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Author: Millay Katja. downloads Views KB Size Report. DOWNLOAD EPUB Professionalization Recollected in Tranquility. Read more. The Sea of Tranquility: A Novel eBook: Katja Millay: The Sea of Tranquility is a rich, intense, and brilliantly imagined story about a lonely boy, an emotionally. The Sea Of Tranquility Katja Millay Epub Free Download -- visual basic ebook pdf download loreena mckennitt the book of secrets download.

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Read "The Sea of Tranquility A Novel" by Katja Millay available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first purchase. A School Library Journal. Read The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay Online. Report this Page. The Sea of Tranquility. I live in a world Former piano prodigy Nastya Kashni Download. The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay. (Click on the Title to download). The Life List by Lori Nelson Spielman. (Click on the Title to download).

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Sea epub download the tranquility of free millay katja

Redmerski PDF Epub ebook from the link in the description below. The Sea of Tranquility is a rich, intense, and brilliantly imagined story about a lonely boy, an emotionally fragile girl, and the miracle of second chances.

Atria Books: Tucker, Katja Millay, Colleen Hoover.. Click Download or Read Online button to get sea of tranquility book now.. Every person he loves has been taken from his life until, at seventeen years old, there is no one left. When your name is synonymous with death, everyone tends to give you your space.

Everyone except Nastya who won? But as the undeniable pull between them intensifies, he starts to wonder if he will ever learn the secrets she? The Sea of Tranquility is a rich, intense, and brilliantly imagined story about a lonely boy, an emotionally fragile girl, and the mira?

Sign in Continue with Facebook Continue with Google. No account yet? Sign up. For You Explore. All recent searches will be deleted. Cancel Remove. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other: Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. I live in a world without magic or miracles.

A place where there are no clairvoyants or shapeshifters, no angels or superhuman boys to save you. A place where people die and music disintegrates and things suck. I am pressed so hard against the earth by the weight of reality that some days I wonder how I am still able to lift my feet to walk.

Former piano prodigy Nastya Kash I live in a world without magic or miracles. Former piano prodigy Nastya Kashnikov wants two things: Now all he wants is be left alone and people allow it because when your name is synonymous with death, everyone tends to give you your space.

But the more he gets to know her, the more of an enigma she becomes. The Sea of Tranquility is a rich, intense, and brilliantly imagined story about a lonely boy, an emotionally fragile girl, and the miracle of second chances. Get A Copy.

Kindle Edition , pages. Published November 13th by Atria Books first published September 5th More Details Original Title. Florida United States. Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Sea of Tranquility , please sign up. What age group is this for? Dilek VT Any age between , or maybe older than that because my year old mother also loved it See all 16 questions about The Sea of Tranquility….

Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Nov 12, Sophia. So I ended up creating a new shelf for that book: So many good ratings for this book. So many wonderful reviews, so many people saying they cried over the story. I so fucking didn't. Or, pages-long-and-still-nothing So I ended up creating a new shelf for that book: Or, pages-long-and-still-nothing love. Or how-long-can-it-go-on-without-anything-happening love.

Or Let-me-die-of-boredom love. The pdf file I have for this book is pages long. So this is how it goes: She still dresses like a slut for no reason more on that later , he still makes stuff in his garage. And also, WTF were you doing in there? Well, it shows. Come on, get to the fucking point already.

Stuff that was cool: Stuff that was so not cool: Did anyone notice how everyone in this book is either beautiful, talented, or BOTH? Like Nastya. Very early in the book, she says this about her looks: She should be. The kind people write songs and poems and suicide notes about. That kind of beauty. I grew up wanting to look just like her. Nastya's mom: Beautiful and talented photo. Beautiful and talented piano. Beautiful and talented construction. Beautiful and talented debator extraordinaire.

Beautiful and talented academics Drew's mom: Beautiful and talented mom extraordinaire Clay: Talented drawing. Yearbook Michelle: Talented photo. Beautiful Ethan: All those characters, and I do mean all of them, are explicitely described as being gorgeous. That's quite a lot, for a simple book. And as a reader, really, it's annoying. Is anyone remotely normal around here? The Sunshine thing. Oh my God. I swear, when he started thinking it, I just about lost it. It loses all its charm! I know, I know, he gets her like no one else and she's his sunshine and yada yada.

