these days. Average age of a kid looking at porn is eleven years old, morphing the way they look at women, relationships, sex, etc. Video games, too, played excessively, brings reality out of focus some will say that's good as it's a good way of escape.


It's controversial, sure, but I think it's come at a time where guys are struggling to transition into adulthood. Whose fault is that? Depends on who you ask, but Zimbardo says there's many different reasons. A lack of parental guidance and a lack of schools teaching proper sex education some schools don't teach it at all.

New TED ebook warns of the demise of guys

A lack of a proper education that is more individualized Montessori is mentioned as a better alternative. A lack of stating that failure is part of life. A lack of many different things that helps men yes, women too grow into a healthy adult. If you're old er it might not appeal to you unless you're interested in the subject of how young men are struggling compared to young men fifty or so years ago.

There's a longer book by Zimbardo I saw on Amazon that goes into more depth. This short book is free on archive. Mar 19, Benton Turner rated it it was amazing. What an amazing book, by an amazingly famous psychologist. He is bravely bringing forth a controversial argument in today's climate: This may imply reduced consideration for the challenges faced by women.

This is not the case. Women face their challenges warranting attention. The point What an amazing book, by an amazingly famous psychologist. The point here is men are also facing challenges not sufficiently covered, warranting more attention. While they may be dominating board rooms and CEO positions, which is problematic for both women and companies whose customers are often both men and women , men are performing worse in school in relation to women, diagnosed with greater rates of ADHD.

Over time this could lead to a shift in workplace but this time with men lagging behind. It's important to have both genders at their maximum potential, and this book does well to identify the issues facing men psychologically in this new environment of digital technology and absent fathers. Jun 11, Mohammed Ghoul rated it liked it. Overall decent Not bad, the basic premise was intriguing and the points made where important and merits discussion, but I think a better job could've been done, some points were backed up and discussed thoroughly, but most weren't.

I guess this is kind of a short book so that is ok, but I thought the subject matter was worthy of more research. Anyway while I don't agree with all of the authors' points, I do share some of their concerns, and this book was an interesting outlook at those problems. To the authors merit the book offers a great deal of recourses and some descent suggestions on how to potentially deal with some of the problems for parents, women, male role models, and society in general.

But I felt like there were many generalizations and not enough scientific approach - too many assumptions, anecdotic evidence among statistics and research of course , and when there were statistics, I felt like they were taken for granted and not deeply analyzed correlation vs causation etc. I think that I expected much more from this book after all the hype and knowing who Zimbardo is.

The Fall of Western Man

I guess that it is just short "TED series" bo 3 stars for pointing out some kind of problem in our society. I guess that it is just short "TED series" book, and I should read other works by Zimbardo to get something that will maybe live up to my expectations. Jan 05, Chris Wright rated it it was ok.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. The book reads more like an extensive scientific journal rather than a seamless narrative.

Basically the book can be summed up as follows - Young men but not all tend to isolate themselves by watching extensive amounts of pornography and playing video games. Nov 24, Kaoueche Omar rated it really liked it. Mar 07, Benjamin rated it liked it Shelves: Poignant observation into the issues young men are facing today. Excessive porn and gaming are you culprits, now move along. You can also watch the TED talk here: Jun 01, David Alexander rated it liked it.

This book is energetic and musters up to date sociological findings regarding the plight of boys in our current ecosystem. The authors sound the alarm bell about addiction to online gaming and porn. Some have criticized the conflation of these two, arguing that porn is bad but gaming is not. If the reader is looking for Christian guidance on these subjects he will not find them in this book because the authors are not against porn but only against what they see as causing risk averse and social This book is energetic and musters up to date sociological findings regarding the plight of boys in our current ecosystem.

If the reader is looking for Christian guidance on these subjects he will not find them in this book because the authors are not against porn but only against what they see as causing risk averse and social inhibiting behavior in porn.

They are also not against gaming but rather excessive gaming and types of gaming they regard as causing inhibiting behaviors. This book is valuable for the information rich content and is a needed alarm bell.

Exposing the Attacks on Western Man

Though I do not share many of the assumptions and conclusions of the authors, I think their work vigorous and an enriching contribution to grappling with the plight of boys and male behaviors in our society. Dec 26, Shannon rated it liked it Recommends it for: Crystal Buck. I wanted to read this book to shed light on some of the reasons young men under 30 in my life seem generally to lack ambition and maturity. Also, I have been troubled to observe how many men I know in this age group are still living at home with their parents.

While the book generally kept my interest and did raise some points I had not considered, I was disappointed in the depth topics like pornography and excessive playing of video games were explored. I believe there are more influential envi I wanted to read this book to shed light on some of the reasons young men under 30 in my life seem generally to lack ambition and maturity.

I believe there are more influential environmental and societal factors to be considered.

Guys ebook download demise of the

Finally, I was most intrigued by the summary of how the American public education system may have a negative impact on the development of young men today. This made sense to me and prompted a lot of thought. Feb 02, Reasonable rated it liked it. Turn off your digital identity and turn on yourself. Learn how to dance, rediscover nature Find living role models or mentors, and find something in the real world that motivates you. Though the authors make some broad sweeping statements.

All "What guys can do? All in all, a good wake up call for guys! Jun 23, Aaron rated it really liked it. This was a great overview of a lot of issues men and boys are facing at the moment.

How eBooks lost their shine: 'Kindles now look clunky and unhip' | Books | The Guardian

While there are more pieces to consider as well, this piece does a good job of identifying some problems and offering some solutions. Solutions are going to need to much broader to curb. I work in the violence against women field specifically with family violence offenders who face similar challenges connected to being anti-social, objectifying women and high use of pornography.

Men have have always struggled wit This was a great overview of a lot of issues men and boys are facing at the moment. Men have have always struggled with these issues in some way. Technology has just enhance their effects.

Jun 09, Ezra rated it did not like it Shelves: I was very disappointed with the parental prescriptive section as ALL the items were things my parents did in my childhood.

The section on what I should do was even worse as I have practiced them for years before even being aware of this book.

My hope was the book would give me ideas about a better direction. Instead I got what I had guessed myself and ultimately unhelpful. Sep 14, Jennifer rated it really liked it. Fascinating and worrying, this book builds on the famous TED talk http: Oct 05, Colin rated it it was ok.

Given who the author is Ah, well. Sep 11, Veronica rated it liked it. The authors made some very good points regarding the deterioration of male role models in the world. Some of the statistics regarding this topic are mind blowing. Some very good advice on how educators and parents can help reverse this trend. Dec 19, Mares rated it liked it. A book about how our generation is seen by the generation prior to us. We are different, we embrace technology and use it to satisfy our social needs.

Feb 23, Josh Bancroft rated it it was ok Shelves: Subject matter is interesting and important, but this is less of a book and more a collection of articles and blog posts, in no certain order. Could have used more editing. Jun 09, John Stein rated it really liked it Shelves: A must read for fathers of boys. Not sure of the solution. There are other reasons for the decline of consumer ebooks. Neither do young adult titles, even though this age group might be expected to opt for the most technological reading experience.

However, none of this is to say that digital publishing is the enemy of physical book publishing. At Forum Books in Corbridge, Northumberland, founder Helen Stanton has recently collaborated on a Silent Book Disco at the Biscuit Factory art gallery in Newcastle, where visitors could wander around and look at books rather than works of art while listening to an appropriate playlist. We are really trying to connect readers with the author, to bring the book to life.

Maybe, she says, customers could wander around the bookshop and hear poems at certain places on National Poetry Day. Audio is becoming something of a new battleground in publishing, where audio publishers want to see books on submission at the same time as physical publishers, while physical publishers have become disinclined to acquire books without audio rights.

One recent title, for instance, had little interest in its forthcoming print publication, so the publisher released it as an ebook for 99p. It began to sell, to be noticed and get reviewed. At which point the publisher went to the supermarkets that had previously spurned it and they took it up. The figures from the Publishing Association should be treated with some caution. They exclude self-published books, a sizable market for ebooks.

Even in the years when ebook sales were rising greatly — and clearly cannibalising physical book sales — it was always very clear that we would have a correction and reach an equilibrium. The last thing he — or any seller or publisher of physical books — wants is the death of the ebook.

He knows that people who read, sooner or later, will buy books. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Trending Latest Video Free. Life's other code is more subtle and far more powerful World's most endangered marine mammal is now down to 10 animals. People with autism are less likely to fall for an out-of-body illusion The Great Barrier Reef is losing its ability to recover from bleaching Your heartbeat may help you sync up with other people to cooperate Two-million-year-old toothache may have killed an early human Mystery illnesses show how you can think yourself ill - and well again.

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