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More Views. Can We Talk About Islam?

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Tony Payne explores why we find it so difficult to talk constructively about religion in our society - especially Islam. Product Description. Please note: You will have the choice of downloading an epub file or a file for the Kindle.

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List of devices that can use epub format files. For many of us, it doesn't seem so long ago that Islam was a remote subject, barely touching our lives. Now hardly a day goes past when someone isn't talking about it in the media, or in our parliaments, or over the water cooler at work. Much of that talk goes in one of two directions. Some want to blame Islam in general for the violence and atrocities being committed in its name which hardly seems fair.

Others insist that Islamic State and other Islamic terrorist groups have nothing whatsoever to do with Islam which strikes many as being implausible.

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Are these our only two options in talking about Islam - to blame it or to absolve it? In this short book written from a Christian viewpoint, Tony Payne argues that there is an honest and constructive way to talk together about Islam.

It begins with a better understanding not only of Islam, but also of the modern secular worldview that makes talking about any sort of faith so difficult. You may also be interested in the following product s. Related Products.

Islami free novel download ebook

Islam in our backyard: We have a dedicated site for Ukraine. Proponents of close readings and thematic studies will find this book extremely useful as the analysis is a remarkable effort in rescuing Islam from the margins of cultural theory, allowing the voice of African Muslims from the eastern African coast to be emphatically heard. But most of all, Mirmotahari's sensitive study of Islam is a timely rejoinder to critics of African literatures who have repeatedly engaged in poorly informed interpretations and readings of Islam in African literary fiction, stemming mostly from a lack of proper knowledge and sensitivity to the religion and its practitioners.

Well researched and well-argued, this book provides new perspectives on the work of Nuruddin Farah and will hopefully encourage teachers to introduce lesser-taught authors such as Abdulrazak Gurnah and M. Vassanji in the classroom.

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Islami free novel download ebook

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