Come on, the girl has a name! Granted, it's not her real name, but still. I get that it was a plot thing because she doesn't really have an idendity etc. What year-old dude calls his not-even girlfriend "Sunshine" even in his mind? Like, "Sunshine grabs a glass of water. Sunshine sits on the couch. I hate this so much. So fucking much. When the author suddenly uses a random teacher in a random class to, like, show how it can help the conflict between the couple. Like in Anna and The French Kiss.

It perfectly suits the situation, and the MC is like, "why did I not think about that before? Okay so now that I got that out of the way, I feel like maybe I should talk about the plot, even though it doesn't really exist. So the whole thing about Natsya not talking was a real surprise to me, which I guess was the point. I actually went back and checked to make sure that she genuinely never talked. But the thing is, somewhere in the book she says she basically talks to herself in the shower to "train" her voice so it won't disappear in case she ever needs it again.

Download The Sea of Tranquility ebook {PDF} {EPUB}

That's where I started having a problem with the whole silence thing. Because, see, I can relate to someone who just can't talk anymore. Someone mentioned Speechless and I actually think that the silence thing was better handled in Speechless because at least in there, Chelsea acknowledges the fact that even if she wanted to, she wouldn't be ready to talk yet.

Same situation, you say? No, not really. Because here, Natsya chooses to talk with Drew, with Josh, and at some point it really feels like she's just being immature and silly. Like it's just some kind of teenage crisis. She doesn't want to talk to her Mom and stuff so she just pretends she's mute but as soon as there's Josh she's all talkative. The author was probably looking for some effect involving her feeling safe with Josh and stuff but I didn't buy that.

I couldn't connect with her because, girl, either you talk or you don't. It's not a game. And the not-talking was just badly depicted, because being with someone who refuses to talk is just so genuinely awkward and here it never really is. Somehow, I felt like it was glamorized or something. And I could not relate to the way Drew's Mom was so attached to Nastya.

Can you imagine inviting a girl over to dinner and she just doesn't produce a sound? And she dresses like a slut? And she glares at everyone? And she dates your son's best friend? And possibly your son as well? But you're not sure which? So why don't you go and ask her bluntly "Tell me darling. Which one of my boys are you dating? By the way, that happens. I mean really. Also at some point Natsya hurts her hand really badly by mishandling a hammer, and she remains perfectly silent.

I don't believe that. I mean, had she been in the "I never ever talk" situation, then okay. Because you've lost the reflex of producing sounds for so long. But she's used to talking. She can't even refrain from laughing at the beginning of the book.

So I can't buy the whole staying-silent-thing while she gets hurt. She accidentally hurts her left hand twice. You say nit-picking, I call bullshit. What are the odds? And she also gets attacked twice. And besides: Josh and Natsya are both loaded. Loaded as in, millions. Besides neither of them plans to go to college, so really. You could totally see the purpose of a scene. For example, Josh cuts his hand open it's a club! And then, Natsya takes off her shirt to stop the bleeding, and he gets a boner, blablah.

Do you get it? See, now it's all about the sexual tension, and not really about the cut anymore. And you understand pretty quickly that everything that happens in this book is organized so that the characters end up doing what the author wants them to do. Here, it's not subtle at all. Like Margot who works night shifts.

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Do you know why? So she can be out of the fucking book most of the time! Or at some point Natsya goes running and it's past midnight and she gets lost. But, ooh, miraculously, she finds Josh's house, and he's awake! He can give her a ride! How convenient. See what I mean? Every scene was like that. They all have a purpose and even if in theory that's fine, in practice you shouldn't be able to tell the purpose before the scene even happens. There's another problem, which is, well, the way men are portrayed in this book.

I'm not sure if I'm the only one noticing and thinking this but Ethan, Kevin Leonard, Aidan, even Drew are all portrayed like total assholes towards girls. They treat girls like shit, they're sex obsessed, to the point of violence even Drew hits the locker when he asks Sarah for money , bullying Ethan spreading awful rumors about Natsya or flat out sexual harassment and assault. I don't know if American girls can relate to the way high school guys are portrayed in this book, but personally I had a hard time doing so.

The only other guys who offer an alternative are gay Clay Whitaker and love interest Josh. I don't know, but I feel like the general portrayal of the male gender was too extreme.

About the ending: I would have liked it better if the motives behind the actions had been left unsaid. Because, let's face it, sometimes there's just no reason. That's what's terrible. But in the book, there were way too many reasons. She actually writes a letter to the fucking court to tell them that everyone deserves a second chance. That sounds suspiciously like victim blaming bullshit to me. What, next thing we know, she'll say that she was at the wrong place at the wrong moment?

Oh, I'm sorry. Next time you'll just have to check if you're not in the way, you silly thing. Which leads me to Nastya's story. First off, I think the author took too much time to finally spill it.

Especially when it's not THAT incredible. Okay, it's sick and everything, but really during the book you try to guess and you start to imagine really twisted stuff and then when you finally learn what it is, it kinda falls flat. It didn't live up to what I had imagined. Because, err.. Is that it? There is no huge revelation, nothing you couldn't guess, anyway. And once that you do know, well, it's almost the end of the book! I couldn't relate to her story and the way she dealt with it. It didn't feel real to me.

Why did she dress like a slut again? As an "undead whore"?

Sea epub millay download free katja of tranquility the

So she was randomly beaten by a stranger who called her a Russian whore. Okay, that's horrible. Three years later, she dresses like a Russian whore. Excuse me, what? She says it's so people will leave her alone. Or something like "They're gonna look at me anyway, they might as well look at my ass. Am I supposed to feel for her?

And how is dressing like a total slut protecting you from unwanted attention? I genuinely had a hard time relating to Natsya. I know she suffered and stuff but most of the time it came off as shallow to me. Like her parents are trying to help her, her mom calls her to invite her to a Thanksgiving holiday, and she says this: I'm sorry, this is just so emo. She is completely unprotected, she sees no doctor, everyone acts like the no-talking is normal, no one ever checks how she's doing in school or if she plans to go to college.

Why was she staying at Margot's again? Who ever thought that this was a good idea? Margot is the worst parental supervision you could ever imagine. She's never here, she's shallow and has no authority or emotional proximity with Natsya whatsoever.

And Nastya's all alone all the time. She's been assaulted, and she doesn't talk anymore. Obviously the girl's been traumatized.

She doesn't want to be called Milly family nickname anymore but come on, if you're a good parent you don't stop calling her that because she asked you. Obviously she feels like she doesn't deserved to be loved anymore or something like that, but you don't just leave her alone!

You don't just stop talking to her or start avoiding looking at her. That's ridiculous. Your daughter's in pain, jackass! And you don't leave her without any kind of medical supervision either, but that's another problem. Shittiest parents ever, I swear. Why did the adults go with it? Okay, so let me get something straight. It might be harsh but that's how high school works. And there is NO high school, NONE, that would make her part of the popular crowd immediately after her arrival nor after, for that matter.

No way. And she goes running every night. Most of the time she doesn't bother with her cell phone. Come on, no girls in their right minds would do that. Especially when you've already been assaulted. I know, she wants to self destruct or whatever, but I don't buy it. You know, the guy who basically tried to RAPE her at a party? So he faced no consequence whatsoever for his actions? And we're supposed to be okay with that?

Epub tranquility sea download millay of free katja the

Okay so now we're in Extreme Nit-Picking territory. Plus, it's gruesome. She said he kicked her really hard, and several times between the legs with an indescribable violence.

Violent enough to send her in the hospital for several months. She also says that because of him, she's never going to be able to have kids. He basically destroyed her intern reproductive system. So I suspect heavy blood loss, and surgery, obviously.

Horrible stuff really. But then, she sleeps with Josh. And it's explicitly said that as soon as he starts penetrating her, he can feel that she's never done it. Not because she's shy or whatever, he can physically feel a resistance, consequently he immediately knows that she's a virgin.

But really. Can her hymen still be intact after all that? After the violence, the blood loss, the surgery? Seems very unlikely to me.

It felt like it was just a way to show how pure she was and how she offered herself to Josh. The whole thing was just so problematic. The "garage thing". You know. That was cool, maybe a bit underdeveloped.

It was cheesy but I liked the idea of it.

I don't know why but it gave me the impression that this plot line was the first idea that the author had, and that she then clumsily attempted to create a story that she could articulate around it. Honestly, I'm not trying to discourage people from reading this book. Go and see by yourself. This review is more aimed at people who have read the book rather than those who haven't and who are wondering if they should or not.

Go ahead, who knows, maybe you'll love it! But I'm just dumbfounded to see all these glowing praises because for me, this book doesn't deserve them. It's okay , I guess, but certainly not incredible.

I personally think it's just barely average. The fact that it's so overrated is really what made me write a review in the first place. This book left me exhausted, and very unimpressed. View all comments. Sep 27, Christy rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: An infinite amount of stars!

The Sea of Tranquility

Beautiful, emotional, powerful, and unforgettable. There is a reason why I love this book so much. It gets better and better with every read. This is easily my favorite book. A story of strength, love, forgiveness, healing, moving on, letting go, and second chances. Both main characters are amazing. They are damaged, broken and perfectly imperfect. After re-reading this again, An infinite amount of stars! The quotes speak for the book.

The very ending A place where there are no clairvoyants of shapeshifters, no angels or superhuman boys to save you. I am pressed so hard against the earth by the weight of reality that some days I wonder how I am still able to lift my feet and walk. Sunshine fits you. It's bright and warm and happy.

By now, I'm pretty sure that if I were to find his birth certificate that is exactly what it would say. There's always an expectation attached. They always want something in return. Like they want you to be happy or whatever and that makes you automatically responsible for their happiness because they won't be happy unless you are I just don't want that responsibility.

Joy, fear, frustration, longing, friendship, anger, need, despair, love, lust? It's a promise and a memory of the future and a book of better stories. I am human. And male. And not remotely blind. Do you want me to say it again? You are distractingly, even if-that-is-not-a-real-word pretty. You are so pretty that I bullied Clay Whitaker into drawing me a picture of you so I could look at you when you aren't around. You are so pretty that one of these days I'm going to lose a finger in my garage because I can't concentrate with you so close to me.

You are so pretty that I wish you weren't so I wouldn't want to hit every guy at school who looks at you, especially my best friend. The real question and I know the answer even if I don't know how to say it. Drew's muffled voice rises up from the floor before I can respond. And he's right. Maybe you never will and that'll suck, but you can't keep doing this. The blame and the self-loathing and the bullshit.

I can't watch that.

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It makes me hate you for hating yourself. I don't want to lose you. But I'd rather lose you if it means you'll be happy. I think if you come back with me today, you'll never be okay. And I'll never be okay if you aren't.

I need to know that there's a way for people like us to end up okay. I need to know that there even is such a thing as okay, maybe even good, and it's out there and we just haven't found it yet. There's got to be a happier ending than this, here. There's got to be a better story. Because we deserve one. You deserve one. Even if it doesn't end with you coming back to me. Sep 30, Tough Critic Book Reviews rated it it was amazing. Book Trailer: This book amazed the funny right out of me, but replaced it with something more.

So much more that I can't even curse properly! It was so well written it hurt. By the end I was bled completely dry of all thought How it affected me. How it became part of me. At first I thought it started off slow, but I'm convinced now that this was for my own good. I needed to put my baby toe in the water first. I don't think I could have survived being thrown in. I needed that time. You have to trust me that it's all part of the journey, part of the experience.

There were times where I felt physically ill. I wanted to throw up. Maybe I did. In my mouth. Just a little bit. There was even a point where I wondered why my kindle kept moving. I realized that it was my shaking hands, my pounding heart and my heaving chest that kept causing my kindle to have a seizure!

You're probably asking yourself how could someone possibly get so emotional about a book. At some point between the soulful dialogue and raw emotion The words defined romance and the characters touched my heart. There was something about the emotion of this book that was almost cleansing. I felt, I broke, but I healed!

The Sea of Tranquility reminded me that books aren't just entertaining; they're more than that. This was more than that. It caused me to feel, invaded my thoughts, my heart View all 41 comments. A must-read!! One of my favorite reads of the year!

The Sea of Tranquility is a beautifully written, deep and heart-wrenching drama about two damaged teens surviving unchangeable tragedies, and devastating grief, hurt, and pain; learning to cope with them, accept them, and somehow finding healing, safety and finally happiness and love in each other along the way. Its quiet and very, very slow bui Beautiful.

Its quiet and very, very slow building but it just felt SO real and believable. Without my even realizing it, this quiet book had me worked up to the point where my heart was pounding and felt like it was being being ripped out.

The emotional punch took a while to build, but when it hit, it was huge and powerful and took my breath away.