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Physical therapists are trained to identify the cause of the back pain and to Download our FREE eBook for information on how to treat your own back and neck. Free Discovery Visit; eBooks Download What is the role of inflammation in back pain? Learn and understand more with our new eBook on back pain. Get my free back pain ebook and be on your way to freedom from muscle pain! Please download this ebook and read it, but more importantly do it! I can't.

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Lose The Back Pain Free Ebook - Lower Back pain sucks. It's also extremely unnecessary. Alleviating Back Pain is Easier Than You think. Discover Tips to Help You Help Yourself With Your Low Back Pain back pain. Learn about the most common causes and how to get relief Get your free ebook. The Step By Step Process to Fix Your Back Pain Forever. Table of Contents . good it feels to lay down and have someone walk on our back when it's killing!.

Sign up for Health Bits, my month ly e-newsletter, that gives you 5 minute solutions you can use at your desk. Don't worry, I won't share your email with anyone, and you can unsubscribe at any time. You can check out back issues here. Why give away this book, you ask? I want to share with you a little of my history. I have suffered from a lot of pain In high school, I started getting episodes of low back pain where I had to crawl to the bathroom , and miss a week of school at a time.

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We focus on eliminating pain and helping people get back to their full functioning power. In our local Mt. Prospect, Illinois clinic on Oakton and Elmhurst Rd we offer a unique recovery experience different from hospital settings and big box chain therapy centers.

We do this by taking the time for one-on-one care and by getting to know you and your unique circumstances.

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You will work with the same physical therapist from start to finish to enhance the consistency and comfort of your healing process. To all Back Pain Sufferers Do you suffer with back pain or leg pain when you stand or walk?

Get relief from your pain NOW!

Do you have pain when you sit or drive for long periods? Do you have any tingling or pins and needles into your leg? Are you afraid your back pain will get worse if you don't do anything about it?

Are you wondering what you can do to help yourself with your ongoing back pain? Free yourself from these problems and get some answers pronto! In this book you'll discover: When you should use ice or when it is ok or better to use heat if you have injured your back. Don't continue living with back pain. See what's inside the book.

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These exercises will help you to overcome this concern in order to move on to more advanced and important exercises. These exercises aid to strengthen weak and imbalanced muscles and joints in order to protect the back and reduce your level of injury and consequently pain. Once learned, you will move to the set of Challenging Exercises. These exercises serve to bring back proper function for your muscles and joints and prevent the return of injury to the lower back and other joint related pain.

These important exercises serve to keep the rehabilitated and reconditioned muscles fit and responsive to any lower back challenges that you may have. The eBook illustrates and demonstrates methods, some of which you may already be familiar with and some new.

It is important to read the book in its entirety as it will be an advantage for your recovery.

Some exercises will be easy to perform while others will initially be very challenging. In time, the more challenging exercises will become easier as your body develops more mobility, strength and flexibility.


Initially, the steps in the book should be performed in their entirety. As your pain eases, you can custom select the specific exercises individually with less emphasis on others.

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Eventually, you will only need to perform the Maintenance Exercises throughout your day as a preventative measure. Helpful Note: As with any serious program, this book takes time and commitment. Weak, sore and injured muscles and joints respond and heal slowly.

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Healthy, reconditioned and responsive muscles and joints protect your spine indefinitely. Not Sure?

Emery Physical Therapy

Tap or Click on Your Chronic Pain. Full Reviews Saves you the inconvenient and time consuming need to search for, and experiment with, exercises and methods that may not prove helpful, safe or relevant for treating your pain. Provides lasting help for: Get help here: How to Use the eBook Where to begin?

How many per day? How long? What are the exercises that I will be doing and what is in the book?