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Read "Watership Down A Novel" by Richard Adams available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first purchase. Now a major Netflix animated. Soon to be a major Netflix animated miniseries starring James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, and Oscar and Grammy award-winner Sir Ben Kingsley. A worldwide. A phenomenal worldwide bestseller for over forty years, Richard Adams' spellbinding classic Watership Down is one of the best-loved novels of all time. Set in.

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WATERSHIP DOWN by RICHARD ADAMS (). [VERSION (Apr 29 03). If you find and correct errors in the text, please update the version number by Watership Down eBook / download / online. Name: Watership Down Rating: Likes: Types: ebook | djvu | pdf | mp3 score: /10 - (98 votes). Watership Down by Richard Adams; 24 editions; First published in DAISY for print-disabled Download ebook for print-disabled (DAISY).

A phenomenal worldwide bestseller for more than forty years, Richard Adams's Watership Down is a timeless classic and one of the most beloved novels of all time. Set in England's Downs, a once idyllic rural landscape, this stirring tale of adventure, courage and survival follows a band of very special creatures on their flight from the intrusion of man and the certain destruction of their home. Led by a stouthearted pair of brothers, they journey forth from their native Sandleford Warren through the harrowing trials posed by predators and adversaries, to a mysterious promised land and a more perfect society. New Feature: You can now embed Open Library books on your website!

Whatever the trouble is, its time we got back. He ran down the eld and over the brook to the cattle wade. Here there was a delay, for Fiversurrounded on all sides by the quiet summer eveningbecame helpless and almost paralyzed with fear. When at last Hazel had got him back to the ditch, he refused at rst to go underground and Hazel had almost to push him down the hole. The sun set behind the opposite slope.

The wind turned colder, with a scatter of rain, and in less than an hour it was dark. All color had faded from the sky: They said: Henry Vaughan, The World.

In the darkness and warmth of the burrow Hazel suddenly woke, struggling and kicking with his back legs. Something was attacking him. There was no smell of ferret or weasel. No instinct told him to run. His head cleared and he realized that he was alone except for Fiver. It was Fiver who was clambering over him, clawing and grabbing like a rabbit trying to climb a wire fence in a panic. Fiver, wake up, you silly fellow! Its Hazel. Youll hurt me in a moment.

Wake up! He held him down. Fiver struggled and woke. I was dreaming. It was dreadful. You were there. We were sitting on water, going down a great, deep.

There were other rabbits therebucks and does. But when I looked down, I saw the board was all made of bones and wire; and I screamed and you said, Swimeverybody swim; and then I was looking for you everywhere and trying to drag you out of a hole in the bank. I found you, but you said, The Chief Rabbit must go alone, and you oated away down a dark tunnel of water.

Well, youve hurt my ribs, anyway. Tunnel of water indeed! What rubbish!

Watership Down

Can we go back to sleep now? Hazelthe danger, the bad thing. It hasnt gone away. Its hereall round us. Dont tell me to forget about it and go to sleep. Weve got to go away before its too late. Go away? From here, you mean?

From the warren? Very soon. It doesnt matter where. Just you and I? No, everyone. The whole warren? Dont be silly. They wont come. Theyll say youre out of your wits. Then theyll be here when the bad thing comes. You must listen to me, Hazel.

Believe me, something very bad is close upon us and we ought to go away. Well, I suppose wed better go and see the Chief Rabbit and you can tell him about it. Or Ill try to. But I dont expect hell like the idea at all. Hazel led the way down the slope of the run and up toward the bramble curtain.

He did not want to believe Fiver, and he was afraid not to. It was a little after ni-Frith, or noon. The whole warren were underground, mostly asleep. Hazel and Fiver went a short way above ground and then into a wide, open hole in a sand patch and so down, by various runs, until they were thirty feet into the wood, among the roots of an oak. Here they were stopped by a large, heavily built rabbitone of the Owsla. He had a curious, heavy growth of fur on the crown of his head, which gave him an odd appearance, as though he were wearing a kind of.

This had given him his name, Thlayli, which means, literally, Furhead or, as we might say, Bigwig. It is Hazel, isnt it?

What are you doing here? And at this time of day? He ignored Fiver, who was waiting further down the run. We want to see the Chief Rabbit, said Hazel. Its important, Bigwig. Can you help us? Is he going to see him, too? Yes, he must. Do trust me, Bigwig. I dont usually come and talk like this, do I? When did I ever ask to see the Chief Rabbit before? Well, Ill do it for you, Hazel, although Ill probably get my head bitten off.

Ill tell him I know youre a sensible fellow. He ought to know you himself, of course, but hes getting old. Wait here, will you? Bigwig went a little way down the run and stopped at the entrance to a large burrow. After speaking a few words that Hazel could not catch, he was evidently called inside. The two rabbits waited in silence, broken only by the continual nervous dgeting of Fiver.

For some reason he was always referred to as The Threarahperhaps because there happened to be only one threar, or rowan, near the warren, from which he took his name.

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He had won his position not only by strength in his prime, but also by level-headedness and a certain self-contained detachment, quite unlike the impulsive behavior of most rabbits. It was well known that he never let himself become excited by rumor or danger. He had coollysome even said coldlystood rm during the terrible onslaught of the myxomatosis, ruthlessly driving out every rabbit who seemed to be sickening.

He had resisted all ideas of mass emigration and enforced complete isolation on the warren, thereby almost certainly saving it from extinction. It was he, too, who had once dealt with a particularly troublesome stoat by leading it down among the pheasant coops and so at the risk of. He was now, as Bigwig said, getting old, but his wits were still clear enough. When Hazel and Fiver were brought in, he greeted them politely. Owsla like Toadax might threaten and bully. The Threarah had no need.

Ah, Walnut. It is Walnut, isnt it? Hazel, said Hazel. Hazel, of course. How very nice of you to come and see me. I knew your mother well. And your friend My brother. Your brother, said the Threarah, with the faintest suggestion of Dont correct me any more, will you?

Do make yourselves comfortable. Have some lettuce? The Chief Rabbits lettuce was stolen by the Owsla from a garden half a mile away across the elds. Outskirters seldom or never saw lettuce. Hazel took a small leaf and nibbled politely. Fiver refused, and sat blinking and twitching miserably.

Now, how are things with you? Do tell me how I can help you. Well, sir, said Hazel rather hesitantly, its because of my brotherFiver here. He can often tell when theres anything bad about, and Ive found him right again and again.

He knew the ood was coming last autumn and sometimes he can tell where a wires been set. And now he says he can sense a bad danger coming upon the warren. A bad danger. Yes, I see. How very upsetting, said the Chief Rabbit, looking anything but upset. Now, what sort of danger, I wonder? He looked at Fiver. I dont know, said Fiver. B-but its bad.

Its so b-bad thatits very bad, he concluded miserably. The Threarah waited politely for a few moments and then he said, Well, now, and what ought we to do about it, I wonder? Go away, said Fiver instantly. Go away.

Down ebook watership download

All of us. Threarah, sir, we must all go away. The Threarah waited again. Then, in an extremely understanding voice, he said, Well, I never did! Thats rather a tall order, isnt it? What do you think yourself?

Well, sir, said Hazel, my brother doesnt really think about these feelings he gets. He just has the feelings, if you see what I mean. Im sure youre the right person to decide what we ought to do. Well, thats very nice of you to say that. I hope I am. But now, my dear fellows, lets just think about this a moment, shall we? Its May, isnt it?

Everyones busy and most of the rabbits are enjoying themselves. No elil for miles, or so they tell me. No illness, good weather. And you want me to tell the warren that youngeryoungeryour brother here has got a hunch and we must all go traipsing across country to goodness knows where and risk the consequences, eh? What do you think theyll say? All delighted, eh? Theyd take it from you, said Fiver suddenly. Thats very nice of you, said the Threarah again.

Well, perhaps they would, perhaps they would. But I should have to consider it very carefully indeed.

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A most serious step, of course. And then But theres no time, Threarah, sir, blurted out Fiver. I can feel the danger like a wire round my necklike a wireHazel, help! He squealed and rolled over in the sand, kicking frantically, as a rabbit does in a snare. Hazel held him down with both forepaws and he grew quieter.

Im awfully sorry, Chief Rabbit, said Hazel. He gets like this sometimes. Hell be all right in a minute. What a shame! Poor fellow, perhaps he ought to go home and rest. Yes, youd better take him along now. Well, its really been extremely good of you to come and see me, Walnut. I appreciate it very much indeed.

And I shall think over all youve said most carefully, you can be quite sure of that. Bigwig, just wait a moment, will you? As Hazel and Fiver made their way dejectedly down the run outside the Threarahs burrow, they could just hear, from inside, the Chief Rabbits voice assuming a rather sharper note, interspersed with an occasional Yes, sir, No, sir. Bigwig, as he had predicted, was getting his head bitten off. We are lying here as though we had a chance of enjoying a quiet time.

Ebook watership down download

Am I waiting until I become a little older? Xenophon, The Anabasis. But, Hazel, you didnt really think the Chief Rabbit would act on your advice, did you? What were you expecting?

It was evening once more and Hazel and Fiver were feeding outside the wood with two friends. Blackberry, the rabbit with tipped ears who had been startled by Fiver the night before, had listened carefully to Hazels description of the notice board, remarking that he had always felt sure that men left these things about to act as signs or messages of some kind, in the same way that rabbits left marks on runs and gaps.

It was another neighbor, Dandelion, who had now brought the talk back to the Threarah and his indifference to Fivers fear. I dont know what I expected, said Hazel. Id never been near the Chief Rabbit before. But I thought, Well, even if he wont listen, at least no one can say afterward that we didnt do our best to warn him. Youre sure, then, that theres really something to be afraid of? Im quite certain. Ive always known Fiver, you see. Blackberry was about to reply when another rabbit came noisily through the thick dogs mercury in the wood, blundered down into the brambles and pushed his way up from the ditch.

It was Bigwig. Hello, Bigwig, said Hazel. Youre off duty? Off duty, said Bigwig, and likely to remain off duty. How do you mean? Ive left the Owsla, thats what I mean. Not on our account? You could say that. The Threarahs rather good at making himself unpleasant when hes been woken up at ni-Frith for what he considers a piece of trivial nonsense. He certainly knows how to get under your skin. I dare say a good many rabbits would have kept quite and thought about keeping on the right side of the Chief, but Im afraid Im not much good at that.

I told him that the Owslas privileges didnt mean all that much to me in any case and that a strong rabbit could always do just as well by leaving the warren. He told me not to be impulsive and think it over, but I shant stay. Lettuce-stealing isnt my idea of a jolly life, nor sentry duty in the burrow. Im in a ne temper, I can tell you. No one will steal lettuces soon, said Fiver quietly. Oh, thats you, Fiver, is it? Good, I was coming to look for you.

Ive been thinking about what you said to the Chief Rabbit. Tell me, is it a sort of tremendous hoax to make yourself important, or is it true? It is true, said Fiver. I wish it werent. Then youll be leaving the warren? They were all startled by the bluntness with which Bigwig went to the point. Dandelion muttered, Leave the warren, Frithrah!

It was Hazel who replied. Fiver and I will be leaving the warren tonight, he said deliberately. I dont know exactly where we shall go, but well take anyone whos ready to come with us.

Right, said Bigwig, then you can take me. The last thing Hazel had expected was the immediate support of a member of the Owsla. It crossed his mind that although Bigwig would certainly be a useful rabbit in a tight corner, he would also be a difcult one to get on with. He cer-. I dont care if he is in the Owsla, thought Hazel. If we get away from the warren, Im not going to let Bigwig run everything, or why bother to go?

But he answered only, Good. We shall be glad to have you. He looked round at the other rabbits, who were all staring either at Bigwig or at himself.

It was Blackberry who spoke next. I think Ill come, he said.

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I dont quite know whether its you whove persuaded me, Fiver. But anyway, there are too many bucks in this warren, and its pretty poor fun for any rabbit thats not in the Owsla. The funny thing is that you feel terried to stay and I feel terried to go. Foxes here, weasels there, Fiver in the middle, begone dull care! He pulled out a burnet leaf and ate it slowly, concealing his fear as best he could; for all his instincts were warning him of the dangers in the unknown country beyond the warren.

Download watership ebook down

If we believe Fiver, said Hazel, it means that we think no rabbits at all ought to stay here. So between now and the time when we go, we ought to persuade as many as we can to join us. I think there are one or two in the Owsla who might be worth sounding, said Bigwig. If I can talk them over, theyll be with me when I join you tonight. But they wont come because of Fiver. Theyll be juniors, discontented fellows like me. You need to have heard Fiver yourself to be convinced by him.

Hes convinced me. Its obvious that hes been sent some kind of message, and I believe in these things.

I cant think why he didnt convince the Threarah. Because the Threarah doesnt like anything he hasnt thought of for himself, answered Hazel. But we cant bother with him any more now.

Weve got to try to collect some more rabbits and meet again here, fu Inl. And well start fu Inl, too: The dangers coming closer all the time whatever it isand, besides, the Threarah isnt going to like it if he nds out that youve been trying to get at rabbits in the. Owsla, Bigwig. Neither is Captain Holly, I dare say.

They wont mind odds and ends like us clearing off, but they wont want to lose you. If I were in your place, Id be careful whom I picked to talk to. Shakespeare, Hamlet. Fu Inl means after moonrise. Rabbits, of course, have no idea of precise time or of punctuality. In this respect they are much the same as primitive people, who often take several days over assembling for some purpose and then several more to get started.

Before such people can act together, a kind of telepathic feeling has to ow through them and ripen to the point when they all know that they are ready to begin. Anyone who has seen the martins and swallows in September, assembling on the telephone wires, twittering, making short ights singly and in groups over the open, stubbly elds, returning to form longer and even longer lines above the yellowing verges of the lanesthe hundreds of individual birds merging and blending, in a mounting excitement, into swarms, and these swarms coming loosely and untidily together to create a great, unorganized ock, thick at the center and ragged at the edges,.

It was actually about an hour after moonrise and a good while before midnight when Hazel and Fiver once more came out of their burrow behind the brambles and slipped quietly along the bottom of the ditch. With them was a third rabbit, HlaoPipkina friend of Fiver. Hlao means any small concavity in the grass where moisture may collecte. He too was small, and inclined to be timid, and Hazel and Fiver had spent the greater part of their last evening in the warren in persuading him to join them.

Pipkin had agreed rather hesitantly. He still felt extremely nervous about what might happen once they left the warren, and had decided that the best way to avoid trouble would be to keep close to Hazel and do exactly what he said.

The three were still in the ditch when Hazel heard a movement above. He looked up quickly. Whos there? I've been searching for the last half hour for a site where I could buy a download of Richard Adams Watership Down , but all I've found is Amazon [I don't own a kindle, and I don't know if kindle downloads work with my PCs ebook-reader, so yeah]. The only other thing I've found is websites with essays and sparknotes. Does anyone know of a good ebook site [preferably one with really cheap prices xD] that might have this book?

Devious Comments Load All Images. Kindle ebooks only work with Amazon's kindle ereader, or kindle software. I agree with Is there and particular reason why you need the digital version? This is a very classic book and as such your local library should have it. If you want it for keeps you should be able to find a physical copy of it for really cheap everywhere.

I actually have a physical copy of the book somewhere, but I don't actually have time to sit around and read paperbacks anymore due to my busy schedule, so I try to find digital editions from time to time to read while I multitask on my computer. It's surprisingly efficient lol. I've checked these other sites too, and it's not there, but they have tons of other books if you ever need: