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'Putting it all down,' wrote Sharada Prasad, commenting on why those once in . He was certainly an 'accidental prime minister', as he readily confessed . free access to the PM also placed an enormous responsibility on me since I was often . The Accidental Prime Minister by Sanjay Baru: PDF Version [1 Attachment] is the PDF version just for you. Download and delve.. __._,_.___. Read "The Accidental Prime Minister The Making and Unmaking of Manmohan Singh" by Sanjaya Baru available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 .

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Sanjaya Baru was chief editor of the Financial Express Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, Kindle Store · Kindle eBooks · Politics & Social Sciences . $ Read with Our Free App; Hardcover from $ Free Catalog In the download the accidental prime minister the making and a better theory of the suspension of the Direct General-Ebooks to the necessity. The Accidental Prime Minister (The Making and Unmaking of Manmohan Singh) this as an opportunity to help a man he admired lead India down a new path.

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My wife, Rama, had gone to Canada to take up a research fellowship. On Friday, 28 May, the day I turned fifty, we were in the dining room of my parents home when my mobile phone rang. Is it Mr Sanjay Baru? Principal secretary to PM, Mr Nair, will speak to you. Nair came on the line and introduced himself.

Mr Baru, we have never met. I am principal secretary to the PM. The PM would like to meet you. Can you come this evening? I informed him that I was in Hyderabad and would only return after the weekend.

He said he would get back to me and called a few minutes later to schedule an appointment for Monday morning. That evening, when I was at a family party, I received another call from Delhi.

The caller was N. Vohra, a distinguished former civil servant who had served as home and defence secretary and had been Prime Minister Inder Gujral s principal secretary. I got to know Vohra intimately when he was director of the India International Centre in the late s and I was the convenor of the centre s economic affairs group.

We had also both been members of the National Security Advisory Board NSAB from to , and had, moreover, travelled together to many foreign capitals, notably Tokyo, as part of a delegation sent by the Vajpayee government to persuade Japan to end the economic sanctions imposed on India after the nuclear tests.

Vohra had regaled us with jokes and humorous anecdotes from his varied career in the civil and intelligence services. During long walks in Tokyo, we discovered we had similar views on many issues and despite the several years that separated us, became good friends.

Our most recent association had been as members of Mani Dixit s foreign policy group. Sanjaya, said Vohra, you are meeting the PM on Monday? He will ask you to join his office. He asked me what I thought of you. I told him you were a good fellow! Vohra laughed in his characteristic nasal tone. He said he was planning to appoint you as his information adviser. I told him he had made a wise choice. My professional life had been full of twists and turns.

At the age of thirtysix, I had given up the staid world of a university campus in Hyderabad where I had taught economics, and entered the rough and tumble of journalism at a time of sweeping economic and political change in India and the world.

Now, I would be making yet another turn and, to tell the truth, I was ready for it. Working in a PMO headed by Manmohan Singh, whom I had come to respect as a professional and a human being, was an opportunity not to be missed. However, while I discreetly shared Vohra s news with my parents, I did not mention it to anyone else. That day, I was more than happy to celebrate turning fifty with family and friends for whom Delhi was a distant durbar. The Economic Times, where I was then associate editor, was to celebrate its thirtieth anniversary in March I was put in charge of producing a special supplement for the occasion.

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We decided that it would carry interviews with economists who had shaped policy during those thirty years. We picked K. Brahmananda, who created a rival group dubbed the Bombay School of Economics; and Manmohan Singh, a disciple of Raj at the Delhi School, but one who had served the Indian government in important policymaking capacities for two-thirds of the period that was our focus.

His career had been brilliant by any reckoning. After studying economics at Punjab University, Manmohan Singh went on to secure an honours degree in economics from Cambridge University, followed a few years later by a doctoral degree from Oxford University. He then taught economics at his alma mater, Punjab University.

Sometime in the early s, his neighbour in Amritsar, the writer Mulk Raj Anand, Dr Singh could not do so at the time, since he was serving out a contract with his college, which had funded his studies abroad. Raj s invitation. Manmohan explained to Prebisch that the Delhi School appointment was a prestigious one and that he would not like to turn down an invitation from Professor Raj. You are being foolish, Prebisch admonished Manmohan, but then added thoughtfully, Sometimes in life it is wise to be foolish.

It was a line I heard Dr Singh repeat many years later in his modest office in the prime minister s official residence on New Delhi s Race Course Road, a small room that could accommodate just a table and two chairs but overlooked a lovely lawn where peacocks strutted around.

Faced with a veritable avalanche of advice urging him to drop the idea of pursuing the civil nuclear energy cooperation agreement with the United States, including from many of his closest aides advice that he did not finally take Dr Singh said to me with a smile, It is time, again, to be foolish.

However, at our first meeting that afternoon in February , I had no sense of what, if anything, was remarkable about Manmohan Singh. I was in awe of K. Raj, who had been my teacher, and I saw Dr Singh as just another student of his who had spent most of his life in the government. True, he had held a series of important positions, including chief economic adviser to the Government of India, economic affairs secretary in the Union finance ministry, governor.

But I was not brought up to be overawed by authority. I was also less than reverential because the world in which I grew up overlapped with his. Both my father, whose term as finance and planning secretary of Andhra Pradesh coincided with Dr Singh s stint as secretary in the ministry of finance in Delhi, and my father-in-law, who had been in the Planning Commission, knew Dr Singh well.

Indeed, my father and Dr Singh had several close friends in common, most importantly, K. Raj, the economist; Amrik Singh, the educationist; and Mohit Sen, the communist. However, the first thing that struck me when I came face-to-face with Manmohan Singh was his gentle politeness. He greeted me warmly, got up from his chair and suggested we sit on a sofa, and offered me a cup of tea. I switched on my tape recorder and began asking my questions.

A few minutes into the interview, the tape recorder stopped working. Feeling a little rattled, I tried shaking it, took the batteries out and put them back in, but nothing helped. Dr Singh was patient, but gently warned me that he had a meeting to go to and was travelling over the next few days.

He suggested we try finishing the interview. While I was contemplating writing down his answers in longhand, it occurred to me that it would take very little time to summon Mr Anand, the stenotypist from ET, who duly arrived and wrote down Dr Singh s replies in shorthand. At the end of the interview, Dr Singh suggested I show him the typed draft before it went into print.

Since Dr Singh was travelling, I managed to show him a draft only a week later. This he promptly returned with several changes made with a ballpoint pen, in a handwriting that was neat, legible and compact. Requesting Mr Anand to incorporate his changes and forward the file to my colleague who was handling the production of the special pages, I left Delhi on work. But even before I could open it, the phone rang.

It was Manmohan Singh on the line. His tone was even, but his displeasure was sharply evident. You did not make all the corrections I asked you to, he said. I had added an entire paragraph that I do not find published. It was an important point I was making. This is highly irresponsible. I didn t expect you to be so careless. He put the phone down even as I kept saying, Sorry, Sir, I haven t seen the paper yet. That was the first of the two admonishments I have received from Dr Singh.

The second was to come sixteen long years later, when he chastised me for crediting him with an important decision that the Congress party was eager to claim was Rahul Gandhi s idea. The mistake turned out to be the kind of embarrassing mix-up that does occasionally happen in newspapers.

While Mr Anand had done his job properly, the person making the page had accidentally downloaded and placed on the page, the earlier, uncorrected version of the interview. I was curious, now, to discover the contents of that additional paragraph that Dr Singh had scribbled on to the draft, and had been so upset to find missing in the printed version. It turned out to be about his recent visit to South Korea and the important lessons India ought to learn from South Korea s model of development.

He had pointed out that South Korea had invested in education and had an open economy, and India ought to do the same.

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It was only years later that I fully understood why Dr Singh had been so upset at this omission. He was signalling the relevance of his own views, views that he had articulated decades ago in his doctoral thesis, on the importance of foreign trade and greater openness to the world economy in India s own development.

No Indian policymaker had till then held South Korea up as a role model. In fact, in the mid- s, Professor Raj had had a high-profile spat with Bela Balassa, the Hungarian economist at the World Bank, in which he disparaged the so-called lessons to be learnt from the East Asian growth experience which Balassa was advocating.

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The Accidental Prime Minister (The Making and Unmaking of Manmohan Singh)

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