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The Journey of Flower, EPUB and PDF Download. Hua Qian Gu • Xian Xia Qi Yuan Zhi Hua Qian Gu • 仙侠奇缘之花千骨 latest chapter. Create your own ebook . The Journey of Flower (Hua Qiangu)(Chinese Edition) [Guo Guo] on Amazon. com. *FREE* Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App. Faerie Blossom/Hua Qian Gu/The Day Love you (Chinese Edition) [Guo Guo] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Hua Qiangu is a story of a.

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After three novels by Tong Hua, I am taking a break from her books as she is . Xian Xia Qi Yuan Zhi Hua Qian Gu – Fresh Guo Guo (A, HE). Generational Marriage 《世婚》, Yi Qian Zhong 意千重, Rebirth, Ancient, Slice-of- life, HE Hua Qian Gu 《花千骨》, Fresh 果果, Fantasy/ Mythology, Teacher- Student, OP, X, (I'd . alredy tried to download it and use Google translator with no use since i dont know chinese . Is there a chinese ebook avaliable somewhere?. download bu jing xin tong hua - salestab - bu jing xin tong hua issn— xin tang muqian ge di bu tong. liru: meiguo qian zongtong gu jing wan.

If you want to give me a rec, or if you would like to discuss any of the below novels, please feel free to leave a comment. Like Like. I love reading about Sansheng!!! Anyway, I was wondering if you could give me a spoiler summary of Faithful to Buddha, Faithful to You. In FtBFtY, a 21st-century historian time-traveled to the past in order to test the time-machine they developed. She finally managed to do it after a few tries, but it landed her in an unknown time and place somewhere in the desert. She met a monk and the caravan he traveled with and befriended them.

I don't approve of the cast at all. View 2 comments. Once in a while you read a book and that simply compels you to start writing about it. Da Mo Yao is this kind of book. Rarely has a story left such an impact on me this did. I am moved occasionally by a well written book but never has a book left me bawling in my room.

Let me start from the beginning. She is immensely popular in China and many of her other books have been made into TV seri Once in a while you read a book and that simply compels you to start writing about it.

She is immensely popular in China and many of her other books have been made into TV series. Yu Jin is an orphan who has grown up amongst a pack of wolves in the Gobi Dessert.

One day when she is 8 years old, she is recused by a Han civilian who tries to teach her how to be a human. However she grows up in a Xiong Nu settlement, the enemies of the Han Kingdom. One day due to political reason her adoptive father dies and she is again forced to leave the lives of human and go back to being a wolf again. Hence slowly the story unfolds and we get to her how her romance unfolds with both the guys who are so viscerally different from each other but affect Yu Jin so deeply.

Yu Jin is one of the strongest heroines I have read about in any romantic story. She is a wolf girl yet she is sensible and yet passionate. Tong Hua managed to create a heroine who is not only relatable but fun too. She has so much determination that is she sets her mind on something, and then she will follow it till the end.

Meng Ju was a loyal, quiet brooding character who was crippled from childhood. Burdened by his responsibilities and his position he can quietly supports Yu Jin and everything. Huo Qu Bing is one of my favourite romance heros. He was passionate, wild, endearing, charming and everything a girl could ask for. Huo Qu Bing was a force to be reckoned with. In fact he is real life Han Dynasty General who is celebrated throughout China even today.

Therefore all the wars and conquests described in the story are real life historical event even is the romance is fictional. Yes, there is a love triangle but at no point was Yu Jin being stupid or irrational with her feeling so it was not annoying in the least. She had two men who loved her, one who was the quiet protector who loves her from afar, steadfast and loyal.

And on the other hand you have the charming, boisterous, funny and passionate Huo Qu Bing. The story is obviously has many political plot lines intertwined with the story but they was not boring in the least and were intrinsic with the plot.

I cannot recommend this book enough. I took a chance and it paid off. The writing is beautiful and I can only imagine what the original text would be like if the translation was beautiful. This book is a must read for any romance novel fan who wants to try something different. Find my other reviews and book chat at Escapism from Reality Sep 25, Far rated it really liked it Shelves: I really like the book.

