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Decision Making *edisi bahasa Indonesia* download 2. Robert T. Kiyosaki: " The Cashflow Quadrant" download. eBook · Information Technology · Kisah · Networking · Seputar Islam Create a free website or blog at CASHFLOW, Rich Dad, and CASHFLOW Quadrant are registered trademarks of. CASHFLOW “Freedom may be free, but it has a price.” Rich Dad's CASHFLOW Quadrant .. Those with master's degrees looked down on those with only. i need ebook from robert kiyosaki,, can u help me. No Downloads Rich Dad's CASHFLOW Quadrant Rich Dad's Guide To Financial Freedom and people work hard for you, and you can be free to do the things that are important. . Robert T. Kiyosaki - The Cashflow Quadrant [Bahasa Indonesia].

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And if this book does that, it has done its job. But a person can learn to become a sophisticated investor. I cannot teach you to ride a bicycle, but you can learn to ride a bicycle. Learning to ride a bicycle requires risk, trial and error, and proper guidance.

The same is true with investing. And if you do not want to learn, then I cannot teach you. This book is really about learning more than investing. It is written for people who are students of investing, students who seek their own path to wealth rather than look for the easy road to wealth. The only difference is that because of the Information Age, these young people went through the same phases faster. Are You Part of the Revolution? Great wealth, vast fortunes, and mega-rich families were created during the Industrial Revolution.

The same is going on today during the Information Revolution. One reason causing this great disparity is the shift from the Industrial Age to the Information Age. Today, shifting into the Information Age, we have Bill Gates, Michael Dell, and the founders of the Internet companies becoming young millionaires and billionaires. These twenty-somethings will soon be passing Bill Gates—who is old at 39—in wealth. That is the power of a shift in ages, the shift from the Industrial Age to the Information Age.

It has been said that there is nothing so powerful as an idea whose time has come. For you, this book may be about looking at old ideas and possibly finding new ideas for wealth. It may also be about a paradigm shift in your life. It may be about a transition as radical as the shift from the Industrial Age to the Information Age. It may be about you defining a new financial path for your life. It may be about thinking more like a businessperson and investor rather than an employee or a self-employed person.

It took me years to go through the phases, and in fact, I am still going through them. After reading this book, you may consider going through the same five phases or you may decide that this developmental path is not for you. If you decide to embark upon the same path, how fast you choose to go through these five phases of development is up to you.

Remember that this book is not about getting rich quickly. The choice to undergo such a personal development and education program begins in phase one. Everest, or to prepare for the priesthood. He was kidding, yet he was putting me on notice that such an undertaking was not to be taken lightly. You start without any money. All you have is hope and a dream of attaining great wealth. While many people dream of it, only a few achieve it.

Think hard and prepare mentally because you are about to learn to invest in a way that very few people are allowed to invest. You will see the investment world from the inside rather than from the outside. There are far easier paths in life and easier ways to invest. So think it over and be prepared if you decide this is the path for your life.

As expected, my three roommates were drinking beer and watching a baseball game on television. There were pizza boxes and beer cans everywhere. They did not say much as I passed through the shared living area. They just stared at the TV set. As I retired to my room and closed the door, I felt grateful that we all had private rooms.

I had much to think about. At 25 years of age, I finally realized things that I could not understand as a kid of 9, the age at which I first began working with rich dad. I realized that my rich dad had been working hard for years pouring a solid foundation of wealth.

They had started on the poor side of town, living frugally, building businesses, buying real estate, and working on their plan. While Mike and I were in high school, rich dad had made his move by expanding to different islands of the Hawaiian chain, buying businesses and real estate. While Mike and I were in college, he made his big move and became one of the major private investors in businesses in Honolulu and parts of Waikiki. While I was flying for the Marine Corps in Vietnam, his foundation of wealth was set in place.

It was a strong and firm foundation. Now he and his family were enjoying the fruits of their labor. Instead of living in the poorest of neighborhoods on an outer island, they lived in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Honolulu.

They did not just look rich on the surface as many of the people in that neighborhood did. I knew that Mike and his dad were rich because they allowed me to review their audited financial statements. Not many people were given that privilege. My real dad, on the other hand, had just lost his job. He had been climbing the ladder in the state government when he fell from grace from the political machine that ran the State of Hawaii.

