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Editorial Reviews. Review. As he dispenses concrete, practical advice on how to make the Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading. 30 Lessons for Living book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. More than one thousand extraordinary Americans share their s. Results 1 - 10 of Download Self-Improvement Books for FREE. All formats Improve your life with the self-improvement techniques detailed in this book.

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Results 1 - 10 of Download Fiction Books for FREE. blighted by social problems, unemployment and declining living standards, a young man desperately. Download Architecture Books for free No doubt that reading is the simplest way for human to derive and M4B, RSS Feed, EPUB, Online Reading, PDB, MOBI, TXT) [View / Download]; tetraedge.info Release Date: Aug 30, See the most recent version of this book (Version III): " Lessons ePub Download Direct Download Dropbox Google Drive Furthermore, I consider it a newer “version” of the book; and I wanted to breathe some new life into it. . 29 Honolulu, Hawaii / Travel Photography Experience (Register.

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In this quick re Cornell gerontologist Karl Pillemer conducted interviews with really elderly people older than me! In this quick read, the author and his interviewees offer a very positive outlook on old age. Very refreshing and even inspiring. View 1 comment. Jul 12, Yong-Gu Bae rated it it was amazing.

A must read. If 10 stars were available, I would give them. There are a lot of stories and valuable lessons to learn. I am glad that I read this book and learned from the experts.

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I would like to take action accordingly. Nov 20, Alex Fagen rated it it was amazing Shelves: Advice presented in the context of stories. A good read. Here are the major themes: Feb 09, Amy rated it really liked it. When I first saw 30 Lessons for Living by Karl Pillemer--as intriguing as the title was--it also seemed a bit cliche and pat. What did this book have to offer that was unique? As the author himself says in the first chapter, there are more than 30, self-help books in print today and people rush out to buy them hoping for a quick fix.

Why read, or even better, buy another one? Tried and True Advice from the Wisest Americans is exactly that. Advice that has come from hundr When I first saw 30 Lessons for Living by Karl Pillemer--as intriguing as the title was--it also seemed a bit cliche and pat. Advice that has come from hundreds of elderly people or as Karl puts it experts--those who have been there and done that.

Many times when reading a self-improvement book I wonder how the author knows their advice truly works. Some of the marriage books have been written by people who have had multiple spouses meaning divorces so they may know what doesn't work--but do they truly know what works?

For every parenting system touted in a book, there is another book showing the exact opposite. What do we follow?

Living 30 download for lessons epub

Some of their answers may surprise you. Karl's book breaks the lessons down into six major themes with five key lessons in each. As I read through the book I found myself convicted and challenged on many levels. I read about the lessons on marriage one evening just after a spat between Tom and I. And every lesson was one that I could take to heart--and even better, because they're tried and true, they are practical and doable.

I read the section on living well in your career as I did Payroll--so many good lessons for me in that section--and since I was having a particularly trying day--the lessons seemed even more needed.

And the parenting section--so much good in there as well. This is a book that I will mark up and highlight and return to again and again.

Apr 03, Mike rated it really liked it. It is segmented by category: Each category has themes and is given life by stories from the inverviewees, who have "seen it all.

Some of it is obvious, but even the obvious is useful to reflect upon. As a typically busy parent of 3 small children, the lesson on thinking about the long view as a parent, that we will spend more time with our children when they are actually adults really hit home.

As a result, avoiding rifts at all costs is incredibly important. Other lessons that resonated: Concern for others, and avoiding being judgemental was important to them. He finishes with a list of questions and asks everyone to engage the older people in their lives. They are an amazing source of wisdom and have stories that are just waiting to be told. Jul 10, Jina rated it it was amazing Shelves: I actually really enjoyed this book.

Reading this book was very much like getting to talk to a grandparent that I never had. I also liked that Dr. Phillemer kept religion out of the lessons until the very end. I found myself smiling and crying as I read some of stories told. Nov 05, Kintan rated it it was amazing Shelves: It is one of the best books I've read this year. While not all 30 lessons are new, over half of them are profound and applicable. This author, a gerontologist, wanted to gather as much wisdom from those who survived and flourished, before all are gone.

This might sound like a somewhat depressing collection, but for me it was anything but. After interviewing hundreds of people, mostly in their late 80's, up to in their 's, Mr. Pillemer summarizes their stories, and advice, into 5 or 6 major categ Those among us of the "Greatest Generation" who survived WWII, the Depression, and some the Holocaust, are quickly leaving us. Pillemer summarizes their stories, and advice, into 5 or 6 major categories, with 30 key "lessons".

Their stories, while not always positive, are enlightening, sometimes entertaining, and may have an impact on decisions that are part of our life journey. I applaud the author for recognizing the need to preserve the treasure that can be found among this group of people who lived through an incredible time. As a person in my mids and approaching 40 fast, there is so much about my youth that I wish I had the wisdom to do things differently.

If only I knew And that is just looking back, looking forward there is so much unknown and uncertainties. We, as a human race, have so much life experiences, but we are not very good at documenting and sharing our life lessons and collective wisdom.

30 Lessons for Living: Tried and True Advice from the Wisest Americans

This is a rare book that looks into this. It aggregates life advises from a large number of old people and pre As a person in my mids and approaching 40 fast, there is so much about my youth that I wish I had the wisdom to do things differently.

It aggregates life advises from a large number of old people and present them in a form that is enjoyable to read and extremely easy to digest. The author grouped the advises into several themes: Marriage 2. Career 3. Parenting 4. Aging 5. Living a life without regrets 6. Happiness I enjoyed reading every page, and I intend to re-read this book again in a year's time. Highly recommended to anyone in their 20s to 50s.

Jun 04, Jen rated it it was amazing. Jan 29, steph rated it it was amazing Shelves: Okay so there were some sections I was into more than the others the relationship one and the happiness one for example , but all in all this was a insightful and wonderful read.

It made me think, ponder and realize that I really just want the best life I can make for myself thank to the words of wisdom of America's oldest citizens.

Living epub download lessons for 30

Great book. Just ordered a copy off Amazon for my personal library,. Dec 14, Jack rated it really liked it.

Living download lessons for 30 epub

Lots of sage advice from folks who have lived their lives. I like books like this that give pause for reflection and introspection. Jul 21, Tina Truong rated it it was amazing.

This is a great book and I'm so happy I've read it before I turn I would read it again. The three lessons I remember the most of all are: I have relatives and friends who do not care enough to stay physically active and healthy, for they would simply shorten their life span but it may be forgotten that chronic illness can happen to anyone for a decade or two or even three decades in our lives.

Why bother spending money on health problems when This is a great book and I'm so happy I've read it before I turn Why bother spending money on health problems when we could have simply enjoyed living?

They used a very good example that shows how other relatives' behavior can be damaging and abusive. For example, your daughter had an affair with your second husband.

Keep the relationship with your daughter anyway because once you end it, it will be hard to recover. Oh this may be the life changing reminder for me. If you don't stay connected you will become isolated and lonely toward the end of your life. Keep friends and continue to make new friends and do your best to be curious and engaging. Take advantage of learning opportunities.

Jul 04, Inge rated it really liked it Shelves: I just kept wondering while reading this book if I had read it before. I know I've read a book like this one.

Maybe it is because the 30 lessons for living all make such perfect sense. In general, I already try to apply all the lessons that are relevant to my life - which is to say without a partner, children and a spiritual community around me.

Those lessons would apply to other kinds of relationships as well, though. Recommended read, especially for those who feel they lost touch with what's I just kept wondering while reading this book if I had read it before. Recommended read, especially for those who feel they lost touch with what's really important in life.

The book tells you what matters in the end and what doesn't, through the eyes of elderly experts in living. Humans have survived and persevered through countless atrocities while still progressing through time. Within everyone the fight for survival exists. This refreshing take on modern self-help delves into our ability to persist through Improve your life with the self-improvement techniques detailed in this book. Learn how to force the universe to give you what you want while also becoming the best version of yourself.

Empty your mind, unlock your potential, and attract your true calling by harnessing the Universal Truth of Consentopia teaches how consent can be used in and outside of the bedroom. The last three chapters are dedicated to rape recovery.

A must-read for all. Are you tired of failure, hardship, struggles and disappointments, this is a must-read book for you! This book will totally turn your life around! Much of it is truly surprising. It is always heartfelt and ever-endearing - equal parts information and inspiration. Karl Pillemer has done an incredible job of bringing together the collective wisdom of hundreds of Americans into an entertaining, thought provoking, and practical book.

Give it a read. You will find yourself getting out of bed in the morning with new enthusiasm. Thank you Karl Pillemer for taking the time to collect such a valuable trove of wisdom, and for sharing it with us in such a readable book. It's one that I'll recommend often. All of it is wonderful, but I particularly appreciated the lessons on honesty and saying yes to opportunities. Read this book - you'll get more out of life and have fewer regrets.

Friedman, Ph. Martin, Ph. In the resulting book, 30 Lessons for Living: Pillemer, a gerontologist at Cornell, has culled 30 life lessons from his "experts," ranging from the practical to the profound.

How to raise children? How to think about dying? Think of this book as 1, borrowed grandparents weighing in on life's various challenges. A salty pragmatism runs throughout. Karl Pillemer, PhD, is the founder and director of the Cornell Institute for Translational Research on Aging, a center that works to increase public awareness of aging research.

Pillemer has authored more than one hundred scientific publications, and has spoken widely throughout the world on issues of successful aging, family relationships, and elder care. Product details File Size: Avery November 10, Publication Date: November 10, Sold by: English ASIN: Enabled X-Ray: Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention lessons for living well written must read highly recommend ever read karl pillemer happiness is a choice wisest americans everyone needs years ago easy to read choice condition spent worrying older americans marry someone say yes avoid a rift emotional intelligence intelligence trumps intrinsic rewards.

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There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Hardcover Verified Purchase. At 20, I wouldn't have read it. I was in a hurry - learning, climbing. At 30, it's family, career and it's obligations - no time to contemplate. Little time to read. At 40, I'm beginning to settle, mind is opening - I might have given this book a glance. But I'm wary. At x0, I can't believe it or say it or type it. Where did the years go? I'm locked in on this book.

Not sure how I tripped into the book. Deepak Sharma would say Not. I read an Amazon review where the reviewer described the book as "Profound. How many toplist self-help books have I read? Not sure I can recall one lesson from these books. I was skeptical. And I was wrong. And more advice columns, television experts, and websites - all preaching advice of one sort or another.

Yet none of them speak from experience of having lived and learned.

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Karl Pillemer, the author and a gerontologist at Cornell, interviewed more than 1, older Americans between the ages of 70 to in search of lessons for living. He spent over 5 years on the project and summarized his findings in this book. Lessons range from: I found myself being pulled along - with skepticism being stripped down to bare bones of belief as I turned the pages. He's on to something. The power of this book is in the stories and the anecdotes of the "experts" the term he uses to describe the elders who are interviewed for his research.

The voices of experts are calm The author weaves lessons and stories gently throughout - - a slow moving stream making its way south. Highly Recommended. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Throughout history, humans have been searching for a better way to live their lives - an easier and more meaningful way, materially and spiritually. Pillemer, must be a welcome source.