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Rosemary Beach series books by Abbi Glines When I'm Gone - Abbi KB. When You're Back - Abbi Abbi Glines - One More Chance (Book 8).epub. KB. Abbi Glines - You Were Mine (Book 9).epub. KB. Abbi Glines - When I'm Gone (Book 10).epub. From #1 New York Times bestselling author Abbi Glines comes the next new When I'm Gone (eBook, ePUB) - Glines, Abbi Sofort per Download lieferbar.

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eBooks found: After the Game ePub (Adobe DRM) download by Abbi Glines When I'm Gone: A Rosemary Beach Novel. Abbi Glines. Atria Books, April. Abbi Glines is the New York Times, USA TODAY, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of the Rosemary Beach, Field cover image of When I'm Gone. Get Free Read & Download Files When Im Gone Abbi Glines PDF. WHEN IM GONE ABBI GLINES. Download: When Im Gone Abbi Glines. WHEN IM GONE.

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I liked the sound of the waves and people surrounding where I lay. I pulled Pride and Prejudice out of my bag. This would be my sixth time to read it. Hands down this was my favorite book.

Just as I was about to finish chapter two a shadow fell over me. I figured it was Larissa. Looking up I grinned, about to ask if she had herself a hot date.

My eyes locked on a familiar face. One that was older, a face I remembered, from two long summers ago.

When You’re Back (Rosemary Beach #11) pdf epub mobi Download

A face a girl would never ever forget. His silver eyes were stunningly breathtaking. He was sixteen now but his muscular bare chest looked at least eighteen. Her tiny bikini and D cup boobs would draw his attention real fast. He smirked like he was impressed. He made it look sexy and cool, just like I remembered from that summer. My heart doing a happy flutter in my chest. He had actually wanted to find me. Eli never cursed. When they were out having to work on the farm they would curse for the sake of cursing.

The way Nate did it seemed much older. Like he was sure of himself. Though inside I felt something else. I was like a silly little girl that wanted to squeal that he was here. That my dream guy had returned to Sea Breeze. My parents think I need a break from Rosemary Beach and my friends. He grinned then winked at me. No need to scare you off.

Abbi Glines

Hell, I just found you. In fact, I would sit in this spot all summer and refuse to leave if it meant Nate Finlay would be by my side. Seven years later. Much like everything else in high school. I missed it all. The only experience I had with boys until then was one summer when I was fifteen. I spent it with a boy.

He was like everything else in my life that had been good. Neither could be explained. By November both were out of control and I was then diagnosed with leukemia. My world changed in one visit, that consultation with the doctor and my family.

And the boy I thought I loved was put away in my memory to adore.

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When I was scared, I brought him to mind, which back then was way too often. What would I say to him? The idea of that boy seeing me hairless with all the side effects of chemo would ruin those special memories of the summer we had together.

So, I preserved them yet in return lost him. Everything soon became all about surviving each day. Beating the darkness of the cancer that ravaged my physical body. In the end, I won. Yes, I have beaten cancer.

However, since my mother lost her father to cancer, my mother continues to hover over me. She cried a lot back then and held me. Now here I was at twenty-two, still living at home taking photos of the oldest of my three younger brothers Cruz. Snapping photos of him with his date to the prom. Living through watching him was something I was accustomed to. Although I was ready for that to change.

Watching my momma and daddy, especially momma, being parents to healthy kids was nice and I loved to see it. The boys gave up a lot during those years that my sickness owned our family. Cord was now sixteen. Our parents had missed his tenth birthday because I was going through chemo that day.

Instead, the boys made me cards, sent me boxes filled with magazines and books, along with cookies they made with Willow.

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We were mostly normal now. As I took the last photo of Cruz and watched momma kiss his cheek, I could smile and know everything was okay.

I was here to see my brothers grow. I was given a second chance. I was healthy and I was an adult. Now it was time for me to live the life I should have been living. I knew dad would understand.

This was one of the many ways my parents tried to make it up to the boys. Text me photos! As if Cruz would be taking pictures and texting them to his mother. I tried not to smile, but failed, the idea was funny to me. I said it to Christina. She will. This was a record for him. My brother went through girls like crazy. Hadley Stone was his long running torch. She was a year older than Cruz and the daughter of a rock star, who happened to be friends with my parents. Jax Stone had been a major teen idol back when my dad was in college.

He was now a rock legend, though he married one woman, and stayed with her all these years. They raised two daughters together, their stability making him popular, because usually it was the other way around. Hadley, however, was different.

It was comical and a little sad. Cruz typically got any girl he wanted. He looked just like dad at that age. Momma said he was the spitting image of daddy. It was good for him I guess. Cruz had an ego Hadley kept in check. He needed that to keep him grounded.

Abbi Glines - (Rosemary Beach №13) - The Best Goodbye

Cord glanced back over his shoulder. Just Sea Breeze. Momma looked at me concerned. People said the same about the York boys. My youngest brother Clay was staying the night with Keegan Drake. Next week was closing fast. Are you feeling okay? The sick little girl who she had to take care of and protect.

Neither had a response. She was naming it after herself. I wondered why this surprised me. Octavia was brilliant and had also been blessed with a dose of creativity. A generous one I admit. But she was also the only child of the Beckett Department Store founder.

Much like myself Octavia was privileged, born into wealth and raised with advantage, although hers affected her differently. This was why my mother was not happy about me announcing our engagement. Mom thought I would have that with Lila Kate. Sometimes you need to learn to say fuck this and move on. He chuckled as if that was amusing. All my previous transgressions have been washed away.

My cousin Maggie had changed him. He no longer used girls and tossed them away. Seeing him with Maggie made me want that too. A girl who I wanted to be near. A girl who made me smile just at the sight of her. Nor would I even try because they were happy together. I had never really seen Gunner happy before. Willa seemed to make him that way.

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She deserves to be that girl for some guy. Getting her to see that, however, seems impossible. Be tough. The way people looked at Ivy as a desperate girl unable to let go. I had let her hang on so long she had become just that, and it was all on me. But I had made the situation worse by letting her still believe there was an us. I should be happy for them. I wanted that. I had thought Willa would be that for me.

Again, though, my fault. Had I expected Willa to just hang around while I figured out what to do with my girlfriend? I was a dumbass. Willa turned her gaze and it met mine. She smiled. Not the flirty smile I got from most girls, but a friendly one.

The kind that a girl gives a guy when she sees him as a friend and wants nothing more. I retuned the smile and nodded to Gunner before ducking into my next class and away from their lovefest. But seeing them together was getting to me. It was the reason I had finally cut Ivy free. At least I had them to thank for that. Asa Griffith and Nash Lee were sitting in their seats already.

I headed over to them and took a seat across from Nash and behind Asa. She did a fluttery finger wave. Test it out and tell me all about it. That was all Asa was worried about. I looked at him and away from the girl. She was still showing up with red, swollen eyes. He raised his eyebrows as if he were shocked. I was afraid to ask. I saw her yesterday with some kid in a stroller. Like a little kid.

She was leaving the park. She was trouble. And Gunner was finally happy. Her parents must have had another kid. As much as I hated it for Gunner, I had to agree with Nash. I could hate her and also feel bad for her parents. But a new baby was a good thing. That had to have come just in time to help heal the mess Riley had made with her lies.

My Little Sister? It had been all sunshine when I had strolled Bryony to the park. The rainstorm came out of nowhere. At least there was a cover on the stroller. I was going to get drenched when I moved out from under the minimal shade of this tree, but Bryony should stay somewhat covered. She liked it. This was an adventure. I tried to think of things like this as a new memory to make. Something to experience. It helped me deal with otherwise stressful moments. I got all upset over everything.

Little things were a big deal. Like not being asked to prom by the guy you wanted or your best friend flirting with your boyfriend. Drama that seemed pointless to me now. When she was placed in my arms, my world tilted. My life would never be the same, and all the pain that had led to her arrival in this world was gone. Just like that. I no longer cared about the past. I just cared that she was mine.

Who her father was and what he had done meant nothing. Not now. Not ever. I had my daughter. She was healthy. It became the only important thing in my life. Sleepless nights became a special time for us to bond. That was what mattered. The two of us. The fall air smelled good damp. It reminded me of my childhood.

Up in Flames (Rosemary Beach 13) - Abbi Glines - PDF Free Download

Those were good memories, ones I wanted for Bryony. As much as I missed the town that had been part of me, it no longer accepted me. For now we would make our home here. Keep to ourselves and enjoy life.

A truck slowed beside me, and I kept jogging. I had a mission. The hateful looks and words that I remembered from him kept my gaze straight and my feet moving. At least get in for her sake. This storm is gonna get worse. Let me give you a ride. Accused me of it and ran me out of town. I had to have come on to him. He had to have been the one to push me away. Why would he rape me? I must be crazy.

I stopped running and turned to look at Brady. He had always been the good guy. Taking up for people and believing the best in them.