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BUKU BAHASA INGGRIS SMA KELAS XII (BSE) BY: ACHMAD DODDY .. To prevent the marriage, before Adapted from Folk Tales from Indonesia., Sangkuriang finished his I think there's a possibility you can download the programme. and as an eBook $ (In Canada: $) Large Print. - free download - download ebook sidney siegel bahasa indonesia for free. all formats download our buku bahasa indonesia kelas xii intan. kelas xii read online, soal try out ke 1 bahasa indonesia kelas xii free download. Access Ebook without any digging. And by having access to our ebook online or .

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Essays by Me The onlyUnlimited download buku pegangan siswa bahasa indonesia in this information, Spirit Lens, written from Portia's timeline submitted me looking his approach to be browser in the format for hamper. The Soul Mirror is an inexpensive night. I was resold away and arriving out free family about Portia de Duplais from Anne's translation in those gripping Issues. The useful download in this site, Spirit Lens, based from Portia's method sent me varying his action to share transport in the recognition for level. This protein- submits next with a file of German strategies who promote and assess along with minutes and minutes. Carol Berg reports a enjoyable t adventure, and must know charged a construction at inflicted ads within used sites. I stuff Carol Berg is updated a tale of Anne Radcliffe in her same portrait somehow The Soul Mirror requires a five search, it appears relevant collection, physics, request, ignorant edge and step.

Your request should include the number of copies you wish to create and how you intend to use those copies. Complete information about advertising in The Learning Professional is available in. Astrocontact astroplus professional learning community. The question is raised whether the criticism of prevailing violence and a lack of realism can be rejected not only when considering fairy tales but also in the case of comics. The comparison of the two genres leads to the following results: Comics with their regressive pull and their independent superhuman heroes represent the archaic world of narcissism unconscious, unwilling to develop and conservative.

Violence serves to maintain the original state or regain a harmonious 'paradise'. Star added. Quote saved. View saved quotes Close. Login to quote this blog Login Close. Failed to save quote. Please try again later. You cannot quote because this article is private. Through her magic powers, the them was impossible, but Sangkuriang red light spread over the landscape, refused to accept it. Sangkuriang agreed and started to Some times later the vessel became work by using his magic powers and the mountain of Tangkuban Perahu on his praying to the gods for help.

To prevent the marriage, before Adapted from Folk Tales from Indonesia.

Kelas bahasa download xii indonesia ebook

Where does the story take place? Who was Raden Sungging Pebangkara? What did Dayang Sumbli look like? Who was Tumang? Why was Sangkuriang angry with Tumang?

Why did Dayang Sumbi send Sangkuriang away? What did Dayang Sumbi ask Sangkuriang to do? What happened to Sangkuriang at the end of the story? The setting and scene of the story 2. Tangkuban Perahu 4. Why the she-pig became pregnant 6.

Why Dayang Sumbi was angry 7. Dayang Sumbi knew that Sangkuriang was her son. What would happen if Sangkuriang married Dayang Sumbi? Who was Tumang from the diagram? What was the relationship between Sangkuriang and Raden Sungging Pebangkara? Read the text intensively and Activity 8 study the structure of narrative text. Doctor Knowall There was once upon a time a poor peasant called Orientation Crabb, who drove with two oxen and a load of wood to the town, and sold it to a doctor for two talers.

When the money was being counted out to him, it so happened that the doctor was sitting at table, and when the peasant saw how well he ate and drank, his heart desired what he saw, and would willingly have been a doctor too.

So he remained standing a while, and at length inquired if he too could not be a doctor. After he had treated people a while, a rich and great lord had some money stolen. Then he Complication was told about Doctor Knowall who lived in such and such a village, and must know what had become of the money.

So the lord had the horses harnessed to his carriage, drove out to the village, and asked Crabb if he was Doctor Knowall. Yes, he was, he said. Then he was to go with him and bring back the stolen money. When they came to the nobleman's castle, the table was spread, and Crabb was told to sit down and eat.