My dad lost everything he had worked to achieve when he ran against his boss for governor and lost. He had been blacklisted from state government and was trying to start over.

He had no foundation of wealth. Although he was 52 and I was 25, we were in exactly the same financial position. We had no money. We both had a college education and we could both get another job, but when it came to real assets, we had nothing.

That night, lying quietly on my bunk, I knew I had a rare opportunity to choose a direction for my life. I say rare because very few people have the luxury of comparing the life paths of two fathers and then choosing the path that was right for them.

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It was a choice I did not take lightly. Investments of the Rich Although many things ran through my mind that night, I was most intrigued by the idea that there were investments only for the rich, and then there were investments for everyone else. I remembered that when I was a kid working for rich dad, all he talked about was building his businesses. But now that he was rich, all he talked about was his investments.

The only reason you build a business is so that your business can buy your assets. Without my businesses, I could not afford to invest in the investments of the rich. But they are much more affordable if my business buys them for me. I was now curious and anxious to find out what the difference was. Rich dad had studied corporate and tax law and had found ways to make a lot of money using the laws to his advantage.

At these discussions, I would sit and sip my soda, while rich dad talked with his bankers, accountants, attorneys, stockbrokers, real estate brokers, financial planners, and insurance agents. It was the beginning of my business education. Between the ages of 9 and. But those lessons around the table ended when I left for four years of college in New York, followed by five years of service with the Marine Corps.

Now that my college education was complete and my military duty nearly over, I was ready to continue the lessons with rich dad. When I called him the next day, he was ready to begin my lessons again.

He had turned the businesses over to Mike and was now semiretired. He was looking for something to do rather than play golf all day. When I was young, I did not know which dad to listen to when it came to the subject of money.

Both were good, hard-working men. Both were strong and charismatic. Both said I should go to college and serve my country in the military. But they did not say the same things about money or give the same advice about what to become when I grew up. Now I could compare the results of the career paths chosen by my rich dad and my poor dad.

These core emotional and technical differences are important because they ultimately determine which quadrant a person tends to favor and operate from. For example, a person who needs job security will most likely seek the E quadrant. In the E quadrant are people from janitors to presidents of companies. A person who needs to do things on his or her own is often found in the S quadrant, the quadrant of the self-employed or small business. The CASHFLOW Quadrant explains a lot about the difference between the S quadrant—which is where most small-business owners operate—and the B quadrant—which is the quadrant where big businesses are found.

In this book, we will go into much more detail about the technical differences, because it is here that the differences between the rich and everyone else are found. The differences between the quadrants play a very important role in this book. The tax laws are different for the different quadrants. What may be legal in one quadrant is illegal in another.

Free indonesia cashflow download quadrant ebook

These subtle differences make big differences when it comes to the subject of investing. When discussing the subject of investing, my rich dad was very careful to ask me from which quadrant I was planning to earn my money.

The sun was warm, the ocean beautiful, the breeze light, and the setting as close to paradise as you can get. Rich dad was shocked to see me walk in wearing my uniform.

He had never seen me in uniform before. He had only seen me as a kid, dressed in casual clothes such as shorts, jeans, and T-shirts. I guess he finally realized that I had grown up since leaving high school, and by now had seen a lot of the world and fought in a war.

I had worn my uniform to the meeting because I was between flights and had to get back to the base to fly that evening. One more year to go. I just hope it ends soon for all of us. I would have hated to have lost Mike too.

I nodded slowly. The pay is OK, and benefits are good. If I fly for a year with a small airline and get some multi-engine time, I will be ready for the major carriers. I lay awake for hours that night and I thought about what you said about investing.

Indonesia cashflow free download quadrant ebook

I realized that if I took a job with the airlines I might someday become an accredited investor. But I realized that I might never go beyond that level.

Now I am an adult and the lessons have a new meaning to me. My dad was really angry with you. But now he is the one trying to live without a paycheck. That is why I doubt that I will seek a job with the airlines. But this time, I want your lessons as an adult. Make the lessons harder and give me more detail. He knew that I had been listening to him all those years as a kid. All investors do is learn how to have their money work hard for them. He is in a very bad way right now, trying to start over again at the age of The lessons came in five phases, each phase taking me to a higher level of understanding… understanding the thought process of rich dad and his investment plan.

The lessons began with preparing mentally and taking control of myself. Investing ultimately begins and ends with taking control of yourself. Lying in my bunk that night in , in a dingy room on base, my mental preparation had begun.

Mike was fortunate enough to have a father who had accumulated great wealth. I was not that fortunate. In many ways, he had a year head start on me. I had yet to start. That night, I began my mental preparation by making a decision between job security as chosen by my poor dad, or pouring a foundation of real wealth as chosen by my rich dad.

It starts with a very personal decision. It is an important decision, because whichever financial position in life you choose—be it rich, poor, or middle class—everything in your life then changes.

To be secure, 2. To be comfortable, or 3. To be rich. In other words, their first choice when it comes to money decisions is security, second is comfort, and third is to be rich. That is why most people make job security their highest priority.

After they have a secure job or profession, then they focus on comfort. The last choice for most people is to be rich. For most people, if becoming rich disturbs their comfort or makes them feel insecure, they will forsake becoming rich. That is why so many people want that one hot investment tip. People who make security and comfort their first and second choices look for ways to get rich quick that are easy, risk free, and comfortable. A few people do get rich on one lucky investment, but all too often they lose it all again.

And in both financial positions, I have been both happy and unhappy. I wonder why people think they have to choose between happiness and being rich.

For me, I was willing to feel insecure and uncomfortable in order to be rich. I have been rich and poor as well as happy and unhappy. But I assure you that when I was poor and unhappy, I was much unhappier than when I was rich and unhappy. Receiving money has always felt better than receiving a bill for money I owe. At least that is my experience with money. I feel happy when it comes in and sad when it leaves me. Back in , I put my priorities in this order:.

To be rich 2. To be comfortable 3. To be secure As stated earlier, when it comes to money and investing, all three priorities are important. Which order you put them in is a very personal decision that should be made before beginning to invest.

Before beginning to invest, it is important to decide what your priorities are. Mental Attitude Quiz To be rich, comfortable, and secure are really personal core values.

One is not better than the other. I do know, however, that making the choice of which core values are most important to you often has a significant long-term impact upon the kind of life you choose. That is why it is important to know which core values are most important to you, especially when it comes to the subject of money and financial planning.

So the mental attitude quiz is: List in order of importance which core values are most important to you:. Some of you may need to work through your true feelings.

Talk seriously with your spouse or mentor. Knowing what your personal priorities are will save you many agonizing decisions and sleepless nights later. One of the most startling differences between my rich dad and poor dad was what kind of world they saw.

My poor dad always saw a world of financial scarcity. He could see a world of too much money. One problem is not enough money.

The other problem is too much money. Which type of money problem do you want? Most people come from families where the money problem was not enough money. Since money is only an idea, if your idea is that there is not enough money, then that is what your reality will be.

One of the advantages I had, coming from two families, was that I could see both types of problems. My poor dad always had problems of not enough money and my rich dad always had problems of too much money. Rich dad had a comment on that strange phenomenon. So they lose all their suddenly found wealth and go back to repeating the only world of money they know: From on, rich dad had me become very aware of my thoughts when it came to the subjects of money, working, and becoming rich.

Rich dad truly believed that poor people remained poor simply because that was the only world they knew. You cannot change your outside reality until you first change your inside reality about money. The more security your need, the more scarcity there is in your life. The more competitive you are, the more scarcity in your life. Which is why people compete for jobs and promotions at work and compete for grades in school.

To gain more abundance a person needs more skills and needs to be more creative and cooperative. People who are creative, have good financial and business skills, and are cooperative often have lives of increasing financial abundance.

I could see these differences in attitudes between my two dads. My real dad always encouraged me to play it safe and seek security. My rich dad encouraged me to develop skills and be creative. The second half of this book is about how to take your creative ideas and create a world of abundance rather than a world of scarcity.

The problem is, even when people see the other side, they see it with only their eyes. That is why poor people see rich people doing what rich people do on the surface but they fail to see what rich people are doing inside their minds. Years later, when lottery winners began going broke I asked rich dad why this was happening. In other words they handle the money in the same way they always did, which was the reason they were poor or struggled in the first place.

Tp Valdez: Cashflow Quadrant FREE Ebook Robert Kiyosaki

They see only a world of not enough money. The safest thing that person can do is just put the money in the bank and live off the interest only. People who can see the other side of the coin would take that money and multiply it rapidly and safely. They can do that because they see the other side of the coin, the side of the coin where there is a. I am retired now because it is a full time job to keep taking this cash out of my banks and moving it into more productive investments.

I repeat it is a full time job that becomes more challenging every year. Now that I am retired he is running the engine that I built.

The reason I can retire with confidence is because Mike knows not only how to run the engine, he can fix it if it breaks. In fact, too many rich kids are the very people who break the engine.

They grew up on the rich side of the coin, but they never learned what it takes to get to that side. You have a chance, with my guidance, to make the transition and stay on the other side. I have had to constantly remind myself that there is a world of too much money, because in my heart and soul, I have often felt like a poor person. One problem is not enough money and the other is too much money.

Which one do I want? I am not one of these wishful-thinking people or a person who believes solely in the power of affirmation. I asked myself that question to combat my inherited point of view on money. Once my gut was calmed down, I would then ask my mind to begin finding solutions to whatever was financially challenging me at the time.

Solutions could mean seeking new answers, finding new advisors, or attending a class on a subject I was weak on. The main purpose for combating my core panic was to allow me to calm down so I could move forward again. I have noticed that most people let their panic about money defeat them and dictate the terms and conditions of their lives. Hence, they remain terrified about risk and money. Emotions such as fear and doubt lead to low self-esteem and a lack of self-confidence. An interviewer asked Trump if he was worried.

Worrying gets in my way of working to solve these problems. Later, rich dad went into the importance of a financial plan. Rich dad strongly believed in having a financial plan for when you did not have enough money as well as a financial plan for when you will have too much money.

Indonesia download cashflow ebook free quadrant

Security and scarcity go hand in hand. That is why people who seek job security or guarantees are often the people with less abundance in their life. The more financial skills you have the more abundance you will have in your life. These same financial skills give people the power to take an opportunity and turn it into millions of dollars. Most people can see opportunities, they just cannot turn that opportunity into money and that is why they often seek even more security. They see only one side of the coin and never see the other side.

That is why the more they seek security the less opportunity they see on the flip side of the coin. Mental Attitude Quiz I came from a family that saw the world as a world of not enough money. My personal challenge was to repeatedly remind myself that another kind of world existed and that I needed to keep an open mind to see a world of both possibilities for me. Can you see that two different worlds of money can exist? A world of not enough money and a world of too much money.

If you currently live in a world of not enough money, are you willing to see the possibility of you living in a world of too much money? Why not use a put option instead of a short? Investing seems so confusing. Then what was it? It sounded like what investors on TV and in the movies sound like. That is why it seems so confusing. What most people call investing is not really investing. People are all talking about different things yet they often think they are talking about the same thing.

The lesson had begun.

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Investing Means Different Things to Different People As rich dad began the lesson that day, he repeatedly stressed that main point. Investing means different things to different people. The following are some of the highlights of this important lesson:.

Different People Invest in Different Things 1. Rich dad explained some of the differences in value. Some people invest in large families. A large extended family is a way to ensure care for the parents in their old age. People invest in a good education, job security, and benefits. The individual and his or her marketable skills become the assets. Some people invest in external assets. This number is growing as people realize that job security and lifetime employment are less and less guaranteed.

Here is a sample of some of the different types of investments: Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, insurance, commodities, savings, collectibles, precious metals, hedge funds, etc. Each one of these groups can then be broken down into different subgroups. Common stock Preferred stock Stocks with warrants Small cap stock Blue chip stock Convertible stock Technical stock Industrial stock And on and on and on.

Used for Funding Estate taxes 8. Used for Non Qualified retirement benefits 9. And on and on and on. There are many different investment products, each designed to do something different.

That is another reason why the subject of investing is so confusing. There Are Different Investment Procedures 3. The following are some of the different types of investment procedures: Buy, hold, and pray long 2. Buy and sell trade. Sell then buy short Option buying and selling trade Dollar cost averaging long Brokering trade no position Saving collecting 4.

Many investors are classified by their procedures and their products. For example: I am a stock trader 2. I speculate in real estate. I collect rare coins. I trade commodity future options. I am a day trader. I believe in money in the bank. These are all examples of different types of investors, their product specialties, and their investing procedure. All of this adds to the confusion on the subject of investing because under the banner of investing there are people who are really:.

Many of these individuals call themselves investors and, technically they are, which is why the subject of investing is even more confusing. There are many different investment products and many different investment procedures. Then you add procedure bias and you really become confused. Put all your eggs in one basket and watch that basket closely. Same Market, Different Directions Adding to the confusion is that everyone has a different opinion on the direction of the market and the future of the world.

It will crash in the next six weeks. There will be no crash. Why am I always late to the party? Why does that happen? They were in it early and got out at the top. That is why today, when I hear such tales of instant wealth and fast money in the market, I just walk away and choose not to listen. Look at your appliances. Those are all products from companies that people invested in. You receive your electricity from a utility company that people invest in. Once you understand that, then look at your car, the gas, the tires, seat belts, windshield wipers, spark plugs, the roads, the stripes on the road, your soft.

All of these things are there because someone invested in the business or building that delivers you the things that make life civilized. That is what investing really is all about.

Mental Attitude Quiz Investing is a vast subject with many different people having as many different opinions:. Do you realize that no one person can know all there is to know about the subject of investing? Do you realize that one person may say an investment is good and another person may say the same investment is bad, and realize both could have valid points? Are you willing to keep an open mind to the subject of investing and listen to different points of view on the subject? Are you now aware that focusing on specific products and procedures may not necessarily be investing?

Do you realize that an investment product that is good for one person may not be good for you? What do you recommend I invest in? The program was on investing and was hosted by a very popular local stockbroker. A call came in from a listener wanting some investment advice. My mother has a house with a lot of equity in it. She said she would let me borrow some of the equity out so I could begin investing. What do you think I should invest in? Should it be stocks or real estate?

I want to know if you think the real estate market is better or the stock market. So I have money. I just want to know which market you think is better, the stock market or the real estate market. And if. I thought you were an investor.

And leave my mother out of this. All I want is investment advice, not personal advice. A single person may not need a large nine-passenger station wagon but a family with five kids would need one. And a farmer would rather have a pickup truck than a two-seater sports car. I was beginning to understand. Obviously, you know that for the first leg of your trip, a bicycle or car will not do.

If you have a lot of time and really want to see the country, then walking or riding a bike would be the best. Not only that, you will be much healthier at the end of the trip. But if you need to be in New York tomorrow, then obviously flying from. Hawaii to New York is your best and only choice if you want to make it on time. Is that what you are saying? Rich dad nodded. But trading is not investing. A person trading stocks is not much different than a person who buys a house, fixes it up, and sells it for a higher profit.

One trades stocks; the other trades real estate. In reality, trading is centuries old. Camels carried exotic wares across the desert to consumers in Europe. So a retailer is also a trader in a sense. And trading is a profession. But it is not what I call investing.

Yet, I want to do my best to reduce the confusion around this subject of investing. They might as well be pushing a wheelbarrow in a circle. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Browse by Genre Available eBooks Shilpa Ball , Student at C. Kannan Cv , Abdi Fatah Cajab , Cairo.

Show More. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Rzizierti Kiyas-air. Kiyosakl E B S I: Discover how to move from the left side to the B and I Quadrants. Kiyosakl Yes, you can always get a job. So why work hard for money? Learn to have money and people work hard for you, and you can be free to do the things that are important. A successful investor gets his training from running his own business.

You will learn by making mistakes, sometimes costing you millions. Those on the B and I side are motivated by Freedom. Most people focus on income, the rich focus their sights on investments. A n--wubusincsssu rnrnarics. Kiyosakl Level 0: You can change your ad preferences anytime. Cashflow quadrant. Upcoming SlideShare. Like this presentation?

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