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PSX on PSP / PSX2PSP eBoot ISOs If you'd like to nominate Street Fighter EX2 Plus (USA) for Retro Game of the Day, please Direct Download Links. Nov 24, Download Street Fighter EX2 Plus (USA) PSP Eboot ROM ID: SLUS released on December 30, for the Sony PlayStation (PSX). May 11, PSX EBOOTS. Free Playstation Eboots For PSP Console. home · About · Requests Street Fighter EX2 Plus PSX PS1 Eboot Free Download.

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Jul 17, FORMATO: Eboot Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha Emulador Game Boy Advance de Marvel para psp . Sega Master System PSX You may also like these PSX ISOs Digimon World · GameShark Version ( Unl) · Silent Hill (v) · Pepsiman (Japan) or these PSX Fighting/Beat 'Em Up. Download Street Fighter EX2 Plus [U] [SLUS] ROM / ISO for PlayStation ( PSX) from Rom Hustler. % Fast Download.

So if you original game id is SLUS The name of the game. PSX ID: The identification number used by Sony. Typically this is on the Playstation CD. This is the type of TV this game was made for.

Tested on 3. Crashed after character is chosen at a blank screen if left too long. After chosen character, the screen will go black, immediately press the X button and the game will run normally. By 2PS Alone in the Dark: By,Caustic Paradox. Seems to work fine if you have your 'Disc-Load Speed' set to 'Normal'. On 'Fast', it'll crash sometime during the first in-game conversation. By XsilentX: Runs flawlessly on 5.

Update from SaintPizzy: Works under 3. Works flawlessly on 5. Update from Druids New update works flawlessly under 5. Works Perfectly! Runs perfect on 3. Update from XsilentX: Works under 5. Works fine in 5. Tested by 2PS. Freezes when man in gun shop speaks funnily enough. Mine also works perfetly but the screen has a a black border at the top.

DebugJunky 5. Debug menu when pressing select works to change location. Seems to be working great. Blazing Dragons Tested on 3.

Blaster Master: Crashes in on-foot dungeons. Crashes at 'Dec 25' right after the Christmas Party. Please elaborate which pops you tried. It works perfect! Tested by Joseph Collins. Freezes once entered police station.

Yes U 3. So use one of the GameID's below. Hangs for a minute after PS logo. Tested by MonkeyJamboree Works fine on 5. DebugJunky According to "John": Saving seems to be fixed on 3. Tested by MasterTurkey. One of my FavS. When you do use one of these gameIDs you'll sometimes notice a little slowdown or some. I 2nd that motion. Flawlessly in 3. By Roxas 5.

Blood Omen: Junky 5. Stretch looks like widescreen. So press Start as soon as you can to skip it. Also the slowdown and stuttering in voices isslightly better. Works perfectly no slowdown.

Plus eboot download fighter ex2 street psx-psp

Only seems to work. However if you try to watch the opening cinematic after starting a new game it will freeze at a black screen after it zooms in on the castle. DebugJunky 4. Many GUIs make bad eboots. Ever since then my save file has worked. The black screen may have been a one-off glitch. Using popsloader plugin. Yes U 4. Battles run perfectly. After the FMV you'll be stuck on the main menu until you quit.

Help for 'Street fighter ex2 plus' file eboot.pbp ?

Works perfectly on 5. After the Capcom logo you will get a blank white screen. Same as above. Working fine so far. Works again. I restarted and tried a new game instead. Upon first trying this pops the game started fine. The opening FMV can be heard playing.

But when it works. No problems seen so far with this version half-way through Chapter 3. I manage to get past that bit and never needed to return.. I left it running and it does still run. Apparently this is a pixel hunt. Paris hospital. Tested on pops 4. I can also confirm 5. CFW 3. People on forums also mention both. Works perfectly. Well actually. Broken Sword: Tested with Popsloader 3. Experiencing a little delay when playing Hamm's stage. Just no soundtracks but there are sounds FX 3.

A bit laggy. Works fine on 5. Music cuts off during gameplay Buster Bros.

I used SLPS others may work tough and popsloader. Freezes just before intro movie. Arcade Edition Bust-A-Move 3dx 3. Changing ID seems to work. Runs fine with pops 3. Test on 3. Tested by Tickolas. Enjoy By h34dc4s3 3. Runs perfectly. Doesn't boot. Will not work with 3. No issues 3.

PSX on PSP Compatibility List

Town portals don't work i've found. Use 3. I'm running the game on CFW 5. There will be some minor slowdowns during load fades. Another user that has tried this method says that the game plays faster on their POP's 3. I'm almost 6 hours into the game and so far no freezes or crashes.