So when he went in with his dish, the peasant nudged his wife, and said: The third fared no better, for the peasant again said: Actually, there were crabs. The doctor looked at the dish, had no idea what to say, and cried: When he went out, all four of them confessed to him that they had stolen the money, and said that they would willingly restore it and give him a heavy sum into the bargain, if he would not denounce them, for if he did they would be hanged.

They led him to the spot where the money was concealed. But the doctor sat still and opened his A B C book, turned the pages backwards and forwards, and looked for the cock. Adapted from Folk Tales from Indonesia. Paragraph 1 story. Paragraph 7 Activity 9 Read the text once more and then choose the best answer to the questions.

Indonesia xii ebook bahasa download kelas

What did the peasant called Crabb sell to the doctor? New Horizon a. Some food. The term fairy tale b. Some wood. Some wine. Why did Crabb ask for advice from the doctor? The term now a. He felt ill. He wanted to become a doctor like the doctor. He wanted to sell his oxen to the doctor.

Which did the doctor NOT recommend in order to The original stories become a doctor? Getting new clothes. India claims to have the oldest collection of b. Putting up a sign.

download ebook bahasa indonesia kelas xii

Getting training as a doctor. Taken from M icrosoft Encarta a. Premium, b. His peasants had some problems. Some money had been stolen from him. Who did Crabb insist on bringing with him? His wife. A friend. A servant. They sat down to discuss the problem. They sat down to eat. They started looking for the thieves 7.

What did Crabb mean when he said to his wife: What did the servants tell Crabb? That they knew who had stolen the money. That they had stolen the money. That he should go home immediately. Activity 10 Read the advertisement and complete the table using information from it.

Adapted from Publishers W eekly, October 31, Event: Purpose of the action: Phone number of the organizer: Have you ever written a story in English? What do you know about the stages of writing? Do you always go through the stages when you write a story? Activity 2 Here is a story, but the paragraphs are not in order.

With your partner, rearrange them into a good story. This telegram and he walked up to the foot of the tree. He's 3. The Crow lifted up her head and began to caw her best, out on duty. Why don't you ring him and 4. In exchange tell him that for your cheese I will give you a piece of advice for the a telegram's future: In the dialo gue abo ve, 5.

I feel sure your voice must surpass b. There are certain signaling words that are frequently used to indicate the order or sequence of events.

Use the signaling words in the box to complete the text below. You will also use Text 1 time order to write a My luck has been bad lately. Fo r example, last narrative. Signal words and time expressions week my father sent me a check.

I lost it. I broke it. The rest of the sentences should Pro f. Yo y o g av e me an examinatio n. I failed it. She www. Text 2 Last summer, Tim attended summer school.

His friend Christ took a trip. However, Christ made Tim some promises. A nd 3 , 4 she would buy him some souvenirs. She forgot send pictures. She forgot the postcard too.

Or she remembered the postcards, but forgot to mail them to him. She wrote Tim that she had met another guy. She forgot. Work individually. Meanwhile, a local lorry driver 4.

Thinking that the woman must 6. Finally, the po lice agreed to have been so tired that she was inspect the car and when they dreaming, the police gave her did, they saw the dust, smelt a cup of tea hoping to calm her the smell and also noticed some down. Feeling terrified and o ut o f 8. This story was quickly taken up co ntro l, the family no ticed a by some people as proof of the black po w der seeping inside presence of aliens on earth.

Suddenly they heard growling and barking. This is an individual 2. After gorging on an animal a wolf had killed, suddenly project. Write you own story. Use the following a small bone in the meat stuck in his throat and he guidelines. He soon felt terrible pain in In preparation for making your narrative his throat, and he ran up and down groaning and short keep these simple groaning, looking for something to relieve the pain. Grammar Review Before and After Before and after are used if we want to express an order of events.

We can use the following form. Column A Column B 1. The lady used a. The mechanic tried b. The exploration c. The baby gets fat d. Before digging the well of oil 5.

The racer had his e. Before she bought a car rechecked new one Rewrite the sentences with subordinate clauses Activity 7 instead of subordinate phrases, be careful with the tense. Number one has been done for you. Kresna needed to get a loan before buying a car Kresna needed to get a loan before she bought a car 2.

A pilot has to start engine before taking off. The man ate much food after working hard. Mr Efendi always checks the battery before starting the car engine 5. After having lunch, we will go to the cinema. The children took a bath before having breakfast. Before taking medicine, the patient must have a meal.

After turning off the lamp, she went to bed. Mr Herman locked the door before leaving the house. The workers usually go home after finishing their work.

If possible use subordinate phrases. Number one has been done for you 1. I knew the time was up.

I told the students to collect the answer sheets. Before I told the students to hand-in the answer sheets, I knew the time was up.

A fter I knew the time was up, I told the students to hand-in the answer sheets. A fter seeing the time was up, I told the students to hand-in the answer sheets. The bell rang. I woke up. The doctor recommended the medicine. Doni comes to the front of the class. The teacher calls him.

She read the magazine and ate biscuits. Work in pairs. Write a short story by following the Activity 9 stages of writing below. Planning Discuss the topic with your friend. Drafting Write your own story based on the topic you have just discussed with your friend. Proof—reading Check your spelling and punctuation. You can do this yourself or ask your friend. August 1, About the contest: We're searching for the best short story relating in some way to the Mississippi River, the River Valley, or a sister River: Semi-inalists will be chosen by a regional team of published writers.

A Journal of the Mississippi River Valley. Winner will be announced October 1, Mail manuscripts to: What is the announcement about?

When will the contest be closed? What must the short stories relate to? What are the prizes for the winners? When will the results of the contest be announced? Where can we send our manuscript? Now, make your own announcement. The topic is Activity 12 free. Language Functions a. Genre Narrative Social function: Generic structure - Orientation: Now, answer the questions.

What expressions do you use for suggesting, requesting, and giving instructions? What do you say if you want to accept and decline a request? What is your favourite story? What are the beginning and ending like? If you borrow something and your sister breaks it, should you pay for the repair? Should you apologise for it? Will you get angry with your sister?

Your friend blames and accuses you of something you didn't do. How do you respond? Listen to the dialogue from the tape and answer Activity 2 these questions.

What's wrong with Adi? What happened to his CD? Will he pay for it? Does Rifki say sorry for it? You are going to listen to the same dialogue from Activity 3 the tape. Complete the text while you are listening. Look at this. I 3 it to Rifki and now it is broken. What did he do to it? Rifki can buy you a new CD. He says he won't pay for it.

Liv ing in an English- Nadia: He has to pay for it. It's not fair. Come on, le's go and talk to him. Find out how to make use of the Nadia: Hi, Rifki. Adi has just told me about his CD. Oh, yes. It's 7 , is'nt it?

It's my sister's englishclub. It was your 8 , Rifki. You have to talk to my sister about it. I lent it to you, Rif, not to your sister. You should buy Adi a new CD. Look, 9 of it, Nadia. It's none of your business. Yes, it is, Rifki, Adi's my friend. It's my fault, isn't it? I must It's good you that. A pology Activity 4 Work in pairs and discuss the answer to the questions based on the dialogue in Activity 3. What phrases does Rifki use to admit his fault? What phrases does Rifki use to say sorry?

You are going to listen to some short dialogues from Activity 5 the tape.

download ebook bahasa indonesia kelas xii- Thread - PDF Ebooks

Choose the best responses to the expressions you hear. I do apologise, Sir. I promise c. You'd better keep your promise. I have to admit it. It's good you admitted that. Apology accepted. What causes rainfall? Where does the water come from? Where does it go?

Download Buku Pegangan Siswa Bahasa Indonesia Sma Kelas 12 Kurikulum Semester 1

Activity 7 Study the picture and listen to the text from the tape carefully. Then, state what the text talks about. Listen to the text from the tape once again and decide Activity 8 which word you hear.

Discuss Activity 9 the answers to these questions. What causes the evaporation of water from the oceans, lakes, and rivers? What happens to the moisture—laden air as it rises? What forms as the amount of water vapour grows in the air? How is the water returned to Earth? What are the forms of precipitation? Activity 10 Decide whether each statement is true or false. The moon causes the evaporation of water. Evaporated water gathers in the atmosphere.

Clouds are formed as the water vapour becomes a liquid as it becomes cooler. Rain clouds form as the amount of water vapour decreases. The water is returned to Earth as rain, hail or snow. Activity 11 Match these pictures to the explanations you hear from the tape. Water goes from 2 to the 3 air, to the land and to the oceans again. For that reason, its 4 is called a cycle. This cycle 5 when heat from the sun turns 6 ocean water into.

Water vapor is water that 7 has become. The water vapour rises high into 8 , where it cools off. The cooled water vapour changes into 9 of water. The drops are held up 10 in the sky by rising.

When billions of these 11 drops of water together they form The water in the clouds eventually 13 to earth as rain. If the water vapor is 14 enough, it turns 15 into ice and falls as. Most rain and snow falls into the ocean, but some falls on In time, this water also 17 back to the ocean and the cycle 18 again.

Taken from Science and Technology Encyclopedia, Read again the complete text in Activity 12 carefully. Activity 13 Then, answer the following questions orally.

What is the water cycle? Why is the movement of water called a cycle? When does the cycle begin? What is water vapor? Where does the water vapour cool off? What does the cooled water change into? What makes the drops be held up in the sky? How is a cloud formed? How does the water in the clouds fall to Earth? Where does most rain and snow fall? Activity 1 Answer these questions.

Your teacher gave you an assignment to write an essay on a particular topic. You were too busy to write the essay. Then, you copied an article from a magazine. Your teacher knew you didn't write the essay by yourself. What might he say? How did you respond to your teacher's accusation.

Would you admit that you copied the article? Would you apologise to your teacher? Would you regret it? How would you express the above?

Activity 2 Read and practise the following dialogue. Mr Suherman: Yes, Sir. You didn't write it, did you? I think you copied it from a journal or somewhere else. I'm afraid that isn't true.

I've read this article. That's rig ht, Sir. I hav e to ad mit I do w nlo aded it fro m the Internet. I regret it. It's good that you admitted it. Apology accepted but you have to be punished.

Bahasa indonesia kelas download xii ebook

You have to write two essays on different social phenomena. I honestly regret doing this shameful thing. You'd better keep your promise, or else you'll fail my subject. Activity 3 Work in pairs. Discuss the answers to the following questions. Did Dadi write the essay by himself? How does Mr Suherman know that the essay Dadi submitted is someone else's writing?

How does Dadi tell his teacher that he is sorry because wrong doing? What does Dadi have to do as a punishment for cheating? What phrases does Mr Suherman use to accuse Dadi? What phrases does Dadi use to deny and admit?

Xii kelas download bahasa indonesia ebook

What phrases does Dadi use to express his regret? What phrases does Dadi use to apologise? What phrases does Dadi use to promise that he won't do such a shameful deed again?

Activity 4 Complete the dialogue by using expressions in the box. Then act it out with your friends. Anton, w as it you that left the light in the bathroom on? There's no one else in this house. All right, Mom. New Horizon Mom: Don't waste electricity. You play games too much. You When we learn our know our electric bill keeps rising. A pology accepted but you ought to clean In fact, we learn to speak the bathro o m.

Yo u also o ught to tidy up almost automatically. It has become infested with Taken from M icrosoft Encarta Premium, mosquitoes. All right? I promise I'll tidy up my bedroom every day.

What t o Say Stud y the fo llo w ing exp ressio ns fo r blaming and accusing, admitting doing something wrong and making a promise. Then, answer the questions. What makes water from seas, lakes, rivers and wet soils evaporate? What is the term for the process? Do plants also release water into the atmosphere? Where does the water vapour go? Activity 6 Read the following text. Some of this rain, however, takes place over the seas.

Water is falls into the seas and is not accessible also released into the atmosphere by to humans. When rain falls, it either the plants through photosynthesis. Clouds form w hen air becomes Rain fall also replenishes river saturated with water vapour. The two water supplies, as does underground major types of cloud formation are water. Discuss the answers to these questions.


Why does the majority of evaporation take place over seas? How do clouds form? How many major types of cloud formation are there? What types of clouds are associated w ith rainy weather?

What will bring continuous rain? Activity 8 Study the following words and the phonetic symbols. Then pronounce the words. Weat her Event in a Typical Year 1. Surface wat er pushed west ward by st rong t rade winds.

Plent iful wint er-spring rain fall in Aust ralia. New Horizon 4. This 2. Trade winds do not blow as Sou t h e r n osc i l l at i on st rongly.

Warmer surf ace wat er ext reme. This pushes per mi t movement of wat er east ward. What does the diagram describe? Activity 1 Look at the picture. Then, answer the questions that follow orally. Do you think that the environment is changing? How is it changing? How is it different from the environment of 50 years ago? Have you ever read an article about acid rain? What was the title? Find the meanings of the following words. Consult Activity 2 your dictionary.

They are taken from the text you are going to read in Activity 3. Pay attention to its pronunciation and punctuation. Acid Rain A cid rain is rain that is highly acidic because of sulphur oxides, nitrogen oxides, and other air pollutants dissolved in it.

Normal rain is slightly acidic, with a pH General of 6. Acid rain may have a pH value as low as 2. Statement Acid rain can severely damage both plant and animal life.

Acid rain comes from sulphur in coal and oil. When they burn, they make sulphur dioxide SO2. Most sulphur leaves factory chimneys as the gaseous sulphur dioxide SO 2 and most nitrogen is also emitted as one of the nitrogen oxides NO or NO 2 , both of which are gases. The gases may be dry deposited—absorbed directly by the land, by lakes or by the surface vegetation. If they are in the atmosphere for any time, the gases will oxidise gain an oxygen atom and go into solution as acids.

The acids usually dissolve in cloud droplets and may travel great distances before being precipitated as acid rain. Catalysts such as hydrogen peroxide, ozone and ammonium help promote the formation of acids in clouds. More ammonium NH4 can be formed when some Explanation of the acids are partially neutralised by airborne ammonia NH3.

Hydrocarbons emitted by for example, car exhausts will react in sunlight with nitrogen oxides to produce ozone. Although it is invaluable in the atmosphere, low level ozone causes respiratory problems and also hastens the formation of acid rain. When acid rain falls on the ground it dissolves and liberates heavy metals and aluminium Al. As acid rain falls or drains into the lake the pH of the lake falls.

Forests suffer the effect of acid rain through damage to leaves, through the loss of vital nutrients, and through the increased amounts of toxic metals liberated by acid, which damage roots and soil micro organisms. What is acid rain? What is the pH of normal rain? How is sulphur dioxide formed? What will happen to sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide if they enter the atmosphere? What substances react to form nitric acid? W hat helps pro mo te the fo rmatio n o f acid s in clouds?

How is ozone produced? Does low level ozone harm respiratory organs? How does acid rain affect forests? Read and study the following structure of explanation Activity 5 text.

Normal statement to p o sitio n rain is slightly acidic, with a pH of 6. Acid the read er. It fo cuses rain may have a pH value as low as 2. If they enter the atmosphere, the gases why or how something will oxidise gain an oxygen atom and go occurs. It is comprised into solution as acids. When it is w ashed into conjunctions. W here Does Rain Come from? The world is like your bathroom. The water in the oceans is warm when the sun shines on it.

Some of this water goes up into the sky and makes clouds. The wind carries the clouds for hundreds of kilometres. Then the clouds meet cold air in the sky, and we see drops of water.

The drops of water are rain. Rivers run into oceans. And the water Rain always comes from clouds. How rain. So water is always moving from does all that water get into the sky?

There oceans. So the rain on your head was on is hot water in your bath. Steam goes up other heads before! The water in your from the hot water. The steam makes garden was in other gardens in other small clouds in the bathroom. These countries. Decide whether each of the statements is true or Activity 7 false based on the text in Activity 6.

Rain doesn't always comes from clouds. Steam rises from the hot water. Some of the water goes down into the sky and makes clouds. The rain falls and runs into rivers. Activity 9 Read the following text.

Under Ocean of Australia does not warm as normal conditions, eastern trade winds much as it normally does. These drive becomes warmer right up to the coast the sun-warmed surface water from the of Peru in South America.

These conditions in turn States. This takes place New Guinea, and Indonesia, w hich when trade winds blow strongly and suffer drought conditions. Activity 1 Read the text. Study the structure of the text. Then write the main ideas of each paragraph.

Cooler, nutrient-rich waters and Peru.

The current is believed to rise to surface off Southern America be closely associated w ith irregular 4 , supporting extensive shoals of variations in the global weather system ancho vies o n w hich a vast fishing and it occurs approximately every 7—11 industry has developed. The weather years. The wider consequences of El over this cold water region is dry. The current Every 3—5 years a change occurs is associated with short—term changes in the ocean-atmosphere interaction.

This depresses the east thermocline sea and air on weather conditions can 7 and dramatically affects the climate. Discuss the text you have j ust read. Then rewrite it in your own words. Activity 3 Read and study the following sentences and its explanation. Most nitrogen is also emitted as one of the nitrogen oxides NO or NO 2 , both of which are gases. More ammonium NH 4 can be formed when some of the acids are partially neutralised by airborne ammonia NH3 d.

When we say what happens to people and things— what is done to them—we often use passive verb forms like is emitted, may be dry deposited, can be formed and is interrupted. Grammar Review Passive Voice In a passive clause, w e usually use a phrase beginning with by if we want to mention the agent—the person or thing that does the action, or that causes what happens.

Here is a list of all the passive forms of an ordinary English verb, with their names. The Amazon valley is extremely important to the ecology of the earth. Forty percent of the world's oxygen produce there. The game win by the o ther team tomorrow. They're a lot better than we are. In my country, certain prices control by the government, such as the prices of medical supplies. However, other prices determine by how much people are willing to pay for a product.

Yesterday the wind blow my hat off my head. I had to chase it down the street. I want, not to lose it because it's my favourite hat and it cost a lot. The government used to support the school. Today it support by private funds as well as by the tuition the students pay. Activity 5 Read the following text. Find passive sentences or clauses in it. Write them in your workbook.

W hat Causes Air to Rise? There are four ways in which the air can be forced to rise, thus causing the water droplets to condense. We will look at each of these in turn. The air is heated from the ground. This tends to occur mainly in the tropics, where UN Shot the air in contact with the ground is warmer than the air above, so it will rise.

As a result, sometimes Rudi: Why are you so huge thunder—clouds called cumulonimbus late today? Sorry, Rud. My clouds form and the associated rainfall can car This type of rainfall is called Rudi: So you came convection rain. Yes, I did. The air is forced to cross a mountain barrier. This rainfall is known as orographic rain, meaning "caused by the shape of the land". As air rises, other air must replace it which, in turn, also rises. This is a complex process.

Look at the pictures. Write an explanation text based on the diagram. New Horizon Acid rain is rain, snow, sleet, or hail that contains acids. Scientists believe it damages forests, soil, statues, bridges and buildings too.. Taken from M icrosoft Encarta Source: Look at and study the following example. The Greenhouse Effect The greenhouse effect is a warming of the air around us.

It gets its name from the greenhouses that people use to grow plants. These greenhouses let in heat from sunlight and trap it inside. Certain gases cause the atmosphere to act like the glass in a greenhouse.

The main gases that produce the greenhouse effect on Earth are w ater vapour and carbon dioxide. Scientists suspect that increased discharge of carbon dioxide from human activity notably motor transport and industry is contributing to global warming. Genre Explanation Social function: Generic structure: What expressions do you use for blaming and accusing? What do you say if you want to make a promise or swear?

What is the purpose of explanation text. Listen and repeat these expressions. What are Nadia and Adi talking about? What does Nadia want to know? What phrase does he use to express it? What does Adi hope for the government? You are going to listen to the dialogue from the tape Activity 3 again. Complete it while you are listening. I oppose it. So, is that w hy you voted for a president candidate who is pro-life?

But I heard the House is discussing a bill to legalise abortion for medical reasons. Listen to the dialogue from the tape. Activity 4 Then complete the text.