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"The Sum of All Kisses (Smythe-Smith Quartet, #3)" - by Julia Quinn Quinn Julia - Smythe-Smith Quartet 1 - Just Like Heaven ( Avon epub. MB. The Sum Of All Kisses - Julia Quinn ~ Chương Số lần đọc/download: / Cập nhật: + Link download: ePub Kindle Mobi/ PRC PDF A4 A4 PDF A5 “He can multiply monstrously huge sums in his head. The Sum Of All Kisses - Julia Quinn ~ Chương Số lần đọc/download: / Cập nhật: + Link download: ePub Kindle Mobi/ PRC PDF A4 A4 PDF A5 And if you'll all excuse me, I'm leaving with Hugh.”.

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Bestsellers Kindle ePUB or Aple He thinks she s an annoying know it allHugh Prentice has never had By Julia Quinn | 13 November New Download [ The Sum of All Kisses (Smythe-Smith Quartet, #3) ] Author [ Julia Quinn ] For. At one point in The Sum of All Kisses, our characters eat wedding cake that is frosted with beautiful lavender flowers. This book is like really. From Julia Quinn, the New York Times bestselling author of steamy historical romances, comes the third Home>; FICTION>; Romance>; The Sum of All Kisses - EPUB To read e-books on the BookShout App, download it on: . comes the third seductive installment of the Smythe-Smith Quartet, The Sum of All Kisses.

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The minus is because some of the tonal shifts regarding abuse were akward — not because I'm always opposed to dark material, but because they seemed to be shoehorned in somewhat awkwardly. Anyway, my fingers are crossed, too. Lack of resolution or at least a conversation between Hugh and Freddie really bothered me. Also the mathematician stuff felt thrown in whenever convenient. But the character growth worked for me.

These two reviews are so interesting! Ward style fiasco. I loved this book for the most part; I agree that Quinn is back at her old form after what seems to be a very long flat spel with this one. Yes, they managed to contain him for now, but they also had to allow him to stil be a part of their lives and, once Hugh and Sarah have a son, they lose all power over him.

A- Title: November 6, at Stephanie Burgis says: November 6, at 1: There was alot of awkwardness when Lord Hugh Prentice and Lady Sarah Pleinsworth first met where there's still alot of anger and unanswered questions.

Sarah still hasn't forgiven Hugh for the heartache he put her family through with the duel and her cousin Daniel being chased from home. Hugh is still dealing the effects of this duel with a ruined leg and his very crazy father.

As peace finally reigns for both families things come to head for these two when their stuck together for a week and surprised when a spark flares between them.. I've been waiting for Hugh's story and I wasn't disappointed! This story just felt different like JQ tapped into one of the later Brighton's books with a more depth and less fluff for her characters. She had awkward sentences and conversations between Hugh and Sarah that at times were bothersome, but was creative as it reflective on how they acted around each other or tried to.

Both didn't have the greatness first impression so it was a great dance to see them become friends. This I truly treasured it made it stand even more out for me. They became friends who slowly started to understand one another and become to know one another and that became wholly romantic for me because they started to fall "in love" and not insta-love or have some misunderstanding throwing them together.

With Sarah being a tad selfish and Hugh being a tad gruff and a tad cool. To have them play off one another from arguments to falling in love had me grinning and sighing cause it made it all that more special because they were so human in their interactions. I loved loved Hugh, from his way with numbers, his memory of the small things and his rare grins and especially his understanding that one can believe in unicorns even when your a grown up.

He was perfect in his imprecations, his leg didn't stop him at anything and his scars he carried only made him that more of s special man who learned from his mistake and made him stronger from it.

Sarah could be blinded by her narrow mindedness but once she let go of her anger, she was able to see beyond it to the great man in front of her. She showed what a firebrand she is as she stood up the monster and slay a great dragon to prove her love to her man!

And those first kisses between the two were so smokin' The sensual level was yummy with great sexual tension I really miss in HR's now of days! It was heartbreaking when Hugh's past is shown and the death deal was reveled. I felt Sarah's reacted was a tad over the top but believable because it showed she truly, truly cared about his well-being and his state of well-being.

She quickly goes after Hugh so the pity party is short lived hide spoiler ] This quickly became one of my all time favorite JQ books and romance books. It was sensual and charming and oh so romantic- One of JQ's best! View all 9 comments. Why do people hate this book???

I truly loved it. It was a very slow-burn romance, almost excruciatingly slow, and there's nothing I love more than that in an HR. It felt like a real HR, not a contemporary in disguise. I know Julia Quinn writes those love-at-first-sight books like book 2 as often, but IMO she's at her best when she's doing slow-burn. Maybe that's a matter of personal preference though.

Readers who want action will not find it here. At first they were enemies, they hated each other and this didn't change overnight. I could see their relationship changing and evolving along with their feelings before my eyes as they got to know each other better and spend time together. I could see them beginning to appreciate each other, grudgingly at first, with all their heart later and eventually falling completely in love.

I loved Hugh! I loved his beautiful mind and his kind heart and his leg was just one vulnerability about him that made me feel even more drawn to him. Sarah was an interesting heroine. She was very kind, but could also be very selfish. Strangely, selfishness is not a quality that easily bothers me.

Sum epub kisses the julia download all of quinn

Probably because I believe very few people are truly pure and completely selfless in their hearts and selfishness just makes a character feel more round and multi-layered. I couldn't stop laughing! Especially about the unicorns. I really, really, really need Francis's story!! Please Mrs. Maybe you could pair her up with one of the new Bridgertons you're writing about!! Wouldn't that be great? I don't know why people think Julia Quinn has lost her charm.

I can see her talent shining brighter than ever. The whole series has been nothing but excellent. And I like that it's laugh-out-loud funny, but in a very subtle way, not, for example, like Tessa Dare's humour that feels too modern for an HR with all the pop culture references and the outlandishness.

View all 52 comments. Dec 27, Sharon rated it really liked it. I love when a series is consistently good throughout. Here are some of my thoughts in no particular order: Sarah and Hugh are so cute. A solid, noble guy. He is so stiff and grumpy in the beginning, but he turns out to be rather sweet later on. Funny, argumentative. She never gets annoying. I get why she says certain things, and I end up appreciating that she is vocal about her feelings.

Seeing how much Sarah cares about her imperfect, crazy family is sweet. Overall, there is a good vibe and flow throughout the book during the development of the relationship, but by the end, I feel like there should have been something more, maybe another scene, maybe another plotline, idk. Overall, this is a great read. Angst level?

Other things to note? Very, very faithful relationship. No other people at all. When Hugh and Sarah are sitting outside on the lawn together, bantering. Explicit details on sex. Vague mentions of rape and child abuse no graphic scenes or actual scenes in the book hide spoiler ] So far, a very amusing and funny series.

Hoping this one will be just as good as the others. I know that Julia Quinn will captivate me with the romance, charm and humour of her stories. Hugh is definitely the most tormented of the heroes in this series Even though he did everything in his power to make things right after the reckless, drunken duel, he is still filled with overwhelming guilt.

Sum epub the julia download kisses of all quinn

He seems a lonely figure… constantly in pain from his lameness and believing it makes him less of a man. Both he and Sarah have preconceived ideas about each other. For that, I can never forgive you. There are many delightful scenes but I absolutely love this one…for me it is gloriously romantic! It was the strangest, most awkward waltz imaginable. Instead of a clasped pair of hands, elegantly arched before them, they both put their weight on the cane.

He hummed in three-quarter time, and he led with light pressure on her back, moving the cane whenever it was time to turn. He had not danced in nearly four years.

But tonight … It was magical, almost spiritual, and he knew that there was no way he could ever thank her for this moment, for restoring a piece of his soul. Ms Quinn always imbues her stories with a strong sense of family and the scenes between Sarah and her younger sisters are a sheer delight. There appeared to be sixteen different conversations going on at once.

With only three participants. View 2 comments. So I went from hating the heroine Sarah to liking her once she put her dramatic sighs and high handed judgmental attitude away. Her and Hugh were really sweet together once they realized they were crazy for each other Everything just fell apart right after when the silly melodrama with Hugh's father got in the way tying your grown ass son to a bed? I thought Hugh's backstory was interesting and heartbreaking but I think Quinn went to extremes to make So I went from hating the heroine Sarah to liking her once she put her dramatic sighs and high handed judgmental attitude away.

I thought Hugh's backstory was interesting and heartbreaking but I think Quinn went to extremes to make his villainous father unhinged and disgusting. I'm not a prude by any means when it comes to reading tastes but I need good motivation behind why a bad character does what he does, what drives him.

Some of the things Hugh's father did were a little all over the place that it left me feeling I don't know, or maybe it was the fact that some of his uh His father likes rough sex, he man-handled and possibly beat his wife in bed, he's clearly a horndog. But the things he did to Hugh's older brother Freddie when they were younger just left me going huh?

His hellbent fury and revenge against Daniel for ruining Hugh's life was a little extreme and convoluted to me given how little he thought of his own family and again, how he treated his own off-springs. Did Julia forget this? I don't know, something just wasn't clicking for me with this whole conflict.

And doing this all for the family title didn't jive with me. The villain's motivations for giving Hugh and his loved ones such grief was contrived and all over the place. And don't get me started on the ludicrous deal Hugh makes with his father to leave Daniel alone. Are you kidding me??