Runs fine on 3. Sound skips. Graphics are perfect in 5. Tested by MasterTurkey 5. Update by GamerbyDesign: Everything works perfectly. Inside the circuit boards.

The game runs great overall. Shotgun freezing is fixed on the PSP Slim using 4. Sound and graphics are good. Update by Mavincenzi: PSP-Slim 5. Japanese version of game was used. Y2Jacky Voices do not work under 3. When popsloader loading menu appears. So in order to fix this. Update 2 by GamerbyDesign: Update by JarvyBirdman: On the PSP Slim 4. No problems with weapons or items. MenuS fine. Everything runs perfectly so far. Strangely the Purple Plant does not drop Fire Magic.

Intro is messed up. For some reason the Purple Plant drops an invisible item. Doesn't seem to freeze like it did before. Double Dragon Dr Slump Dracula: The Resurrection Dracula 2: If you want to unlock all the magic you'll probably have to use CWcheat codes.

Sometimes freezes. You cannot continue without collecting it. If you attempt to collect it the game will freeze. Perfect with 3. Gameplay is a little fast. Disney's Tarzan Disney World Quest. Game works and is playable. Creehan reports: Seems to work pretty good in Pops 4. Same problem. Demon Fortress crash Workaround -Crash found at Demon Fortress gate Door will not open until item is picked up in this case the item was discolored and pickup caused the crash.

Tutorial Level crash Workaround http: Chapter 1. Using CW cheat. POPS 3. Able to restart missions. Stopped locking up on Deathpal boss using 3. Repeated the above. Update by hugotinini: From TheFilipinoChannel: The restart problem is gone when played from 'original from flash' in 5.

I had high hopes of the newer firmware solving the issues. Slow down issues. Purple Plant drops invisible object and game still crashes. Played on PSP fat in version 5. Use this patch in CD2 to play full game. Text windows do not display.

Tuga98 5. Although the slow down issue still remains. No slowdown though. Tested by Roxas Tested by J30H30 Works perfectly 3. No music. Tested by J30H30 3. The link above is dead. Assassin2k 5. Use popsloader and 3.

Street Fighter EX2 Plus (USA) ISO < PSX2PSP ISOs | Emuparadise

Convert save back to PSP and continue on next disc make sure save is correct game code for the disc. Runs great. Music works. To work around this issue use cwcheat to save and then transfer to PC. Crashed when attempting to quit in-game. Screen appears black on all firmware from 3. Hitting cancel to back out of all menus and then going back to it sometimes it takes a few tries will eventually cause it to draw properly. I'm two hours into it.

Fuzone Going to the save game screen sometimes draws garbage. Like when you just leave a town. Game freezes after goal or corner kick etc. From Mr. From my observations. No lag or bugs. This occurs on most versions emulated by 3. The sound glitch from 3. You have to move at least one square for the graphic error to not occur. I am only beginning the game. No gameplay issues have been seen while using 3. Once you get to the title screen you'll have a perfectly working save.

Known moves to cause this so far: Hell Bubbles. Seal Evil basically any attack that can cause sleep or silence. Battle swirl works fine.

Make sure your Disc-Load Speed is set to "Normal". You can now reset and use popsloader and use a higher version to play the game. To solve this. Certain enemy moves can cause the the whole screen to turn green or red while still hearing battle sounds and music. If you do manage to make it to the field screen. There's no corrupt save file problem. If you have it on Fast the game may glitch after a battle. The Music tempo is slightly too quick but other than that it works great didn't crash or glitch at all.

Game glitches in battle after Yuffie steals your materia. If you use a high version of pops you will get a corrupted save. No battle swirl. The same bug is present in the PS2: Right after you beat Demon Gate.

Plus eboot street psx-psp ex2 download fighter

The game freezes at certain points in Cosmo Canyon. Go down to the south of Gonagaga. The battle swirl causes the game to glitch. I'm getting the freezes consistently.

Same problem 3. Switch to a different version of Pops to get past this issue. Everything else worked fine. Use the popsloader designed for 3. Use the new popsloader to run the game under a version that works. BUT there will be no Tiny Bronco there. Other FMVs might freeze as well. Some attacks sound odd but other than that it runs flawlessly. The game froze when trying to enter the 3rd area of the Ancient forest.

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Some scenes cause pixelation like unreadable text and wrong colors. Jar in which Yuffie hides in during the Wutai sidequest doesn't shake. If you get this freeze. FMV plays fine on 3. Starting a New Game causes the game to hang endlessly. I ripped the images from original black. I am currently 3 hours in to Disc 1.

No errors at all so far will update this if I come across anything. I also started a new game and played up to the first battle and all was well. I guess there are different bugs in the the different eboot makers! Will update. I will edit this as I get further in to the game.

Also hangs on 4. For best results. No Lockup. Finished the game without problems. And minor slowdown when exiting battle.. Works perfect if set on normal through.. Otherwise Seems like the game sometimes get totally messed up when exiting battle if the disc speed is set on fast. Main Game ID using the original. Pojkflickan 5. I'm now at disc 3 and still no error except for 1 when you get the Imperial Guard item. Playing in "original" size works.

Drawing for an extended period of time. I used original pops from the 5. Img Burn to Rip. Things that may cause the game to freeze especially on the default GameID: Battle Swirl: Scanning and casting magic in battle.

There's also this tool to switch between two popular IDs. AeroSigma 1 October Still problems with Scan magic: Fighting Granaldo in Training Area 3. Fighting Elvoret in the Comm Tower. If you want to just use the original Game ID. Using SCAN is likely to cause a crash. There were a few slight glitchy bits where I thought it was going to freeze.

It drops a frame or two when entering a battle. When fighting Griever if he draws from you. Default GameID on default settings works great. Many special attacks monsters and bosses can do.

For some people it may freeze on the first disc during the dance when rinoa looks at squall after bumping into another couple this problem is caused by a bad torrent download if it happens to you i reccomend downloading it from an alternate location 4. This will only be necessary if you are using a Multiboot.

Used ISO Producer 1. Create Eboot with at least 2 I did all 4 Discs. Works fine when popsloader is disabled. Aekom 4. Working with no problems encountered using game id SLPS I've been playing over an hour with no problems at all. But so far. You can use 3. Not freezing when using scan. NoahBody 5. Using certain spells such as Full Life. Will update as I get further into the game. Using default game ID and original from flash pops.

It didnt froze on Diablos fight or any boss fight so far. Squall will not move. All FMV's work. Im already on disk 3. Mikey 5. Any ideas? Xandro 5. Game works with more or less the same flaws afflicting the NTSC version.

I tryed ALL pops and none of it seems to work. Additionally the FMV at the start of the festival can bug out and make a loud buzzing sound. Minor frame dropping during scenes with many characters.

Minor sound glitches during some model-based battle scenes on 3. Other than that works perfect. Opening FMV played for me. With sound. With a single disc Eboot. This probably won't help any for the later FMV. After switching disks it'll start the FMV with all of the sound.

And all other FMVs too.

Opening FMV played from the first disk and probably single disk eboots has no sound. It'll ask you to put in the first disc. Worked perfect. I'm in Gizamaluke's Grotto with no problems with the gameplay. There is barely noticeable lag in. Just like the orginal. If you have problems in game. I switched the Popsloader to 4. Other than that. I've had no other problems and I'm on Disc 4 but I'll update if it changes. At the end of Disc 4.

The opening sequence had no sound but everything else was fine. Using single disc eboots in the default Popsloader from flash so 5. I found battle lags more in forest areas for some reason especially magic casting. I was in a battle with the crystallized of the elemental bosses and cast Quake and it froze. When starting the game use popsloader 3. Popstation GUI by akadewboy. Used Fast for disc load speed. After you change discs to disc 1 the opening FMV will have sound.

Game is perfectly emulated under POPS 3. DebugJunky GEN 5. Just finished the game with no mentioned lack of sound or other glitches noted above. Tested by Chrisguy. Sound issues. Final Fantasy 9 PAL: Works fine in the 5. EasySan Works perfectly on 5. Tested all the way through main story and some side quests. You can find the patch here: Final Fantasy IX Patch.

From Ryouru: No bugs verified when playing from flash on 5. From Reifnir: Played on 'original from flash' in firmware 5. Even with compression level at none the issue remains. Everything looks pretty good.

Missle attacks and attacks with Flamethrowers will work much better. Game crashs and my PSP shuts down when. Even the lower POPS versions which i couldn't. The Xinzhu path is still broken. Due to a bug. Frogger 2: Aside of that. Slim After the Yingko path battle.

If you choose Xinzhu the PSP will show the loading screen but then stay black. The game boots fine and I have not experienced the 0 HP Leg bug. Behaves the same as above. From Jeety: No leg issues. Don't start at all on 5. All Working perfectly so far 5. I must be pretty lucky. However I did find an issue in the mission choice after the Ba Kui Dam. Keikura 3. Game runs flawlessly.

I've been playing on the Fat PSP with firmware 5. From realitor: Playing on a PSP with 5. PSP Slim. Although if the enemy wanzer's legs HP is 0 and you destroy the wanzer all parts or the body not sure on that yet it won't freeze. No 0 hp leg bug. Working perfectly 3. UltrasevenX 3. StormPooper 4. Everything else seems OK.

Plays with no music. No Errors on 3. Best select 4. Runs fine. Seems to work fine. Running 5. Tested by MonkeyJamboree 5. ChapmeisterFlash 4. Tested on 4. Tested by MonkeyJamboree and yes. U killergp Popsloader 5. Locks up on other pops at random spots. There are some attacks that monsters use. Grand Theft Auto: Just to make sure I tried every attack in the game. Plue no Daibouken Groove Adventure Rave: Works perfectly 4.

Works perfectly PSP 3k 5. Seems to work fine when using 4. Work fine. Locks up when you go to teleport at the basement at the beginning of the game.

Works great 4. Plays flawlessly til the end of disx one. Tested by MonkeyJamboree 4. Tested in 5. From this on you can return to the start menu still with graphical mess and chose the different options.

Works perfectly so far. Music stutters on switching from one area to another.. Works flawlessly. Started playing. Perfectly playable despite being in Japanese..

No save between disc 1 and 2. Unfortunately at the last level the game crashes and the PSP reboots so I couldn't finish the game. I finished it without any problem. Music no longer stutters. JND 5. No sound on older pops. Does the same on pops 4. Blank screen after seeing a grave in a cutscene assuming it's the end of the chapter. Can quit using Home. Tested by SephirothX 3. Works Perfectly. Crashes on story mode opening cutscene.

Loads EA Logo. Does not work and will not work on any version. No Errors! Tested by linksword01 [edit] Hokuto no Ken. Works using 3. Working flawlessly.

This is the one PSX game that cannot be emulated on any platform. The Italian Job. The Pantheon Saga. Its faster then the FPS you get on this game. Technically it does run however your better off looking at a slide show. Aparently plays fine with Original from flash. Title hangs at the loading screen. I used CloneCD to rip the image of the disk. By 2PS 5. MJC 3. I tried lots of different CDDA converters too. By padawon 3. Incredible Hulk. Confirmed by j1ggy using 4. To get past 2nd forest or others freezes.

If it doesnt let u save like the old bug. Same thing with 5. I have tried 3. This game can be fully played on PSP. Game starts and runs. Good Luck! Basically unless someone comes up with a fix it looks like this game can't be fully played on PSP.

By StriderH2 using 5. Works and loads fine. Runs perfect. K Name Kagero. Slow loading times. Tried it myself and you're right. Timestop causes temporary slowdown. Tested by SephirothX Works well 3. Dream Match Never Ends. Multi-disc image. Have not tried single-disc images. Xyle 5. As mentioned above. Bad Mr Frosty This is a bit of a pain to get working. I've almost completed the game so I'll update when I do. Create single disc eboots AND a multi disk. Just save at the end of vision and when it freezes.

When you finish Vision and try to load the next level the game hangs. Did for me. I got past the previous contributor's freeze by using 3. Game runs great. Freezes a few seconds after talking to couple at beginning of game. I'm halfway through the game. Go to the memory card management section from the HOME menu and import your save from the multi disk eboot.

Play until after the disc switch. Play until the end of disc 1. Quit and reload the multidisk eboot in POPS 5. Quit and reload disk 4 in POPS 3. There is a save point just before the disc switch. Quit and reload disk 3 in POPS 3. Start the game from the single disc eboot for disc one using POPS 3. Boot up the single disc eboot for disc 3 in POPS 5. When you reach disc 3.

Quit the game and start up the multi disk eboot using POPS 3. Boot up the single disc eboot for disc 4 in POPS 5. I was able to play the game from the multi disc eboot using firmware 3. Background music is CD-Audio. Tested in 3. Play a singledisc eboot and if you like it buy the game. I don't know what the above guy is smoking but 3.

Working with background music. Druids 5. Tested on both 5. Would play fine. Switched to 3. Graphical issues during the demo. The only pops that can run this game without issues is 3. While playing on 3. Recommended that you change shoulder buttons to R1 and R2 so you can do special combos and magic more easily. Works great. Tested by dish: Minor sound deterioration during battles. Update to 3. Seems to happen at the same spots.

After Main Menu. Finished the game. Also use popsloader to emulate other firmwares. Works perfectly on my 3. People have found that if you don't turn into a Dragoon during the Lenus fight then it wont freeze.

At least. Actual gameplay works fine on 3. No lag or freezes. DebugJunky works on Using other Firmwares does not fix the problem. Sometimes after using DragoonMagic the fight will not continue. Related Questions Street fighter ex2 plus help!? More questions. Who is your favorite Street Fighter character? Answer Questions Why does everyone say that the video game Majora's Mask is creepy?

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