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[DOWNLOAD] An Unauthorized Guide To Resurrection The Abc Tv Show Based On Jason Motts Novel The. Returned Article Ebooks [Free Sign Up] at. The First (Prequel to The Returned, Book 1) (The Returned Series) - Kindle edition by Jason Mott. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like Kindle Store; ›; Kindle eBooks; ›; Literature & Fiction . I got this as a free download from the Kindle bookstore. This review is . Download Read Online Free Now eBook Applications And . We discuss you The Returned by Jason with free downloading as well.

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The idea is good enough. Jul 17, Becky rated it liked it Shelves: I have not read The Returned, so I have no idea what that book is like.

I picked this and two other audiobooks up for free from Audible because I like having something quick and short to listen to while I clean or run errands etc. So, coming into this story, I didn't know what to expect - horror, most likely - but I was surprised at how I don't necessarily mean that in a bad way, though.

I actually like when an author can show the mundane aspects of life and make me believe I have not read The Returned, so I have no idea what that book is like. I actually like when an author can show the mundane aspects of life and make me believe it, and feel it. I don't know if this story quite got to that level, but I appreciated what it was trying for. I actually came close to tearing up a couple times I have an overactive empathy gland, and I can stick myself into any situation and imagine how I'd feel going through it.

I was really touched by the thought of Emily feeling like she needed to apologize for the past year. I can imagine how, in that situation, moving on would feel like a betrayal. But the story didn't really convey that It was kind of bare-bones "she felt this" and "he thought that", etc.

The style was geared more toward telling than really SHOWING us the emotional turmoil this event has caused, and in a small way, I did think that it was a little emotionally manipulative. For a story this short, I'm not sure how it could NOT be and still focus on the romance.

But I did like it overall. I liked that it just Dead people return. Alrighty then. What now?

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Oh, bureaucracy. Of course. I do wish that that aspect was fleshed out a little more. They question Edmund, and keep him quarantined I would like to see a little more of the ethics of how one handles a no-longer-dead person. Do they regain their rights? Their property? Is it OK to experiment on them?

Also, it seems to me that Edmund didn't just return - he reverted to his post-death self. He showed no signs of the bus accident that killed him I'm interested in the logistics of that. These questions are actually enough to pique my interest in the book to see if they are answered, and if so, if they are treated consistently. So, for a 33 minute audiobook, it was good. It did what it was supposed to do, which is to make me look twice at the novel, even though I probably stuck my hook in the wrong worm and am interested in logistics and data rather than the personal aspect.

Go figure. Jul 11, Rose rated it really liked it Shelves: Initial reaction: Quick review to come. Probably the reason why I enjoyed this as much as I did was because I read the audio version. It is a short story and snippet of Mott's debut novel "The Returned", but I thought it was a very good lead-in story, and I was drawn to it by the cast of characters. Not quite as intimate as I would've liked, but decent for this brief read.

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Full review: Quick review for a quick read. This showcases a tale of lovers separated by death and a woman grieving her loved one before they had the chance to marry. At least up until the point he shows up a year later going to work as if nothing had happened. He's alive, and pretty much everyone freaks out at his reappearance his coworkers especially.

I liked the way this traded between perspectives. The poor guy has no recollection on how he died, but he's desperate to get back to his beloved, as is she to him. Throw in a nail-biting scenario of reunion and then you get the collective measure of this tale.

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If there were one thing I didn't like as much about this story - it would be the fact that it didn't quite go as intimate with the character perspectives as I would've liked. Much of their emotions are told to you, though the situations are emotionally invested and interesting to see unfold. I found it a nice starter, and I'm looking forward to reading "The Returned" when I have the chance. Excellent audio reading by Victor Bevine.

Overall score: Jul 16, Paul E.

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Morph rated it really liked it Shelves: Would you listen to The First again? I wouldn't listen to this short story on its own again but if I was going to listen to 'The Returned' again, I would listen to the three prequel short stories of which this is the first again, too. Who was your favorite character and why? My favourite character was probably Edmund Blythe because he seemed like a really nice guy coping as well as could be expected in completely unprecedented circumstances. I thought the narrator's voice really suited the story and I'd definitely listen to audiobooks narrated by Bevine in the future.

The only reason I didn't give him 5 stars was because I felt he should have left a slightly longer gap between scene changes. The complete lack of a pause between scene changes was a little confusing at times. If you made a film of this book, what would be the tag line be? This doesn't work as a stand-alone short story in its own right, but it works really well as a teaser for the novel.

I can't imagine anybody reading this story and not wanting to read the novel to find out what the bigger picture is. Taken from my original review on Audible.

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Jul 17, Nicola Mansfield rated it it was amazing. Having already finished reading the book "The Returned", I found out about this short story trilogy. So I went back and read this which is intended to be read as an introduction to the book.

It also contains a preview of the novel. In the first chapter of "The Returned" Edmund Blithe is mentioned in one sentence as being the very first reported Returned.

This is his story. It is a story of young love, the sadness of fresh grief and the feelings of starting to accept a loved one's death after a y Having already finished reading the book "The Returned", I found out about this short story trilogy. It is a story of young love, the sadness of fresh grief and the feelings of starting to accept a loved one's death after a year long mourning period.

A lovely, beautiful tale that makes one think what one would do if given the chance to spend an unknown amount of time with a dearly cherished loved one who has passed on.


It makes me wish I could read the book for the first time again! Go ahead and whet your appetite! View all 3 comments. The First is the first pardon the redundancy of several prequels to Mott's novel The Returned. It is a short account of how the two of them, as well as the rest of the world, react to such an impossibility.

For the most part, I enjoyed listening to The First. The narrator was pretty good; he set a very fast https: The narrator was pretty good; he set a very fast pace throughout the entire narrative, keeping me on edge, but I did find some bits overly dramatic and the voices a tad odd, particularly Emily's mum.

However, this is only my second experience with an audible story, so maybe I just need time to adapt. I found the story believable for the most part.

If a loved one returned from the dead, how would you react? And it's when asking this question that I find I did not much enjoy Emily's mum. She seemed to just accept such a bizarre thing. She had a hey, he's back, aren't you happy? That did not seem realistic to me at all. The other thing I did not find believable was that the guard would open up to Edmund just like that. I mean, one can sympathize with someone who is locked up without having done anything, but I did not listen to anything that made me accept that the guy would basically throw away his job like that.

I just don't understand why he crossed that line, or why he would even begin to tell him about his daughter in the first place; telling Edmund not to worry about the car, about them being tracked, also seemed overly simplistic to me.

Alas, the focus of this short story is not whether Emily and Edmund will be together and live happily ever after; it's about that initial shock and the first reactions. When Edmund returned, he went to work as if nothing had happened. You can imagine his co-workers were baffled. Then we hear about Emily's reaction and her mum's and obviously the government also gets involved. I particularly appreciated hearing about how Emily and Edmund's relationship started getting serious, it brought a more personal feeling to the story which made all the difference.

It is an enjoyable listen and you can find this 33 minute long story for free on Audible here. View 1 comment. Dec 22, Donna rated it it was amazing Shelves: THE FIRST is just a glimpse into the world that Mott created, one where the dead are coming back to life, and this particular story is centered around Edmund, the first guy to rise from the dead.

No zombies that I can see. These people are just poof. Let the chaos ensue.

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It reminds me of the concept of The Leftovers, just in reverse, I guess. Realistic portrayals of the bureaucratic response to an unexplainable event and the emotional turmoil experienced if you were to find out a dead loved one was in fact alive, drew me in as the scene was set for the rest of the series.

However, upon finishing, I was left feeling a mild mixture of indifference and curiosity, reminding me of the way short stories in anthologies are written; leaving what comes next, or reasons for what takes place, up to the imaginations of readers. Although the last sentence is ominous, indicating a not-so-happy ending.

As I own the other currently published installments in this series, I'll definitely be continuing, especially as there's a TV series based on it in the works. Jul 29, Marjolein rated it liked it Shelves: Read all my reviews on http: Not as zombies, but they just are there again. Especially that idea I found intriguing. The First is the first of three prequel short stories that belong with that novel, featuring the story of one of the returned each. In The First the story of the very first of the Returned is told, wh Read all my reviews on http: In The First the story of the very first of the Returned is told, which I thought was a nice addition to the other book.

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But the worst was not come yet; the storm continued with such fury that the seamen themselves acknowledged they had never seen a worse. We had a good ship, but she was deep laden, and wallowed in the sea, so that the seamen every now and then cried out she would founder.

However, the storm was so violent that I saw, what is not often seen, the master, the boatswain, and some others more sensible than the rest, at their prayers, and expecting every moment when the ship would go to the bottom. In the middle of the night, and under all the rest of our distresses, one of the men that had been down to see cried out we had sprung a leak; another said there was four feet water in the hold.

Then all hands were called to the pump. At that word, my heart, as I thought, died within me: