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Check our section of free e-books and guides on general medicine now! This page contains list of freely available E-books, Online Textbooks and Tutorials in. A Textbook of General Practice - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File This ing that there are no appointments free for that clears before the doctor has. As of today we have 76,, eBooks for you to download for free. There is great need for a textbook of clinical medicine for the use of medical students.

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Results 1 - 10 of Download Medical (Academic) Books for FREE. All formats A useful book for doctors & chemist, practitioners & the general public. FreeBooks4Doctors: over free medical books and book-like websites. access to scientific knowledge will have a major impact on medical practice. Medical E-books for free download globally #FMEs. Обсуждения 1 . A beginner's guide to evidence-based practice in health and social care. Publisher: .

No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronically or mechanically, including photocopying, recording or any information storage or retrieval system, without either prior permission in writing from the publisher or a licence permitting restricted copying. Whilst the advice and information in this book are believed to be true and accurate at the date of going to press, neither the author[s] nor the publisher can accept any legal responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions that may be made. In particular but without limiting the generality of the preceding disclaimer every effort has been made to check drug dosages; however, it is still possible that errors have been missed. Furthermore, dosage schedules are constantly being revised and new side-effects recognized. Georgina Bentliff Development Editor: Heather Smith Project Editor:

People suffering this condition have problems with Find out exactly what Menopause is and how you can stop suffering from the symptoms and feel fabulous again! The prevalence of obesity is increasing fast. Our bodies accumulate fat for times of scarcity of food, but it is leading to problems- of high cholesterol, heart diseases, osteoarthritis of the knees and sleep apnoea to state a few. Each grams of fat can provide us energy needed for going one Genetic disorders are still perceived as an uncommon event in our general population.

However the literature reveals that every year an estimated 7. Garlic is a herb commonly used in the kitchen to add flavor and aroma to food. Though the medicinal properties of garlic were well-known to the ancient humanity, it is only recently that it has been accepted widely as a great anti-cancer agent. Join Now Login. The eighth edition reflects significant new information and updates and maintains the highest standards for scientific and clinical accuracy.

Comprehensive updates reflect changes in the clinical application of anatomy as well as new imaging technologies, focusing on the anatomy that students need to know.

Clinically Oriented Anatomy 8th Edition Underpinning the text is a clear description of the molecular and cellular processes and reactions that are relevant to the development as well as the normal and abnormal functioning of the nervous system.

The information is presented in an accessible way to readers working within a range of disciplines in the clinical neurosciences, and neuropathological findings are placed within the context of a broader diagnostic process. Mashkur Abdulhamid. John Ivanhoff.

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English An ideal reference for residents, fellows, practitioners, and nurse practitioners, Manual of Cardiovascular Medicine, 5th Edition is a concise, up-to-date overview of key topics in cardiology.

Using a practical, outline format, this best-selling title presents evidence-based approaches to cardiovascular diagnosis, diseases, and treatment — perfect for daily practice or exam preparation. Manual of Cardiovascular Medicine 5th Edition Zakir Khan. Mashkur , thank you brother.. Fifteen per cent of conditions presenting to Fifty-two per cent of all illness presenting to general practice may be classified as major.

Reproduced by kind permission from Petroc Press. Table 4. Also from Fry.. Twenty per cent of consultations deal patient. As a homelessness and divorce influence the health guide. Compare your analysis of Note that most of these conditions are symp- the perceived reasons for each consultation toms rather than specific diseases.

What influences may this have on patient care? Attempt to iden. When the author was work- ing in the Department of Primary Care at Oxford The following exercises may be carried out within University. Discuss the issues involved with riculum of conditions for students to focus on. Observe the consultation. Not infrequently.

General Pediatric MCQs

In particular. Compare your results with the where should you look for further information? Check whether your medical school has defined a core curriculum of general Practical Exercises practice conditions. A recent 8. Epidemiology incidence and prevalence.

A more appropriate approach 1. The following aural discharge. If cent of children under the age of 10 are affected antibiotics are prescribed. Differential diagnosis: Antibiotic use 7. The average GP amoxycillin 5-day course. Investigations which to request and what the main aims of care. Basic science: Management remember to think more Cochrane Review Glasziou et al.

Streptococcus pneumoniae and Moraxella dull red or pink and deafness may persist catarrhalis. The commonest Patients should will see cases per year equates to 1.

Clinical features: Common presentations include an infant ent conditions. It is helpful to structure this with fever and irritability and a young child information under various subheadings. Clinical features typical symptoms and signs.

Basic science what aspects of pathology. Aetiology and risk factors. Differential diagnosis what other conditions for acute otitis media varies from 31 per cent may present in a similar way and how can of cases in the Netherlands to 98 per cent of you differentiate between them. Risk factors: In some cases.

The role of antibiotics results to expect. The drum may remain zae. The section on evidence-based in this case. Chapter 7. Sociobehavioural determinants of compliance with health and medical care recommendations.

Outline of sociology as applied to medicine. Complications mation to your GP tutor and. Forty per cent of learning using the scheme detailed above. Health promotion and preventative activities take place in 20 per cent of consultations. The presence of a symptom is not the only determinant of whether an individual decides to seek medical help. UK data References Armstrong. The most important risk factors for Use the suggested scheme to learn more about a poor outcome are young age and atten.

Other risk fac. Medical Care The way in which they evaluate that symptom affects the action they take and is profoundly affected by psychosocial factors. A useful reference source that presents a systematic review of patient assessment and manage- ment strategies for common conditions in general practice. Churchill Livingstone. General practice revisited: Medical Education The concept of illness behaviour.

Update Software. Del Mar. Lancet 2. The clinical iceberg: Structured learning packs for independent learning in the com- munity.

A helpful review article that summarizes the reasons why people seek professional medical help. Issue 2. Social Science and Medicine 7. A two-volume text. A good introduction to medical sociology that contains further information concerning illness behaviour.

Why people use health services. Fourth National Study — Journal of Chronic Diseases Milbank Memorial Fund Quarterly 44 3. An illuminating selection of case studies focusing on problems commonly seen in general practice. Tutorials in general practice. The Cochrane Library. An outline of sociology as applied to medicine. Antibiotics for acute otitis media in children Cochrane Review. Oxford textbook of primary medical care. Why do people consult the doctor? Family Practice A useful book that contains fairly detailed information about diseases commonly seen in general practice.

Kluwer Academic Publishers. General practice medicine. Health and sickness: Further reading Armstrong. An illustrated text that outlines common illnesses seen in general practice.

Pathways to the doctor: This is particularly so in general practice. Why are psychological issues disease and comes to a doctor for it to be cured. We can only begin to address the questions if we understand the importance of the new model A common and now outmoded model of med.

He reassured A young couple presented to the general practi. For instance. This group. The following are some of the ways in ence and state of our own body by using our which we all have to bring ourselves up to date. The woman cide with paracetamol. When the doctor talked about both reactions? She had thought she With reference to Case study 5. How- although the label does not do justice to his ever. If the feeling is Look at the opening statement of the paragraph standing in the way of their reaching their above and see how many of the ideas in it you goals.

We recognize the exist- care. The split between mind and body repre- comes to the doctor for it to be cured is not just sented. He was influential at the beginning of The first point at which a person meets the the scientific revolution.

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If not. He said in explanation that though he By now. He said he had not been drinking much the night before. Does the man in Case study 5. The cynic might say that medical patient explained that he was going to court on work seems really to be divided into coping with Monday to defend himself on an assault charge.

In the silence Maybe we all wanted to be doctors in order to that the doctor allowed to develop after this. A young man came in on Saturday morning with a headache. He was a large man. When the patient came in.

Which of these skills that primary care physicians must understand particularly should a doctor have. Even if that is too harsh. Thinking and Discussion Point ings or symptoms usually bring people to con- sult a health professional.

Why are psychological issues so important? The receptionist in a single-handed practice came The modern concept of medical work in to explain to the doctor how he had been embraces all sides of illness and disease. Alcoholism enters this list headings when you use them? Do they fit with both in its own right and as a risk factor in the statistics above and. Before related conditions as physical illness in mod- focusing on psychological issues specifically in ern societies.

So intervention at this time even in acute situations. Although why? Do you think using these ideas expands the doctors have potential duties alongside many importance of psychological issues in general other agencies in this respect.

Make a note of the main issues relevant to each patient you see with your GP. Focusing on psychological a small percentage of people at risk were issues means that we shall want to know about influenced. Although he could not go abroad himself for family reasons.

Other they were.

Ebook download practice general free

The figures vary. Probably as many effect we have on them and they have on us. Case study 5. He had in this category. How is it helpful Cultures vary. Who might answer these needs? I suppose I have. Why are psychological issues so important in primary care? Did you understand anything of what Had he seen something which upset him? Did you feel safe?

How were you helped to understand the background by telling you cope with that anxiety. Make it very clear that the patient is absolutely free to refuse and that this is only for At the other end of the spectrum.

Even if You might like to read some more — see the this argument seems a bit circular. Thinking and Discussion Point see if you can find time and a suitable place to Think of four situations in which you have experi- ask the patient if he or she would help you to ence of being anxious. Many people still feel shy of and helping to manage serious distress. Some of these changes may be due to the way cult time at the moment Julie? You look as if in which society in general seems to think. This may be uncomfortable or unsettling.

The idea that handling? All of these aspects need to be taken there is a particular group is now questioned: In this respect it is prob- ance at doctors. There are different ways not this interaction between social circumstances just of describing what we all observe. You may have noticed that this chapter often cumstance seemed to make you ill or drive you refers to different or changing ways of looking at to see a doctor? We do talk about it. For life at the moment is a bit tough.

If so. It could be said that it would be nesses or diseases for which there seems to be a possible to detect issues like this in the lives of clear connection. Julie was Clear associations are found ably no different from the rest of your medical with moving house or losing someone who was studies.

The conditions that part of the cause of their illness. His patient. We shall come back to that concept admired odd behaviour. Classification and assessment: Before going further.

A helpful way of combining different doctor regularly had to deal with neighbours approaches in general practice is through the who did not like his singing or the plastic flowers concept of narrative — the story a person is try- planted in his front garden.

But even within that branch of Some of the issues that seem particularly the profession. The erythrocyte sedimentation rate ESR be used. When physical special- which everybody agrees that adults are free to ists are often perplexed by the lack of physical express their sexuality as they wish.

The psycho- important in mental health debates at the dynamic school might look at what has to be moment are: Classical medical teaching is At the her own conditions. The doctor secretly ing to tell. We are still not at the point at is not always possible. In the ing. You will notice that most of these classifi. I sup- ness. I was terribly depressed. As you read down this list. In the area of mental health clas.

I had my son. The patient was Being ill makes us anxious. When six and it is likely that. The doctor missed the football with your own. But Trapped in the bedroom. He left his main bag in the surgery them enough to bring them to a doctor. One of the reasons. You will notice that sometimes match. You might also like to write down the worth emphasizing: When he arrived. If dangerous. This case. So it is much more difficult to sift out the doctor decided just to call in quickly on his from all those with symptoms which concern way home.

But the way of approaching it will of poor management. Anxiety may be easier to detect. It all secondary concerns — the dry mouth which depends how it is defined. It is usually episodic. In dysfunctional or difficult symptoms symptoms symptoms consultations.

Symptom peaks You should collect phrases and approaches that seem to you to help doctor and patient to reach anxiety tension depressive an understanding. Once acute worries may produce long-term tension.

What is clear is that makes public speaking impossible. Management of In observing other health professionals at work. We can say with cer. In other words.

These help to persuade sufferers that and that the more a professional looks. The second half of the tainty what sort of symptoms should alert the battle is to get to the root of the anxiety. The long-term management of people who tend to become anxious. Community surveys have very presence is part of a vicious cycle which suggested psychiatric morbidity rates from as makes the person even more anxious because of little as 3. The psychopharmacology towards behavioural or lifestyle management and physiology of anxiety make it very unlikely methods which empower patients to deal with that a medication will be developed in the near their own anxiety.

Like anxiety. But much of this points to the failures in detection being due to failures in the detection instrument — the Dependency is the link between the relief clinician. Although each may and treated: Perhaps best results com- patient. The difficulty getting to sleep. Examples include relaxation future that reduces anxiety without in the long tapes. Overwhelmingly the psychological features eventually settled. To her alarm. This is perhaps excusable if the they feel differently on medications.

Doctors differ in their abil- and chest pains. It seems that a lot of patients meet doc- Practical Exercise tors who prefer to turn a blind eye.

This is one of the areas in which the prescriber Practical Exercise runs great risk of doing more harm than good: What can you learn permanently worse than the original symptoms. What the social expressed in that way. Figure 5. Severe depression used to be divided into and this may be helpful to the observer in these cases.

The interplay of personality. Minor Major symptoms vious few months. T V programme. The aspect of current support control. At-risk situation e. Vulnerable person e. A pattern emerges of a Conditioning experience model in which a potentially vulnerable person. Prescribing issues are dealt with minor.

Practice ebook download general free

In the late ticular vulnerability. Everyone at some time and how? It also opens Systems and frameworks up the area for the work of those members of the team who have little or no ability to pre.

A way of thinking about personal development scribe. If this model suggests that She fought the local edu. At the same time as he began his new the birth of the first baby or moving to a new school and left home for the first time.

Fears anticipation of loss may underlie and Who can help provide help underline such losses. A capable and ambitious woman.

Yet we accept the processes of The activities which may help the patient ageing in arteries or in joints as medical condi- within the frameworks set out above include tions. A health visitor with a young in which people interact with each other and family. She became the second. The boundary between the ill and the clarify the main issues.

The loss may be obvious. Influence of peers. Trying out new things. Certain patterns of would your mother have made of this? How many years have I left? But it also sug. Problems of childlessness Single-parent problems.

Access and continuity demand to be expressed. A practitioner can unfold. Primary care is largely where such feelings must to be done properly. What has happened to patients. As stories often bring distress or dread. In training. Every We have two obvi. In ician has to develop ways of working at speed. In our own lives. The assessment and management of sion and shape. If the patient is fright. The clin- right is a key skill for professional practice.

Medical (Academic) Books

There are advantages and dis. The available resources we are. Learning about possible narratives will require excitements or disappointments in their lives so us to think more broadly than just about medi- far may all be crucially important to their own cine. In the process. If it is clear that there is a long. Yet in newspapers — will not only be a source of pleas- all healthcare encounters time is short.

One his or her individual life. This may be to move on. Mental health matters: Modern Medicine Partworks. I was like that when I first delivered a baby. Role of doctors in the prevention of suicide: She said. But if we sincerely intend to Tutor quote do the best for our patients. Journal of the Royal College of Physicians. London 28 6. Doctors in crisis: British Journal of General Practice 44 Social origins of depression. Life events. Often it is the first time that students to become skilled in detecting and managing have examined a pregnant woman.

I was thinking of the pregnant to help them become whole again. References Brown. Psychosocial problems 1—4. We can reduce the people we colleagues. How does the content of consultations affect recognition by general practitioners of major depression in women? British Journal of General Practice 45 As doctors.

I think we distress in a way that expresses human values underestimate the impact that has and I certainly and recognizes potential as well as pathology in have had one student who. A challenging study of the views of people who have been seriously ill.. Narrative-based medicine: BMJ Books. Mind reading: Whurr Publishers. Narrative in a secondary care case format. Psychiatry in medical practice.

The prevention of mental illness in primary care. Developing communication and counselling skills in medicine. Experiencing psychiatry. A broad introduction. New Haven: Yale University Press.. Speaking our minds: Elwyn and Gwyn.

The new Open University course on mental health also has a good series of interviews. Mental health in primary care — a new approach. This book provides an outline of the important issue of the prevention of mental illness. This gives a collection of good writing about communicating with distressed people.

American Psychiatric Association Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders. A good introduction. This brings together a primary and secondary care approach. Jessica Kingsley Publishers. Cambridge University Press. Narratives in psychiatry. Module 1: The contested nature of mental health. From the ashes of experience: Stories of sickness. Washington DC: American Psychiatric Association.

Module 2: The social and ethical context of mental health. An interesting series of essays. Some GPs extend their service to patients of patients is often shared with other members The assessment of practical diagnosis 65 skills in general practice Skills are essential to general practice.

History taking and physical examination are the corner- stones of the consultation and require good communication and examination skills for the satisfac- tory management of patients. Skills and professional by acquiring more specialized skills. The general practitioner is expected to be competent in a range of skills.

Although ant for the safe practice of medicine.