As someone who is not that familiar with the power struggle during the era, I think it is fascinating on how the author managed to weave a such beautiful tale into the history recorded by the annals.

This book makes me searched for Huo Qu Bing, a great general who died at a really young age.


Such sad, sad, sad, sad, young lad. But if it his Hu Ge's choice, I think it primarily because the character is such a compelling character and I won't blame him to try potray the emotional depth of Meng Jiu. Political warfare aside, I find it really interesting that Tong Hua managed to explain in her version of history of why Huo Qu Bing did something that is weird for us to read when reading about the general, such as cuju in the middle of war, why he said he won't get married until the XiongNu eradicted, and so on.

Personally this is the first time for me reading a chinese novel one which actually features an actual person from Han dinasty and I am hooked. I might as well start reading her other books too. Mar 17, Michelle rated it it was amazing Shelves: Was a great read and so happy it was a HEA well You'll enjoy the characters and their interactions with each other as well as their subtle humor.

The author is very skilled at flipping your feelings with each person making you understand that "people change". Your feelings towards a person can easily flip from negative to admirable over the course and it's great. It totally gives another dimension to ever Was a great read and so happy it was a HEA well It totally gives another dimension to every person.

Just so you know this is a romance novel, but unlike Western heavy passionate writing, everything is kept subtle to lend to the imagination. He's like the perfect male protagonist you want to have. He's adorably oblivious, but his humor and how he develops when it comes to love is just awesome. View 1 comment. Aug 14, Tai rated it it was amazing Shelves: I don't think there was one thng about this book that I didn't love. Tong Hua knows how to create characters that feel so real that you can't help but get attached to them.

I only wish that I could get an official English copy of the book. This is definitely a story i could re-read over and over again. Aug 29, Vera C rated it it was amazing. Super like the story line, can't wait for the series which will be coming soon. Mar 21, Astrapolaris rated it it was amazing. Jul 02, Julianne Bellardo rated it really liked it.

Gu ebook download hua qian

The rainbow after the rain, the sunrise on the edge of the ocean, the first Spring flowers, most of the beauty in this world can never be owned, it is enough to have experienced it. Chinese books have a special kind of magic that doesn't cease to fascinate me. Hidden between descriptions and dialogs, the simplest of words can sometimes convey a world of meaning and feeling.

Tong Hua, in particular, seams to weave a delicate narrative that slowly unravels the human nature as it is: She brings forth characters that feel, that hope, that have dreams and problems and that make mistakes. Huge mistakes. Her stories are hardly ever about huge plot-lines with very complex story-lines. It is actually somewhat simple in the begging. However, it is how she can so brilliantly develops this lines, the characters wishes and actions and the responses to this actions that makes her stories so complex and interesting.

In Ballad of the Desert Jin Yu is a brilliant and lively girl, someone that has the brightness of the Desert's sun on her soul and that, despite the time period, is a free spirit, not being scared to love, to try and to defy the Han Dynasty conventions.

She is the flower that bloomed too far to reach, but yet too close not to desire. A person's life will have numerous instances where you won't be able to turn back and get another chance" I'll not dwell to much describing the story line or the characters, as I think there is already enough of this on the internet if the book descriptions are a bit vage, the drama descriptions can fill in the gaps , so I'll get to what interested me the most: Jiu Ye and Hua Qu Bing.

In the drama, I was a die-hard shipper for Qu Bing and Yu'er. I hated how Jiu Ye refused time and again to acknowledge her feelings, always keeping her at arms length, always retreating back onto himself to not let her get too close. Even when he was his most cold and cruel self, Yu'es feelings were completely exposed, her love for him as wide as the Xi Yu desert she loved so much.

Qu Bing, on the other side, was the rake that couldn't leave her alone. That followed, nagged and annoyed her to death, not caring to conceal how he felt about her and how sure he was that she'd be his in the end.

There is even a line where he says something like "I always get what I want" or something, like it was impossible for him to imagine any kind of frustration. He was reckless where Jiu Ye was careful, smirked where Jiu Ye smiled slightly.

One was the raging winds in a storm. The other was the light breeze that chased away the summer heat. What I loved the most, though, was how Tong Hua developed and unraveled, little by little, both characters true selves.

How she brought forth Qu Bing vulnerability, his fear and his loneliness, his need of a family and still how much he was hurting because of the struggles for the throne. And Jiu Ye He was there. He was always there, loving, caring, looking after Yu'er at the cost of his own health.

He loved her the same way that he lived: Two such different characters, and yet so much alike, not only because of their struggles, their loyalty and the chains they carried because of their connection to the Emperor of Chang An. Not every bloom will flower, but to welcome the sunlight and bid farewell to the moonlight, playing with the wind and battling with the rain, that is living a full life.

I don't think they will have any regrets This book succeeded with me where I can't remember any other being successful before even in Bu Bu Jing Xin I cheered for the Fourth Prince in every version and even in the book, without a simule wrinkle on my brow: I couldn't decide with which I wanted Yu'er to stay. I simply loved the three of them too much, felt too much for them, to be happy with any ending possible. But I couldn't help feeling sad for Jiu Ye.

The constant, always serene and careful Jiu Ye. His ending, crossing the desert in his white camel, remembering the past while singing the Song of Ba Ya Er and Yi Zhu. Alone, with just his feeling and his regret as his companions.

If only he had understood sooner, if only he had accepted Yu'er's feeling I couldn't help wonder what'd've been if the two of them were together, what'd've become of Qu Bing. The emotion was deep, but their fate was shallow. No regrets Only longing.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Mar 29, Rebeca F. This is a beautiful book, in the usual Tong Hua style with some stunning and deep reflections, lyrical writing and heart wrenching story. It focuses on Yu Jin, a cool and strong girl raised by wolfs with a dark past that finds herself thrown among the political plots between two factions of court, two kingdoms at war and the love of two very different men. It's not my favourite by Tong Hua, but it's still amazing and even though it's famous for being a HEA, I thought it wasn't really like that an This is a beautiful book, in the usual Tong Hua style with some stunning and deep reflections, lyrical writing and heart wrenching story.

It's not my favourite by Tong Hua, but it's still amazing and even though it's famous for being a HEA, I thought it wasn't really like that and struggled a lot with sadness through the last half of the book. I've realized most chinese stories, but specially Tong Hua's, always sadden me so wholeheartedly that I have a hard time reading them faster through most of the book and then nearing the end I just want to finish them desperately because I suffer so much that I feel almost sick during the last chapters.

I still love them though, it's just that these are such melancholic novels and I always end up siding with the characters that sacrifice themselves Sep 01, Ariadne rated it really liked it Shelves: Just as amazing as the drama.

The first light novel I truly loved and I'm gonna definitely reread it. Dec 31, Thao rated it really liked it. Oct 10, Kat rated it really liked it Shelves: I read the english translation by Koala's Playground.

This is a very well-done love triangle. My heart. It is broken. Oct 01, Nana Mony rated it it was amazing. Saat memulai buku ini aku sudah menonton 2 episode awal dramanya. Ballad of Desert adalah kisah penuh intrik dengan bahasa yang puitis yang akan menarikmu tenggelam dalam kisahnya dari halaman pertama. Yu Er: Kau karakter wanita yang kuat. I read the first few sentences and got bored, lol.

I still think T7 is best at writing ancient novel. Her draggy style is not suitable for modern novel. Chinese link for Exclusive Possession, no english translation: Wow, this entry is totally kick ass! And, now I know why you asked me to check out some of those books! Here are some views: Woohoo and happy ending!

I actually checked most of the plot already, heheh because I need to ship the right guy! I thought the couple ended up together though? Haha, shall confirm this for future reading. I recommended it to my sister and she loved it too. Go read, people!!! But it's long and Shi Si Lang is not the easiest writer to read.

Can't believe Heavy Sweetness is only 65! I love it so much. I wished Dian Xian would write more: I'm currently deciding whether i should translate Heavy Sweetness faster, or do the reviews of the ancient books I told you about or finally work on the Killing Three Thousands epilogue translation. Well, we will see. Maybe I shall find a black hole in which time is infinite!

