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do you have the game maker series by kresley cole???? I can't download it from anywhere thank you in The Master (Game Maker 2) - Kresley the game maker series by kresley cole. Cole, Kresley-The KB. Cole, Kresley-The MB. the professional kresley. The Master (The Game Maker Series series) by Kresley Cole. Read online, or download in secure EPUB format.

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The Master (The Game Maker #2) by Kresley;. Download from Usenet .nl [Magnet Link]. The Master (The Game Maker #2) by Kresley. Kresley Cole is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Immortals After Dark paranormal series and the young adult cover image of The Master. The Professional. The Game Maker (Series). Book 1. Kresley Cole Author Kresley Cole Author Kimberly Alexis Narrator (). cover image of The Master .

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Just as I own you. Maxim thinks he is so cleaver when he devises a way that Cat can only received pleasure from him. He makes the mistake of wearing the key around his neck. She always kept him guessing and trying!! She will have you laughing out loud!!

Gaahh I could quote this entire book Not that this is a problem with you. Maxim never won any battles with the green eyed monster, because Cat kept him on a tight leash!! That drives me insane! You have no reason to believe me. Ridiculing my inability to trust? I absolutely loved these two. They had passion and fire. As soon as I finished this book, I dialed it back to page one and started it all over again!!

Ok, so I feel obligated to say that this book has a Lot of sex I thought I loved The Professional , but this book just blew that one out of the water!! I did not receive the ARC in exchange for this honest review! I totally got rejected, but that's ok cause I kinda cursed a lot in this review, Lol Original review, posted pre-release: View all 53 comments. The Master stand-alone book 2 of 3. Books in The Game Maker series are stand-alones, but most enjoyed if read in order: Book 1: The Professional Book 2: The Master Book 3: The Player Another book I read and never had a chance to review nor rate.

Before they know what hit them they are swept off their feet in a roller-coaster of sex, secrets and suspense with dark forces lurking Sex-on-a-stick masterful hero! Mystery and intrigue!

Kresley Cole eBooks

Solid 4. Would I re-read this series: Maybe later. Would I read future books by this author: View all 64 comments. Maksimilian isn't a tortured hero as Aleksei or Dmitri, he deals with a problem with power and dominant side of him.

When Cat walks into his life and screws it up, Maksim acts as if he is a lion annoyed by a lamp. The chemistry in this book explodes like a volcano when they first meet.

Epub kresley the master download cole

I can feel the pull between them; Cat is a perfect match for Maksim, no one can be in her shoes and stay calm like her. His body. I walk around in this lust-fueled haze. I loved this kind of heroine, like Cat, she never gives up, she fights until she gets what she wants. Maksim doesn't sound too bad like he was in The Professional.

See a Problem?

He's not a stereotypical person I expected him to be, and I was glad for that. I didn't know what happened to me then, It was just not right or because of the fact that the happening in the first chapter was unbelievable and too fictional for my taste. FYI, those love scenes in this book were written very well they're even better than the first book. Not too rough or unforgiving.

They're sweet and kind and relaxing as if you are receiving a foot spa. View all 17 comments. One of THE sexiest and most entertaining books I've read in a while! Pun most definitely intended! I adored both characters! Cat immediately landed on the'top five of my most favorite heroines ever written' list. She is fun, witty, easy going, comfortable in her sexuality and very, VERY sexy!

Effortlessly sexy! Let's just say he makes me proud to be Russian. Think modern day 'Pretty Woman' only one hundred times sexier! To buy: View all 35 comments. You should be haunted by men. She is the fuel to his fire, their passion is unstoppable, and the game they play could leave them burned I absolutely loved this story, it had all the elements I was looking for, a stone cold alpha man who could melt under the right woman's touch and a strong sassy female looking for her second chance at happiness after a shit past.

The sex was off the charts, the push and pull of emotions delivered with a suspenseful thrill. Highly recommended for sure, this was a fantastic followup to The Professional. View all 49 comments. Kresley Cole Fans, Romance. Recommended to Wendy'sThoughts by: I read the review and was blown away After reading the review, I had to add my two cents; my comment explains how I feel when a rec works: This is the best type of review When friends rec books they adore and it all works for the new person reading it The best part of recommendations.

Since my mom raised no dummies I went to the book page and proceeded to read all of the reviews of this really intriguing book.

What I saw was like a chain letter of Irene sending out all of these recommendations and each and every reader thanking her for the experience. So, fully prepared to see what the deal was I went, clicked and started the book. Well, first let me say, I was a virgin reader of Kresley Cole These two characters take over a page with such intensity, it is a wonder any reader can think of anything other than them. I was so committed to this read, my ass stayed in the same chair for hours without me ever feeling discomfort.

My mind was focused, my interest kept I wanted to know what was going to happen next Yes, there was a lot of sex. But I will say, I did learn things and positions I had no knowledge of But with all of sexy times, there was heart, care and a plot. We had reasons why these people were who they were I am not going to continue with more words, when there are plenty of them out there by all the other readers who have reviewed this.

What I will do is thank the way I found this erotic, smart, explosive gem. I am no longer a Kresley Virgin The Professional The Game Maker, 1 https: The Master The Game Maker, 2 https: The Player The Game Maker, 3 https: For more Reviews, Free E-books and Giveaways. View all 21 comments. Mar 25, Dee Montoya rated it it was amazing Shelves: Everything about the story ignited something powerful inside me.

The strong characters, the hilarious and steamy plot and the fact that the story was set in Miami, made this book absolute perfection to me. Muchas gracias, Botox. Cat is a woman who is running from the past. She made one huge mistake that has cost her everything. The only thing she still has is her freedom and the man who is chasing after her is willing to do anything to take that from her.

Cat's precarious situation has pushed her to do things that are completely out of character for her, but she is a fighter and a survivor so she is willing to face whatever opportunities life gives her.

By chance Cat finds herself in front of a gorgeous Russian who is about to change her life, forever He always goes for the same kind of woman, tall, blonde, and European. He avoids relationships.

He doesn't trust anyone and only focuses on work. So when he meets spicy Latina Cat, he's not prepared for the tiny voluptuous woman to turn his world upside down. Cat and Maxim quickly become addicted to each other. They fight and have sex with the same explosive intensity. Both are very proud, smart and hard headed characters, but these traits only make the fire between them burn brighter.

There are many secrets between them and those will become a threat to their future. And that she would come into my life one day to make it brighter. Never before have I read about a character in a book that was so much like me. It's not very often that a Latina makes it as heroine in a story, and I never knew how much I craved a character like Cat until I had the fortune of reading this book.

In all honesty every single character in this book is fantastic!!! This book is absolutely magnificent and I can guarantee that anybody who reads it will become as enthralled and addicted as I have. Thank you so much to my book soul sister Irene, for always rocking my literary world with best books.

View all 40 comments. The protagonist's, Maksim and Catarina, set the scene with their equally rich histories. It's her first time and not exactly what the rich man asked for, and here is where the story eloquently unfolds layer by perfect layer all at exactly the right moments to maintain the reader's high interest and engagement in the story.

We learn of their individual pasts, the things that have shaped them, the dangerous reason why she has to live by her self-imposed rules, and the danger that surrounds him. I highly appreciated the execution of the story. The long listed descriptions made me see with crystal clarity the characters and scenarios.

The luscious prose is richly erotic creating extravagantly sexy pictures within the confines of the narrative. The description of the hero's man-area is divine, so detailed, so beautiful and so erotic it took my breath away.

There are many, many HOT moments but this never once detracts from the deeply layered, emotional story the protagonists are weaved into. The sex is beautiful, erotic, passionate and essential in the telling and development of THE MASTER which at crucial moments of the story arc depicts understated poignancy. The dialogue and inner thoughts of Maksim and Catarina are eloquently crafted to shape their fun loving, sexy, all-the-feels, dangerous story to perfection, evoking humour, banter, intelligent bickering, and flirting.

The determination in their personalities equals each other. I believed everything they said and did and all the reasons why because the motivation and telling of this story is on point. I warmed to his sincerity and love his self assured confidence.

The vivid telling of this depth ridden, ROMANTIC story with an exquisitely detailed subject matter, erotic prose and complex characters gave me a full-on 5 star read.

The climax of this story became very emotional for me which completed my, The Master journey perfectly. Any book that makes me cry and feel the way this story did wins my reading heart forever. View all 32 comments. Feb 11, Sophia Triad rated it it was amazing Shelves: With a surprisingly smooth accent, he told me, "Nunca voy a terminar contigo.

This ticked all the boxes for becoming a favourite book: I am thrilled with what I have just read! I loved the way Cat makes Maxim's coldness disappear gradually. I loved how her big secret shakes the know-everything Russian when he least expects it. I love that he finds his match and he cannot even believe it that this happened to him.

Maxim is definitely one of my top Alpha males and Cat is one of my favourite heroines. Highly recommended! Read the book! View all 9 comments.

Feb 21, Vanessa rated it it was amazing Recommended to Vanessa by: My last couple of personal reads have been just ok so I was ready for something to blow me away and THIS totally did just that!!! It's totally a fun, sexy version of Pretty Woman , Russian mafiya style! From the minute I started reading this book, I found it impossible to put down.

Maxim Sevastyan gets what he wants. He's a no nonsense business man, well politician and mobster, who is in town for business. He doesn't do romance and he doesn't do variety. In fact, he is a self-proclaimed hobbyist of female escorts. But when he orders a tall, blond, and obedient bit of company for the night, what he gets is opposite in every way possible. Cat may just be my new fucking hero and my fave heroine EVER!!!

When we meet her, she is about to go on her FIRST gig as an escort, and only because her friend is ill and cannot go herself. She's Latin, curvy, loud mouthed, disobedient, and she has a huge secret. She just needs the cash so she can skip town ASAP. When these two meet, OMG the sexual chemistry!!! This is my very fave kind of book. These two are a total contradiction in every way possible.

They are just as hot when they are NOT going at it, as they are when they actually are. Cat is sassy and witty and refuses to take any bit of Maxim's shit. And Maxim refuses to admit that he loves what this opinionated little escort is dishing out.

Their first night, right off the bat, was hot as hell. But, that isn't nearly enough for Maxim. I told myself there could be no such thing as a body like yours. This was my first read by Kresley Cole, but I've heard that girlfriend does not skimp on the steam. Well, she certainly did NOT here. Even as I buried my mouth against his neck to muffle my screams, I wondered if I could fall in love with someone in one night.

Their connection was insane!! It's just, with these two, it was a one step forward, two steps back, type of thing. Because, as much as Maxim is captivated by Cat, he hates what she does and who he thinks she is, and refuses to believe a word she says. And that is pretty much their relationship for a while, but it was so hot and so fun to read.

Here's a taste I was debating on a tall, blond blow-up doll— or a goldfish. Dinner was a wise choice. Obey my playground rules, or take your balls elsewhere. I would've loved to know what he was thinking, especially in the beginning. But otherwise, this book was pretty perfect for me. Even at the end with the mounting conflict, I kept waiting for Cat to turn whiny or for there to be some stupid drama somewhere, but it never happened. Little by little, page by page, albeit reluctantly, they begin healing and trusting each other And oh those last few chapters!!!!

I absolutely loved them!!! I am reading a few new books that just came out next, but then, I am immediately going back to book 1 in the series to read Aleks' story in, The Professional. You don't have to read it to understand and enjoy this book at all, but I just want to now. I want more of this series!! In order to pass this test you must create an account on Google Analytics site and insert into your page a small javascript tracking code.

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