The Sum of All Kisses (Smythe-Smith Quartet, #3) by Julia Quinn

And Sarah's reaction to it was so dramatic and OTT. He made this deal way before he even met her, so I didn't understand her I want to die! Everyone acted like it was a done deal and Daniel's offended angry reaction to finding Sarah with Hugh didn't make sense and was just unnecessary. The love story, whatever there was, was nice but it fell short for me, not enough alone time for these two.

I loved the ending but I wanted more. And the author's habit of rambling inner monologues got tedious fast. The number of things our heroine feels necessary to point out, and emphasize and break down further with parenthesis was so pointless and annoying.

What's with all the parenthesis usage? It's nearly on every page and adds nothing to the dialogue. It only makes things more long winded. Is this a new thing with JQ? I can't stand it. Her characters seem to love to go off on tangents while talking with others and speaking internally as well. It just doesn't work and got annoying fast. Bottom line: I really feel JQ's only successful work is the Bridgerton series. Even her backlist works haven't worked for me with the exception of Minx the OTT silly dramatic characters with never ending conversations where everyone interrupts each other is not my idea of witty.

I thought it was just a writing quirk of hers she phased out I guess not. It was definitely more pronounced here with Sarah's squabbling nosy younger sisters. Forgive me but I did not find the endless arguing, shrieking and bantering cute but rather annoying. And Sarah's behavior in the beginning of this is like nails on a chalkboard and unforgivable.

It focuses on a family of girls who can't play their instruments but nobody has the heart to tell them they suck. I mean How is this cute? Or funny? I'm not laughing here. The overall humor falls so flat.

Instead of quirky and charming it's rather insufferable. I honestly don't get the appeal or purpose behind this other than "they know the Bridgertons" and milking that angle for all it's worth.

It's like that one annoying relative or acquaintance who shows up everywhere and never goes away. Humoring senseless annoying characters is not my idea of witty at all. Iris did intrigue me a little, her blunt honesty and lack of drama for one lol but I honestly don't know if I have enough interest or patience to sit through another Smythe-Smith rambling monologue. And given the overwhelming reaction to Book 4, I think I'll pass.

Feb 05, Louisa rated it it was ok Shelves: Julia Quinn is the very definition of hit-or-miss to me. I love her Bridgerton series and some of her older standalones. I really liked the first book of this series.

At the same time, I loathed her Wyndham series and several of her other standalones. I hesitate to say that she's lost her charm since she's written some HRs I've quite liked recently, but not as many as I would've wanted.

There's a LOT of suspension of belief here. HRs are usually pretty ridiculous hey, I read them when I don't wa Julia Quinn is the very definition of hit-or-miss to me. HRs are usually pretty ridiculous hey, I read them when I don't want to tax my brain but this one takes it to another level. The whole premise of the series is that Hugh Prentice, the hero, accuses Daniel Smythe-Smith of cheating at cards, and gets shot in the thigh by Daniel during their duel the next morning.

Because even though Hugh's dad has an heir, he thinks of Hugh as the better one and thinks Daniel's robbed Hugh of the chance to sire more heirs to keep the title in the family. What follows is sheer strangeness. He then locks them up in the room to make sure they're caught in flagranto and have to marry. It's why Sarah got mad at Hugh and began second-guessing marrying him.

Of course they end up married anyway because they love each other. And Sarah manages to solve the whole suicide problem when they'd been up in arms about it for four years.

Extremely rushed. Hugh and Sarah hate each other from the beginning. I didn't believe it at all. Yeah, don't bother with this. I just hope the next book Quinn writes doesn't make me want to slam my head against a wall multiple times. Jun 08, Ginger rated it liked it Shelves: The Sum of All Kisses was good! It's not amazing but it's definitely "middle of the road" for a historical romance.

I've read other Julia Quinn books in the past and this is typical of her writing. Decent writing, characters and some witty dialogue. So not much new with this addition but it's nice to go to something familiar and solid at times. I read this as a stand alone and it worked. I don't think you have to read the other books in the series to enjoy this one.

There's obviously reoccurring c The Sum of All Kisses was good! There's obviously reoccurring characters in this book from previous books so starting from the beginning is also a good option. That's if the reader wants to commit to the whole series. Lady Sarah Pleinsworth was a good character to cheer for and I loved her attitude in most situations. I enjoyed Hugh Prentice more though. He had more depth put into his character, into his family life and how it shaped him as a person.

If you like historical romance, this is a good one to get to one day! Sep 13, Kat rated it it was ok. To be fair though I read it as kind of a rebound book, meaning my mind and heart were still completely engaged in another story. But I guess in the end, any book review is somewhat situational isn't it? The book had some sweet moments, but I did not care much for the characters and their story.

Have to say that I am not a big fan of Quinn's style in general, this was my second try after having disliked "the duke and I" and I probably won't go in for another one anytime soon or ever. View all 14 comments. Jun 17, Lisa rated it really liked it Shelves: Another delightful romance from the talents of Julia Quinn!

Watching our couple, Lady Sarah Pleinsworth and Hugh Prentice, go from enemies to friends to lovers was a journey that will please many romance fans.

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Julia Quinn is one of my favorite authors due to the way she injects humor throughout the entire story and this was no exception. Along with the humor, though, comes a deep sense of family and heart that is guaranteed to make you smile. The action at the end will have you flipping the page Another delightful romance from the talents of Julia Quinn! The action at the end will have you flipping the pages but I did feel like it was a bit out of place and just a little over dramatic.

View all 6 comments. Apr 15, Anna D. I love our hero!! Hugh is just the best kind of imperfect, wounded hero to read about. He is scarred inside and out and our heroine will give him the love and happiness that we, as the readers, want to give him.

The Sum of All Kisses

The whole enemies-to-lovers theme works well here too as well as the circumstances that bring them together. I enjoyed their witty conversations, the insecurity we were granted privy to, and I believed and felt the tension and passion they had for each other. After every cruel and evil thing we know about Ramsgate, I found it really hard to believe that he folded so easily to Sarah. I wanted Ramsgate to face serious ramifications for the spousal rape, the physical abuse to his children, and the attempted murder of Daniel.

I certainly hope she get a book of her own one day! View all 7 comments. Dec 13, Sarah rated it really liked it Shelves: They both changed so much that I got the feeling that Quinn wanted to show them growing through the book, being tempered by love and their relationship.

Sarah's sisters and female cousins were hilarious additions to the book providing plenty of chuckles, especially during the scene in the carriage. Hugh's threat to his father to stop him from exacting vengeance on Daniel was completely insane and ridiculous, but that only happened in the last few chapters of the book, so it didn't impact on my enjoyment of the book as a whole.

Hugh's father was so crazy that it did occur to me that he had untreated tertiary syphilis and it was turning his brain into Swiss cheese not a completely unlikely scenario considering his sexual proclivities , but the reasons for his behaviour weren't explored beyond Hugh's declaration that "He's a mad bastard. Still, I look forward to reading the first two books in the series, maybe in Jul 24, Didi rated it really liked it Shelves: Just the thought of Hugh courting Sarah - or the other way around??

Such high expectation I have over this couple! I dearly hope Ms. Quinn will come up with some witty title too. Gelince de bekletip durdum, neyse.

View 1 comment. Jun 25, Addie H rated it it was ok Shelves: I am re-reading all my 5 star rated romance novels. There are 60 on my shelf. This is book Enemies to Lovers, Scarred hero limp This is how my 15th re-read held up. It dropped from a 5 to 2. In I am re-reading all my 5 star rated romance novels. In a moment shrouded in alcohol and misunderstandings, Hugh Prentice made a foolish mistake to challenge his friend, Daniel, to a duel, which resulted in him wounding said friend in the shoulder.

What really rubbed me the wrong way, was how strongly Sarah judged Hugh for what happened. This, Hugh could not bear. She laughed so hard and so long that Frances slid right off her lap to the floor. And then she kept on laughing until the tears were running down her face, and Elizabeth and Harriet stopped their bickering and stared, astounded. Laughing too hard. Like all good laughter, it was contagious, and before long the whole carriage was giggling, even Lord Hugh, whom Sarah could never have imagined laughing like that.

Oh, he smirked, and occasionally he chuckled, but right then, as the Pleinsworth carriage rolled south toward Thrapstone, he was as undone as the rest of them. Sarah finished wiping the tears from her eyes and tried to explain. She pulled a sheepish face. Sarah looked over and winced. Frances looked up at Elizabeth, who had slid back into the seat by the window. Elizabeth sighed and moved to the center.

Sarah turned to look at him, amused and impressed. It took a brave man to take on the Pleinsworth girls. She waited for him to realize that could never be enough of an answer.

How was it possible that she did not know this about him? She knew that he was very clever; Daniel and Marcus had both said so. She also knew that he had been considered unbeatable at cards. After all that had happened, there was no way she could not know that.

It was brilliant. Sarah peered over at Hugh. He seemed to be blushing. Well, maybe just a little bit. Or maybe not. Maybe she just wanted him to be blushing.

There was something quite appealing about the notion. But then she caught something else in his expression. She started rifling through the stack of papers on her lap. Lord Hugh turned to her with some amusement.

But it will be something terribly romantic.