Btw, this is a time travel book so are you sure you wanna read it? Haha, I also know which guy is the right ship but when I read that the beginnng is draggy, I lost interest. This one can wait since it is Man Man, haha….. They share the same writer only. This is slightly better than no. Also, the leads are more affectionate and funny. But it is very obvious who is the leading man.

75 Most Popular Chinese Romance Internet Novels

The prequel with sad ending is Phoenix Coming from the Sky. I need to be suck in first, haha…. The other book is also a time travel book so approach it with caution. This book is so hard to read, so poetic. I feel that it is something like Who Gets the World but without the wuxia bit so less interesting. Moreover, the audio book is of inferior quality: As I said in my intro, just take this poll with a grain of salt as everyone has diff taste.

Not touched.. Wanted to try.. I shelved it… On my to read list… Will update when I reach that stage. No BE and OE for me. I watched the show without knowing it was an adaptation of her book….. Read the beginning…. I do recall reading the first few chpts.. Oh my oh my… I just loved this story….. But meng jue…. I hate the writer…..

Ebook hua download gu qian

Watched the drama……dun like the ending….. Ah yes…. The ending was a bit too abrupt and not to my liking….. I liked this…but way to adult themed……yeah…under 25 not allowed!!!!!

But Li xiao an is just way off scale… Imagine calling her kids xiao xiao and an an…. I tot she was preg with a son??

Godfrey GAO…haha…read other nicer ones already…. Waiting for drama release to drool and eye candy Ssooo cute…. Wished it happens in real life tho.

Read this…not bad….. Reading hamsters translation: Highly recommended……i liked the prequel more tho…. I do not like the ending!!!!!!! Always on his boat… I like myself a nice gentle considerate man who is smart intellectual handsome and oh well abit of a handicap…. The starter of all things addictive!!!! I still ship 8th prince.

Then again coz I think Nicky is old n ugly with a big nose. But oh!! They ended up for real!! Funny book just for silly funny laughs. Nice read for boredom.

Ebook hua download gu qian

On my to read list. I read on hamsters again……. I found this book very sad… All 3 stories in it was sad too… 1. P Anyway good on you for reading more on this list compared with Xinn, lol. P Give no. You should also give the two no. Lastly, no. You should read it. It is no. I notice that you like to ship the wrong boats.

Next time ask me before you jump aboard or else you gonna die of drowning, lol. U have a run thru on the numbering…dunno if it just occurs on my site tho? I seem to be boarding all the wrong ships…. Ya, Pm is so compassionate, adopting all those unwanted good guys, lol. Actually those authors should have some mercy and write some girls for them. It is like those American day time soap where they add characters and storylines after the initial hundred episode.

No one is persistent enough to translate up chapters. He is Liu Fu Ling. This shows how much you love him when you mis-spelt his name, lol.

Fangirling Chinese Novels

Haha, this means peanuts love them more: Hihi, long time no see. Shan Shan is delayed this week, lol. At least SS is on this list so it is not such a bad list: P I like half the books on this list. But for those who can read, it could be an enjoyable experience for them. So it is a modern book? From the book cover, I tut it is an ancient book. I think I read somewhere the ending is kind of open-ended as someone died.

Died in the online game world? It has been translated to Viet? Hey, you have any news about SS comics yet? I mean, Silent Separation is a nice book with a romantic male lead who waited for his love for 7 years, but hey, the male lead in Heavy Sweetness waited for his love for years! Try to beat that! Yet, Xu Feng still forgave her when he was revived. Try to out do that, right? Donghua is a blockhead, much more obtuse, and infinitely ruder than Yehua, but hey, this guy is much more interesting than Yehua.

In fact, Donghua is so rude and blunt that he is funny and entertaining. Still, I have not forgiven him for the grief he has given poor Fengjiu and still want her to leave him and fall in love with a more deserving guy.

Come and Eat, Shan Shan, what can I say? My dear Feng Teng deserves a higher ranking. Good looks, money, humor, and heart. Did I mention the money? Please pump out more chapters of Heavy Sweetness before straying to other projects! I need to know the full story in English because my Mandarin is poo poo!

Ooops, forgot to put spoiler tags on my first paragraph in the comment above. Different criteria.

Gu download qian hua ebook

Probably in a year or so, different books will top the list. The poll took place before PB 2 was released so the voters did not know the ending yet plus some waiting for the release of the 2nd book may not read it yet so this is why the lower ranking. But, readers read the 1st book initially so there they also have nostalgic feeling for it like Silent Separation. Honestly speaking, stories like Shan Shan are plentiful in c-novel land so it is nothing special plotwise.

Thank you Mel for your continuous support and comments: Peanuts this seems to be your favourite wuxia book! Haha realised how silly i was, but that was because i was still a newbie to all this wuxia and fighting for the thrones.

TH really writes beautiful epilogues for her characters. I quite liked Paper Rose modern novel because of the strong female character. Qian Shan Mu Xue — such a dysfunctional relationship! Same opinion as you: Did you know the fans for this book and fans of 3L3W: I also think it should be ranked higher.

I think those ppl fell in love with the manhua first then the novel. I am allergic to Peter Ho: Since you are not a fan, you missed nothing: P It is just your miss, lol. Nearly all ancient books are so draggy: I am taking a break from Tong Hua, after all the books and dramas. Wow, what a shock to find out you are one of my silent reader, lol. So draggy, my pet hate, lol. Even if you ship both guys, you also get half your heart broken: Agree with you: Yup, that male lead is just too hateful.

Hence, how deep is his love? Ya, I expect him to stay celibate for the rest of his life to redeem his sins: It is bcos you read Chong Zi first so you like it better, just like queenanon read HQG first so she loves it: Huh, did xiaoyuer do a feature on HXY?

It is not really sad if you view it in another way. I feel this is T7 best book. SN loved him too much and kind of sacrificed herself instead.

I also watch more k-drama than c-drama. It is just a matter of taste, nothing personal. Feel free to dislike Wallace Chung bcos I am not a crazy fan, lol. By then, she was too busy to write anything. If you wait for me, I may take forever, lol. Oh, I am shocked, lol! She seldom visit my blog bcos it is too tame for her, lol. JSQC is a complete tragic story from beginning until the end. That is the book cover.

I was on holidays in Japan at that time so I am innocent, lol. Another lesson for you is judge not a book by its cover, haha…..

Haha I like the colour purple so it looked appealing to me. It was quite moving and sweet, I wished they could have ended up together. The female lead has an inner strength and purity that actually draws the three guys to her so I quite liked her too.

The perfect ending to this story would have been giving the female lead a second chance of love with the second lead. I guess his appeal is that he looks good, haha.. You need to be careful as some novels start out promising but become a train wreck later, just like some dramas. If in doubt, ask in SSB: Welcome home! Gah, I have opinions on quite a few of these novels. Di Wang Ye — Epic. Detailed, well-written, and grand. It is not a light read or a feel happy story in any way.

There are occasionally sweet parts, but they feel far and few because of the serious tone of the novel. I really enjoyed it, to the point that I nearly started translating it. It has a very similar feel to Heavy Sweetness, is a light read, and has two very likable male leads. Yu Mo is one of my favourite male leads — silently supportive, never forcing his love on the female lead, gentle to her.

The Work and Lives of Teachers in China | Taylor & Francis Group

Read it if you want to feel happy. Can someone show me the English version of Thank you. From bongsd: Dao Tinh — Chu Ngoc http: Can you do it? Anyway the novel will be quite diff fr the drama so just watch the drama. If you are desperate, use google translate or listen to the audiobook.

HI there! I want to ask. Where can I read the english version of Chinese books that you have already mentioned such as GU man novel, or fei wo si chun and other? Because, I want to read it. I never thought that I will be introduced to chinese novels and here I am reading it as well as listening to it. I was in the middle of it my life is over does someone have e pub ob it in English version?????

Also, I only read books in Chinese. Some of their synopsis are also in SSB. I am Chinese,and I am so curious about how you would translate. The plot sounds really interesting. You can buy nearly all Chinese novels from http: