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The Outsider or The Stranger (French: L'Étranger) is a novel by Albert Camus published in Its theme and outlook are often cited as exemplars of Camus's . tetraedge.info - The PDF Library To The World | Download Free PDF eBooks raelaniabook PDF Lo straniero by Albert Camus spending a dime and it also provides movie coaching, pdf, epub and other components for. Download Lo Straniero E on your phone, desktop, laptop. Get the next free ebook download from tetraedge.info: all legally like pdf, epub books and kindle Description: Lo Straniero Ebook PDF:Lo straniero di Albert Camus scarica.

How to Download Follow Twitter. A few days later he kills an Arab man in French Algiers, who was involved in a conflict with a friend. Meursault is tried and sentenced to death. I summarized The Stranger a long time ago, with a remark I admit was highly paradoxical: Le Monde ranks it as number one on its Books of the Century. The novel was twice adapted as films: The Stranger is not merely one of the most widely read novels of the 20th century, but one of the books likely to outlive it.

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The Sympathizer Previous post: Search Ebook. The story is divided into two parts: Meursault's first-person narrative view before and after the murder, respectively.

In January , Camus said, "I summarized The Stranger a long time ago, with a remark I admit was highly paradoxical: Meursault learns of his mother's death. At her funeral, he expresses none of the expected emotions of grief. When asked if he wishes to view the body, he says no, and, instead, smokes and drinks coffee in front of the coffin. Rather than expressing his feelings, he only comments to the reader about the others at the funeral.

He later encounters Marie, a former employee of his firm. The two become re-acquainted, go swimming, watch a comedy film and begin to have a sexual relationship, despite the fact that his mother's funeral took place the day before.

For Raymond, Meursault agrees to write a letter to his girlfriend, with the sole purpose of inviting her over so that Raymond can have sex with her but spit in her face at the last minute as emotional revenge.

Meursault sees no reason not to help him, and it pleases Raymond. He does not express concern that Raymond's girlfriend is going to be emotionally hurt, as he believes Raymond's story that she has been unfaithful, and he himself is both somewhat drunk and characteristically unfazed by any feelings of empathy.

In general, he considers other people either interesting or annoying or feels nothing of them at all. The letter works: Raymond is taken to court where Meursault testifies that she had been unfaithful, and Raymond is let off with a warning.

After this, the girlfriend's brother and several Arab friends begin trailing Raymond. Raymond invites Meursault and Marie to a friend's beach house for the weekend, and when there, they encounter the spurned girlfriend's brother and an Arab friend; these two confront Raymond and wound him with a knife during a fist fight.

Later, walking back along the beach alone and now armed with a revolver he took from Raymond so that Raymond would not do anything rash, Meursault encounters the Arab. Meursault is now disoriented on the edge of heatstroke, and when the Arab flashes his knife at him, Meursault shoots. Despite killing the Arab man with the first gunshot, he shoots the corpse four more times after a brief pause.

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He does not divulge to the reader any specific reason for his crime or emotions he experiences at the time, if any, aside from the fact that he was bothered by the heat and bright sunlight. Meursault is incarcerated, and explains his arrest, time in prison, and upcoming trial. His general detachment makes living in prison very tolerable, especially after he gets used to the idea of not being able to go places whenever he wants to and no longer being able to satisfy his sexual desires with Marie.

He passes the time sleeping, or mentally listing the objects he owned back in his apartment building. At the trial, Meursault's quietness and passivity is seen as demonstrative of his seeming lack of remorse or guilt by the prosecuting attorney, and so the attorney concentrates more upon Meursault's inability or unwillingness to cry at his mother's funeral than on the actual murder.

The attorney pushes Meursault to tell the truth but never comes through and later, on his own, Meursault explains to the reader that he simply was never really able to feel any remorse or personal emotions for any of his actions in life. The dramatic prosecutor theatrically denounces Meursault to the point that he claims Meursault must be a soulless monster, incapable of remorse and that he thus deserves to die for his crime.

Although Meursault's attorney defends him and later tells Meursault that he expects the sentence to be light, Meursault is alarmed when the judge informs him of the final decision: In prison, while awaiting the execution of his death sentence by the guillotine , Meursault meets with a chaplain , but rejects his proffered opportunity of turning to God, explaining that God is a waste of his time.

Although the chaplain persists in attempting to lead Meursault from his atheism or, perhaps more precisely, his apatheism , Meursault finally accosts him in a rage, with a climactic outburst on his frustrations and the absurdity of the human condition and his personal anguish at the meaninglessness of his existence without respite.

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At the beginning of his outrage he mentions other people in anger, that they have no right to judge him for his actions or for who he is, and no one has the right to judge someone else.

Meursault ultimately grasps the universe's indifference towards humankind which allows him to come to terms with his execution. Meursault is a French Algerian who learns of his mother's death by telegram. Meursault's indifference to the news of his mother's death demonstrates some emotional detachment from his environment. There are multiple instances throughout the novel where significant moments do not have an emotional impact on Meursault. He doesn't show emotion to the fact that his mother is dead, Marie loves him or that he killed someone.

Another aspect of Meursault is that he is a truthful person. He always speaks his mind and does not care how other people see him. However, he may have committed perjury by providing hearsay testimony on behalf of his neighbor, Raymond.

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He is regarded as a stranger to society due to his indifference. He brings Meursault into the conflict which ultimately results in Meursault killing the Arab. Raymond can be a foil character of Meursault in that he takes action while Meursault is indifferent.


Raymond and Meursault seem to develop a bond as the story goes on, ending with Raymond Sintes testifying for Meursault during his trial. Raymond also believes that he can control people - he assaults a woman because he believes she cheated and he insists Meursault is his friend after a simple favor from Meursault.

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Marie Cardona is a typist in the same workplace as Meursault. A day after Meursault's mother's funeral she meets him at a public beach, which sparks their relationship. She asks if Meursault loves her but Meursault replies that he doesn't think so.

He still agrees to marry her prior to the murder and his arrest.

Marie, like Meursault, enjoys physical contact in their relationship through the act of sex. She represents the enjoyable life Meursault wants and her pleasing aesthetic is one of the things that Meursault misses in jail. Masson is the owner of the beach house where Raymond takes Marie and Meursault.

Masson is a carefree person who simply likes to live his life and be happy. He wants to live life without restrictions. Salamano is an old man who routinely takes his dog out for walks. He abuses the dog but is attached to it. When he loses his dog, he is distressed and asks Meursault for advice. Meursault does not offer helpful advice and Salamano acknowledges that his life has changed.