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Find out Nonte Fonte special collection of 10 books here. ⬇ Nonte Phonte ( Bengali: নন্টে-ফন্টে), also spelled as Nonte Fonte, is a Bengali comic-strip (and later comic book) . Coco Ebooks 9 October at You can get More Healing Stories PDF Free. Download 28 Bengali Tintin comic books here. Nonte Fonte comics download, Nonte fonte PDF Books, Bangla comics, Bengali cartoon books free download. Here is the ultimate site for reading and downloading bangla ebooks for free. Nonte Fonte Comics New Collection, Bangla Pdf Comics Free Download, Free.

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Posts about Nonte Fonte written by Bengalifreebook. নন্টে ফন্টে (Nonte Fonte). Uploaded by Rokibul Islam. Copyright: Attribution Non- Commercial (BY-NC). Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Bangla E-books Free Download: Nonte Fonte Samagro By Narayan Debnath Nonte Fonte Comics New Collection, Bangla Pdf Comics Free Download, Free.

Latest Books:. Posted by Unknown Posted on Narayan Debnath, Nonte Fonte Samagro,. Part 2. Part 3.

Editor duo Deepak Roy and Deepak Ranjan has collected some wonderful pieces of poetry from all around the world.

Nonte Phonte

This book is the second installment of the two-book set and it comes from the house of Avijan Publisher. This book is the first installment of the two-book set and it comes from the house of Avijan Publisher. The Mahabharata as discussed by Shuddhasatva Ghosh. This is the third installment of the three-book series. Shopping cart 0 items - 0.

Nonte Fonte Samagra by Narayan Debnath

Nonte Fonte Samagra by Narayan Debnath Narayan Debnath Publication: Bengali Binding: Hard Cover Pages: Print Send to a friend. Description Reviews 0. Reviews There are no reviews yet. You may also like… desktop-columns-3 tablet-columns-2 mobile-columns-1 Sale Quick View.

Add to basket. In stock Out of stock Languages: Deep Prakashan Binding: Hardbound Genre: Narayan Debnath, Nonte Fonte Samagro,.

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Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Part 6.

Part 7. Share this article:. Narayan Debnath , Nonte Fonte Samagro.

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Post a Comment. New Books. Wells H. Rowling j. Jafar Iqbal Md. Kanoida R.

Nonte Fonte HoiChoi - Bangla E-books Free Download

He is always heckled by the students. Thakur is a year-old man, who he is servant of his owner The Superintendent. He likes to dance in his house with radio. Often the compulsion behind an action is to eat a good meal or to stash away some goodies, something many who have lived in hostels in India or elsewhere may be able to relate to.

In many of the earlier strips and comic books, Nonte and Phonte do not always get along.

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They may fight but often some good comes to a bystander under amusing circumstances. The superintendent is a loathsome, corrupt, and lazy individual who believes in beating the students.

However, he is usually tricked by Keltuda and then ultimately deceived by Nonte and Phonte in the end of many story panels and decides to thrash Keltuda. Keltuda is usually quite greedy and malicious towards Nonte and Phonte. Many times, he succeeds in getting the duo into trouble but they always get back at him sometime.

He comes off as being extremely clever, but in each story this cleverness is invariably revealed as being foolhardiness. In some cases, they are friends with Keltuda and the three of them do good things, or get in trouble. The series however discontinued due to poor production values and low TRPs. Coco Ebooks 9 October at Subscribe to: