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tetraedge.info Top left of the browser page, click eBay, then "shop by category" shows all the categories. Very useful - but the Excel spreadsheet I downloaded today (15 April) from the link tetraedge.info has one important US . Please check back in mid-June for updates to this page reflecting changes going live in late-July. The full list of the category changes as of April and their.

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Sep 14, A complete list of eBay category numbers by site can be found below to help you save time and avoid the cost and complexity of pulling them. A searchable database of eBay Category Numbers. Category changes necessary to verify that your item is located in the appropriate Download all category changes for August PDF format, CSV format.

From 29th June, this page will be updated with details of improvements made to the category structure. This is to provide a more intuitive buying, selling and search experience. Download all category changes for August Download the new category structure after 1st August To submit a suggestion to eBay regarding categories, please visit the suggestion page. Skip to main content.

Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean: Feb 26, 8: Message 1 of Start Article.

Category changes

Accepted Solutions. Feb 27, 5: Message 12 of Feb 26, What do you need it for? Top left of the browser page, click eBay, then "shop by category" shows all the categories. Message 2 of It does not.

Categories download ebay

Message 3 of Just that, no elucidation? Message 4 of Message 6 of Message 5 of Message 7 of It's in my saved eBay images I screenshot it off of wayback machine.

Download ebay categories

Message 8 of Message 9 of Feb 26, 7: Message 10 of This is as close as I can get: Message 11 of Message 13 of Feb 27, You're welcome. They changed them all today.

Tools for eBay categories

Message 14 of No way! I'm off to download the new list! Create eBay Store Categories eBay store categories allow you to organise products on eBay using a custom category structure. Information Description.

Download ebay categories

Create eBay Store Categories. URL Name.

Categories download ebay

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Solved: COMPLETE and CURRENT List of eBay Categories? - The eBay Community

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