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His Unlikely Lover (Unwanted 3) - Natasha tetraedge.info KB. A Husband's Regret (Unwanted 2) - Natasha tetraedge.info KB. Natasha. A Husband's Regret (Unwanted #2) is a Romance,Young Adult novel by Natasha Anders, A Husband's Regret (Unwanted #2) read online free. A Husband's Regret by Natasha Anders (Unwanted #2) TwitterChia sẻ lên FacebookChia sẻ lên Pinterest. Nhãn: A Husband's Regret, EPUB, Natasha Anders.

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A Husband's Regret book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Tall and thin, twenty-eight-year-old Bronwyn Palmer has become. Editorial Reviews. Review. "Hard to put down. This intense story is heavy on the romance and Natasha Anders (Author) .. Download Audiobooks · Book. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Natasha Anders was born in Cape Town, South Africa. The Unwanted Wife (The Unwanted Series Book 1) · Natasha Anders · out of 5 stars 3, Kindle Edition. $ · A Husband's Regret ( Unwanted Book 2).

Tall and thin, twenty-eight-year-old Bronwyn Palmer has become positively gaunt, a ghost of her former self. That self was—and still is—the wife of a rich, handsome executive with an ocean-view house and his own security staff. It was in that house, two years ago, that Bryce Palmer learned Bronwyn was pregnant with their first child. For Bronwyn, it meant fleeing the perfect marriage to start over with nothing but a precocious daughter named Kayla to care for. For Bryce, it meant a tortuous two years spent blaming his wife for deserting him, and living with the pain of not knowing his child. Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App.

View all 33 comments. This is a book completely based on one mistake, wrong words spoken, that spiraled into a pit of despair. When Bronwyn informs her husband, Bryce of her pregnancy, she's blown away by his negative response. Sure, it's unexpected but accidents happen. The last thing she expected was for him to tell her to get out. But that she did She's very sick, frail, and trying to raise their daughter on a waitress salary.

She left behind a life of luxury but she had to leave Bryce has been looking for Bronwyn for two long years. When his brother runs into her at a restaurant, he makes the call. She's very ill and as much as he hates her for "what she did to him," he demands she come back to their home with his daughter. He won't make this easy for Bronwyn but a little blackmail to keep her there under his roof should do the trick.

She took two years away from him and his daughter Kayla, and he wants it back That's all you get. This is a book that I'd refrain from reading a lot of reviews for fear of spoilers.

It's also one of those books that hauls you into the climax in the prologue but then trickle feeds you the story before and after that scene. You know, the kind where you're reading and your heart is a flutter and your insides are twisted tight.

This is it. It's also one of those books where the guy is a total ass Why allow this arrogant asshat to control you and make you feel like the dirt on his shoe?

Oh yah, because you secretly want it to work between them. You can see attitude, hear his words but know that it's all really just a front to protect his heart from being shredded again If they could just talk You want to hate him but the author trickle-feeds you information that switches you to Team Bryce.

I found myself a bit I'm a sucker for a jerky guy But the events that happens between these two, the hurtful things said and done, can they put it aside and rebuild their marriage one step at a time? Deep down they both love each other still It had all the elements I love in a great read. Arrogant Hero Attractive, buff billionaire Angst beyond all measure Said arrogant hero grovel-fest Explosively hot angry-sex scenes Explosively hot make-up sex scenes 7.

HEA view spoiler [ Both books are similar plot line of misunderstanding and love gone wrong and their battle back. Different characters but there is a tiny cameo towards the end of the characters in TUW. This author will be an auto-buy for me in my quest for all things emotionally angsty. Arc received by Amazon Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This is one of those book where the hero blames the lame heroine for his own shortcomings.

I was so mad until the end and then it got somewhat better. But for me it was too late jerk-face! They are both just foolish and it was painful to watch how much the hero enjoyed blaming the silly heroine for everything and nothing. It was just pushing my limit! Without it I would have completely written this one off! Sorry, I don't thi This is one of those book where the hero blames the lame heroine for his own shortcomings.

Sorry, I don't think guys who blame others for their own inadequacies is worth my time. I would only recommend for those who like a good grovel story. Enjoy and happy reading! View all 11 comments. This should've been titled A Wife's Regret --regret for ever marrying her douchebag of a husband. Bronwyn and Bryce go through a heart breaking journey trying to understand and overcome the crumbled mess their lives have become.

What began as a single confession, turned into a torturous night that would forever change their lives. Months pass and now they are reunited and forced to pick up the pieces and unravel the truth behind, not only that night but their marriage as well. I won't go into any specifics because the beautiful, and at times breathtakingly painful journey you go on as a reader, should be experienced first hand.

How do two people find a way to clear up past transgressions, while blinded by their own notions and feelings of the events. Can love be found again? And if so, will it be enough? Can you find a way to forgive? Bryce's transformation is what romance books were made for. A man so blinded by his own self-loathing anger and stubborn pride, that he couldn't see past it. Yet slowly, in realizing his mistakes and admitting his vulnerability, he becomes the man that he was destined to be.

A man worthy of the love of a good woman. A man worthy of a beautiful family. A man who late in life, can feel hope and unconditional love run through his veins. It was through Bronwyn's steely determination to do the right thing and rebuild her life, that she was able to not only open Bryce's eyes, but hers as well.

Sometimes, you have to demolish it all in order to start again. View all 19 comments. Feb 06, Vashti rated it it was amazing. I waited anxiously for the second book in Natasha Ander's Unwanted series. This book lived up to the promise of the first. Bryce was a fleeting character in the first book,if you blinked ,you missed his appearance.

Bryce and Bronwyn met and married after a whirlwind courtship,she loved him and told him so frequently,he on the other hand ,never once confessed any feelings of love to her,she just accepted that he did. After 2 years,B "What do you mean,you're pregnant? After 2 years,Brownwyn drops the bombshell that she is pregnant with their first child.

Instead of Bryce sharing her joy,he gives her the impression that he is not happy and lashes out,telling her to leave and never come back. Bron takes him to his word and leaves thinking that once he cools down,he will follow and they will get back together.

She goes to their summer home to wait for him,he never shows and this reinforces her belief that he does not what her or the baby. Two years later ,an unexpected meeting with her brother in law at her place of work brings up the past. Bron is now the mother of an 18 month old baby girl and still recovering from a severe bout of the flu. Bron has never recovered from giving birth where she almost dies and her immune system has since been compromised.

She is in shock and does not understand his animosity towards her. She collapses ,when she comes to,she is in hospital. Futher shocks awaits,Bryce is there and demanding to know what she did with his child. Further shocking is Bryce is now deaf.

It seems that he did follow after her,but was in an automobile accident resulting in his hearing loss. He told his brother and best friend that her saw Bron at the side of the riad and she left him there to die. All misunderstanding is cleared up later as he had visual hallucinations of her being there. Bryce meets his daughter for the first time at Bron's bedside and it was a touching moment.

tetraedge.info: A Husband's Regret (Unwanted Book 2) eBook: Natasha Anders: Kindle Store

Every scene with father and daughter was moving. Bryce takes his family back to his home. Bron is so full of resentment and hurt feelings that I really disliked her character thruout the book. She did not give Bryce a chance. At one point,she even went out on a date with her teacher.

She insigated the divorce proccedings even though she still loved him. Byrce on the other hand,I felt sorry for him. He kept alot of his feelings bottled up. His feelings of being unworthy of love due to the abusive childhood he had at the hands of his father. His first memory of his childhood is a broken arm at the age of 3 courtesy of his father.

So,yes,he had my sympathy. Even though he never told Bron he loved her,I could tell that he did,thru his actions and deeds. When he finally confessed,I teared up,as a matter of fact several times ,I was chocked up while reading. When this couple had their HEA,it was a long time comming and I was pleased for them. If you are a fan if HP's,then I am sure you will enjoy this book.

It had all the elements of an angst filled read which I enjoyed. View all 25 comments. Review Oh how much I hated that dickhead Bryce and what he did to Bron — even not so much as what he did but the things he accused her of and made everyone else to believe. Oh the arrogant ass! Just like the first book by this author — I was captivated and entertained throughout the whole book — yes, there were times that the story slowed down a bit and I had to stop the temptation from skimming forward but other than that — the book was phenomenonal!

Wow…my hats off to you Ms. Bryce throws a serious fit and orders Bron out of his house and out of his life — taking him seriously, Bron takes off to their vacation home to wait but Bryce never shows up and Bron makes the choice to leave and start a new life on her own with nothing but her wedding ring and car. He takes her to the hospital and calls Bryce. The hatred pouring out of Bryce toward Bron is unbelievable but then Bryce is brought to his knees when he looks into the eyes of his daughter.

Bryce demands that Bron come and live with him — giving him the chance to get to know his daughter while getting revenge on his wife….. Is it too late for him?

Wrap-Up Love a story about a man who is brought to his knees.. For more reviews, Free E-books and Giveaways Feb 26, Geri Reads rated it really liked it. More like 3. I'll make this short. I enjoyed the Husband's Regret. Probably more than I should since the trope used by the author is not my favorite trope in the world and very few authors can pull it off. Natasha Anders did a good job with it.

It has all the right 'elements' so to speak. That and the groveling is really, really good. My only complaints about the whole plot was that the view spoiler [big misunderstanding hide spoiler ] thing became too drawn out for my taste. The More like 3. Their initial conflict could have been resolved halfway through allowing for another conflict the second half as a test to their relationship but it didn't happen.

And Bryce was so different from the man he was during the first half of the book compared to the second half of the book. And Kayla was just too darn adorable, she deserves a star in my ratings.

The angst wasn't quite as brutal as the Unwanted Wife but it figured well enough to satisfy any seasoned angst-junkie.

And as I mentioned before, Bryce's transformation was wonderful to behold. I loved his growth the most. His insecurities and fear stemming from his view spoiler [accident and subsequent loss of hearing hide spoiler ] was emotionally succinct.

Overall, quite a good read but not quite as good as the Unwanted Wife. But then that's just my humble opinion. This book deserves to read. So if you liked The Unwanted Wife, chances are, you will also enjoy this one. ARC provided by MontLake in exchange for an honest review. View all 10 comments. Apr 01, Roksana rated it really liked it Shelves: Not for the faint of heart! This read exhausted me emotionally On the other hand, it "touched me" on some level that made it very difficult not to stay immune to the predicaments both Hero and heroine were going through!

I consider this book very highly charged emotionally and angsty with a blend of depth and realism that some mind find upsetting. This book contains emotional and verbal abuse that went for a large portion of the book, so for those "who don't 3. This book contains emotional and verbal abuse that went for a large portion of the book, so for those "who don't appreciate that kind of combination" i would refrain from pursuing it!

Download natasha husbands a epub regret anders

Myself was having a hard time reading "certain scenes" that took me to a very emotional ride that "recovering" was almost impossible. However, there is no doubt the author has the ability to write in a very engaging and appealing way!

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You are not "told" but you are experiencing along the way with characters. Momentarily, I felt like I was "there" watching and feeling what both protagonists were feeling! That is probably the reason as to "WHY" this book has left such a strong impression upon finishing! I am still recovering whist writing this review and probably will still linger for awhile It makes you think "how powerful" words can be, how can one word can caused such destruction This happened here with the Hero He was so vindictive and hateful at the beginning I was asking myself a question..

He did not I never told you why I was proposing. That kind of cruelty was something I could not grant any allowances for excuses! The poor heroine was of the impression that "she married this man" in the hopes for a fully happy and committed relationship and the Hero himself was giving her an impression of his unconditional love and "in one moment" he shattered that illusion in the most brutal way!

There was no returning from this YES he tried to redeemed himself by way of making "very touching gestures" that had some special meaning for the heroine and showed "a sign" of vulnerability But my heart never recovered form the "echoes" of that ugly scene I could not hate him! I disliked him for a majority of the book for not really showing his remorse, but that was due to the author's failure in providing the heroes POV so that the reader could have a "clear" insight to his head and "clarity" of his doings!

Aka, he did redeemed himself in certain ways, but not enough for me! I liked the heroine better! She was not a push over, she stood her ground and I was immensely satisfied that the author allowed the heroine to make most of the decisions on "her terms" She divorced him, went back to college and work.

Did not whipped after the Hero, but even dated and rubbed that in the Heroes face! That was priceless! The Hero was forced to acknowledged consequences of his despicable actions!

NO she was worth more than that, and after what he had put her through, she was entitled to her freedom, happiness and some form of remedy for his wrong treatment of her! That was the strongest point in this book! That, consequences to be paid for the wrongdoings and "any woman" is strong enough to survive that kind of experience, that can rise to the surface again and be independent and happy, that life does not end there I liked that message in the end!

Hence, 3. View all 16 comments. Cannot fucking wait!!! A Husband's Regret Tall and thin, twenty-eight-year-old Bronwyn Palmer has become positively gaunt, a ghost of her former self. That self was—and still is—the wife of a rich, handsome executive with an ocean-view house and his own security staff. View 2 comments.

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Feb 13, Jacqueline's Reads rated it really liked it Shelves: I decided to put this disclaimer down because of the low reviews I see. I just love reading her books. Summary Brownwyn and Bryce seemed to have the perfect marriage. Until the day Bronwyn became pregnant. Bryce became very upset with the news and Bronwyn went away. Two years later, their lives are merging again because of their child, but there are a lot of past issues to resolve.

Review I went into this book without knowing anything, but the title. That is why I love the Unwanted series so much. You Love to Hate the Hero Bryce is a mean you know what. No one wants to deal with a distraught husband and so you feel for Bronwyn. Bronwyn is battered, single and now has to deal with her pregnancy and raising a child. Bryce says some hurtful things to Bronwyn and you will find out why.

This adds so much good tension! Both parties are justified in their anger in my opinion and maybe one is more justified than the other, but you slowly start to understand both sides. I really liked reading how Bryce and Bronwyn interact with the child.

I loved the read. H is in his 30's, h is Ends with HEA and an epilogue. Are we supposed to feel sorry for the Hero? Because he was in an accident and got hearing problems? It has NOT given him the right to be nasty, mean and hateful! He treated his wife, our heroine, very cruelly saying he doesn't want their baby or her. After two years he suddenly accuses her of depriving him of their child, threatening to take the little girl from her as revenge.

A Husband's Regret

He bullies and lies and is every way horrible person. And she keeps apologizing and doing everything as he orders as a good doormat does. No way is that love! And suddenly there's HEA and all is forgotten and forgiven. I wanted to vomit. Save your money and your mental health, don't read this rubbish. Believe it or not, this is the short version of this review. I know one reads Romance expecting a fuzzy rose glow over behavior that would be unacceptable in real life, but this goes above and beyond.

Full disclosure: I didn't finish. I skimmed other reviews to see if it would get any better, but it seems that it doesn't. My comments stem from the first few chapters, and are the explanation of why I put it down and regret buying it. In a Romance novel I can forgive an emotionally battered woman falling into the patterns of a battered wife; that's realism. The 'heroine' surely shows all the signs, excusing her husband's fits of irrational temper but he always calms down and is sorry!

She also limply allows her voice and wishes to be drowned out, even though her daughter's emotional maybe physical safety is unsure if her father is around. Apparently, it's better to have a father with an explosive temper who says cruel things to woman than no father at all? She only hides from him because, if I read correctly, she's sure he's rejected her for reals, y'all, and doesn't want to inconvenience him with her pathetic existence.

OK, fine, she's been abused by a man who does nothing to reassure her insecurities about their relative wealth and status.


Some of my favorite romance novels are about battered women who find true love. This is NOT such a book. Dear reader, she got back together with the abuser. That's bad enough, but not enough to make me one-star a book someone spent a lot of time crafting. But what made me toss this book and desperately want to pull my money back from its support of this book was the complicit behavior from all the other characters, who enabled the abuse at every turn. The brother-in-law's wife, herself a new mother, knowing that it's upsetting the heroine, not only fails to speak up, but tries to sweet-talk the heroine into going along with what is, essentially, a kidnapping.

Regret anders download husbands epub a natasha

I am not kidding. The brothers, while shouting at the heroine for an accident she 'caused' but knew nothing about, ordered her to quit her job, berated her daughter's cheap clothing, and told her to come with them. Where walls are rare and staff is all over the place! Where staff is trained to intervene! The entire universe here conspires to override the heroine's voice and enable the abusers to kidnap her.

But that's just the characters. Perhaps this is a clever social commentary in which the characters' actions highlight the pathology of abuse?

If only. No, the omniscient third-person narrator is complicit every step of the way. Only the author miscalculates; the big misunderstanding would never have happened if the hero weren't an abuser.

The heroine treated this abuse as a normal part of her husband's personality even before he flipped his lid about her pregnancy.

And the resolution of the misunderstanding, as I understand it, doesn't seem to be each party realizing their pathology and vowing to do better. I'm left feeling very, very afraid for the child who will grow up seeing this every day of her life. I take no pleasure in trashing an author's work. I write myself, and I know how much of one's self is in writing, and how much it hurts when other people view it very differently than intended.

I'm sure Ms. Anders in no way meant to imply that abuse is normal and fine! That said, this text, however unconsciously, encourages girls and women to submit to abuse. That abuse is romantic. Finding authors who grew up with different perspectives is not just important, it leads to more enjoyable reads.

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A Love Story. More Than Anything. Now available on. The Broken Pieces Book 1. Home Natasha Anders T About Me. The Books. Hard to put down. This intense story is heavy on the romance and is nontraditional in many aspects, right down to the South African setting.

Best Seller. Eighteen months into their marriage, however, Sandro has turned to ice. Desperate to escape a relationship that has proven to be as stubbornly passionate as it is cold and hateful, Theresa summons up the courage to ask for a divorce.

The stalemate sickens her. Never mind that Sandro has yet to introduce Theresa to the large family that means so much to him. Or that Theresa overhears her husband on the phone with a mystery woman. From the depths of her anxiety, Theresa must seek an empowering truth about the husband who calls her, with such cold affection, his cara, his beloved.

Revised edition: This edition of The Unwanted Wife includes editorial revisions. Chemistry was a terrible thing; sometimes it simply sparked between the wrong people. The Unwanted Wife. Wife Trumps all. I want to be here with you. Why is that so hard for you to understand? That self was—and still is—the wife of a rich, handsome executive with an ocean-view house and his own security staff.

It was in that house, two years ago, that Bryce Palmer learned Bronwyn was pregnant with their first child. For Bronwyn, it meant fleeing the perfect marriage to start over with nothing but a precocious daughter named Kayla to care for. For Bryce, it meant a tortuous two years spent blaming his wife for deserting him, and living with the pain of not knowing his child. There you are.

Thank you for everything.